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Day 1: Working with SSG: Introduction,
Installation and Visibility
09.00 – 09.15

Welcome and Expectations

09.15 – 10.15

Introduction. An introduction to the course. What is Allot’s
offering? Who are Allot’s typical customers and what are their
needs? We will review the basic solution architecture.

10.15 – 11.30

Introducing SSG. What is SSG? What is SSG-NMS? SSG?
What are the differences between the models? What virtual
management machines are configured on SSG-NMS? We will
review the different models and functionalities of SSG and SSGNMS. This module will include Installation Demonstration.

11.30 – 11.45

SSG Installation. What are the steps of SSG installation? This
module shows how to physically connect SSG to the network,
how to perform initial configuration and how to configure
management modules of SSG-NMS. It also reviews the different
UIs, and describes advanced configuration capabilities. This
module will include Installation Demonstration and hands-on.

12.00 – 13.00

Hands On. Review what the customer should configure once
SSG has been added to the NetXplorer.

13.00 – 14.00

Lunch Break.

14.00 – 14.15

ClearSee Overview. Introducing ClearSee, including the
features and benefits of the Allot solution and a review of the
architecture and data flow.

14.30 – 16.00

ClearSee UI. How to work with the ClearSee UI to see real time
monitoring (will be available with version SG-VE14.5) and how to
use ClearSee to understand your network. This module will
include hands-on.

16.00 – 17.30

ClearSee Custom Reports. Deep-dive into Clearsee self service
module and report customization. Demonstration and handson.

ACTE Technical Training

Day 2: Working with SSG: Policy
Provisioning & Control
09.00 – 10.00

Condition Catalogs. How to define different condition catalogs
to classify the traffic running through your network. This module
includes a thorough explanation of host, time, service catalogs

10.00 – 11.00

Hands-on Provisioning Exercises #1

11.00 – 12.00

Action Catalogs. How to define the different action catalogs to
enforce Quality of Service polices that you have defined for the
traffic running through your network and to steer traffic to
subscriber or network services. This module includes a thorough
explanation of the QoS and Integrated Service catalogs, as well
as WebSafe and HTTP Monitoring service activation catalogs.

12.00 – 13.00

Building the Enforcement Policy. How to use the building
blocks you have defined in the catalog entries to build an
effective enforcement policy to meet your business needs. This
module includes explanations and overview of building the policy.

13.00 – 14.00

Lunch Break.

14.00 – 15.00

Hands-on Provisioning Exercises #2

15.00 – 15.45

Troubleshooting: Control. How to troubleshoot Allot control
systems? We will see how to verify that all architecture elements
are functioning and communicating as they should. We will then
see how to check if connections are being correctly classified
and bandwidth is being allocated according to the configuration
and our expectations. We will review some common tasks and
review the next step actions: how to create snapshot file, search
throughout online knowledgebase and open support case. This
module will include hands-on.

15.45 – 16.15

SMP Overview. What is Allot’s Subscriber Management Platform
and when is it used? What are the component parts and how
does it work? This module explains Allot’s SMP solution and how
it can perform subscriber management.

16.15 – 17.00

Theoretical Exam. Summarizing the material learnt in the

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