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+65 9857 3303

Best Curtain Cleaning Singapore
Are you looking for the Best Curtain Cleaning Singapore?? We are one of the most
experienced and the best service provider in this industry. With an experience of
more than 10 years in this industry we are offering these services in Singapore in
the best price. We are having the most effective solution for your curtain and clothes
Dry cleaning.
Our team is fully professional in
executing the cleaning task with extra’
care. Curtains always play’ a very vital
role in the interior designing. In today s
life a lot of people don t have enough time
to look after all cleaning processes. We
are always here to help our customers
who face problems in maintaining the
cleanliness of their curtain and other
laundry products.
Best Curtain Cleaning Singapore with Ultimate Laundry will always be the
best solution for any customer. Apart from curtain we are professional is
providing cleaning and laundry services for your expensive clothes like Jackets,
Skirts, Trousers, Blouse, Pullover or many more.
Ultimate Laundry have more than thousands of customers who are availing there
quality services. We ensure our customers about the quality procedure which we
use to clean the curtains and same also results into the long life of your curtain. Our
experts are very much professional and always use their best tactics to retain the
quality of the Curtain which they clean. Skilful pressing from our expert dry cleaner
can be done to get rid of those creases and wrinkles in the materials.
We follow a very professional procedure to make our customer tension free for all
laundry work, whether it is about the dry cleaning of the cloths or the Curtain. Our
personnel will be able to respond to your query immediately for call up enquiries.
For email we may take maximum 24 hrs to respond and our average time for the
same is about 8-12 hrs. We also offer free delivery and pickup of customer clothes
to make it more convenient for our customers.
Ultimate laundry is committed to provide Best Curtain Cleaning Singapore. Please
contact us on the given number to avail our premium services. Our contact number is
+65-9857-3303 or you can email us on

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