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How to Choose Perfect Homes for Sale in Lely Resort, Florida
Lely Resort Naples FL is a community where a beautiful setting, convenient location and top notch
amenities come together to create the ultimate Naples lifestyle. Sitting on the Northwest corner of US
41 and Collier Blvd., Lely Resort offers fast access to everything fun in Naples. A fifteen-minute car ride
can bring you to the ritzy shops and restaurants on 5th Avenue South, the Naples Pier and beach or
Marco Island’s beaches. Access to Interstate 75 is about 10 minutes away and plenty of everyday
shopping and dining can be reached within five minutes. Fort Myer Airport is approximately 45 minutes
from Lely Resort and you can be in Miami in one and a half hours.
The resort spans approximately 2,500 acres and offers over 10 miles of paved walking/biking path
through its over 40 neighborhoods. Six entry points make it easy to reach the non-gated community
from each direction.
Lely Resort was awarded the coveted “Community of the Year” award eight years in a row. The level of
amenities remains unsurpassed by other communities. Residents enjoy two resort-style pools, lap pool
and children’s splash pool, a sprawling gym with fitness classes and personal training, five on-site
restaurants, tennis and ball courts and three Championship golf courses.
The community is home for 4,600 people who live in forty different subdivisions. It offers a home for
every budget, from Lely condos for sale under $200,000 to single-family homes for $1.5 Million. Home
buyers looking for a home for sale in Lely Resort can choose from a wide range of properties. The
smallest Lely homes start around 1,400 Square Feet living area. Most of Lely’s homes range from 1,900
to 2,800 Square Feet and were built between 2003 and 2016.
Single-family home neighborhoods include Ashton Place, Caldecott, Canwick Cove, Chase Preserve,
Cottesmore, Classics Plantation Estates, Cordoba, Falcons Glen, Indian Wells, Lakoya, Lely Island Estates,
Majors, Masters Reserve, Mustang Island, Prestwick Preserve, Pinnacle Cove, Sussex Place and Tiger
Island Estates.
Pricing for smaller homes ranging from 1,600 to 2,100 Square Feet is typically between $350,000 and
$600,000. Homes priced up to around $950,000 in Canwick Cove, Lakoya, Lely Island Estates and Tiger
Island Estates offer living areas from 2,200 to 2,800 Square Feet. Classics Plantation Estates and certain
Lakoya neighborhoods feature the largest and most expensive homes for sale in Lely Resort.
Attached villas can be found in Calumet Reserve, Chase Preserve, Palomino Village, Lakoya and
Moorgate Point. These homes offer between 1,700 and 2,000 Square Feet living area. Prices are
between $300,000 for older homes in Palomino Village and Calumet Reserve to around $500,000 for the
newest homes in Lakoya.
Most single-family homes will carry a mandatory membership to the fabulous Players Club, which
entitles home owners to the use of the wonderful amenities. The Players Club features a full social
calendar with many social events and several special interest clubs like Bridge, Mahjong and biking.

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