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Installation Instructions
9 August 2005

AgGPS EZ-Steer Assisted Steering System: Case IH
AFX Combine and New Holland CX Combine
Installation Instructions
This document provides installation instructions and tips for installing the AgGPS® EZ-Steer™ assisted
steering system on the Case IH AFX 8010 combine and the New Holland CX 840/860/880 combine.
For vehicle setup parameters, enter the values for your vehicle that are provided in the Vehicle
Configuration Settings document. Go to

1. Remove the steering column housing
2. Modify the steering column housing
3. Reinstall the steering column housing
4. Install the EZ-Steer platform kit
5. Install the EZ-Steer motor

Step 1: Removing the steering column housing
1. Use the side lever to tilt the steering column fully down.

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© 2005, Trimble Navigation Limited. All rights reserved. Trimble, the Globe & Triangle logo, and AgGPS are trademarks of Trimble Navigation Limited registered in
the United States Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. EZ-Steer is a trademark of Trimble Navigation Limited. All other trademarks are the property
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2. Use the floor pedal to tilt the steering column ½ backwards.

3. Telescope the steering wheel fully out and lock the steering wheel in place:
a. Turn center knob counter clockwise.
b. Pull up on steering wheel.
c. Lock wheel position.
d. Turn center knob clockwise.

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4. To remove the seven screws from the top plastic housing, use a #1 Phillips screwdriver.

5. Remove the upper housing.

6. Use the side lever to tilt the steering column fully up.

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7. Remove the right side switch block.

8. Twist the lower housing counter-clockwise. The tilt lever will slip through the hole in the right
side of the housing.

Page 4

Tip: Ensure the bottom of the housing hinges down and under the steering wheel tilt lever.

9. Push the turn signal indicator out of the lower plastic housing.

Page 5

10. Remove the connector from the turn sign indicator.

11. Slip the connector back through the square hole in the housing. Remove the housing completely
from the column.

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Step 2: Modifying the steering column housing
Cut down both the upper and lower plastic cover by four inches.
Note: Use the same steps to modify the upper cover (not shown).

1. Use a black permanent marker to mark the cut location at the inside bottom rib.

2. Use a Dremel rotary tool and #561 cutting bit to cut the plastic. Set the Dremel tool for 600 RPM
and then cut slowly.

Page 7

3. Use a Dremel rotary tool and 470 sanding band to smooth the cut edge.

Upper and lower cover (outside and inside view) with four inches removed.

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Step 3: Reinstalling the steering column housing
1. Slip the turn signal connector through the square hole in the lower housing.
Tip: Ensure the bottom of the lower housing hinges down and under the steering wheel tilt lever.

2. Push the turn indicator and connector together. The connector will snap into place.
Tip: Ensure that the plastic guide pin of the turn indicator is aligned correctly with the hole in the

Page 9

3. Push the turn signal lever forward (i.e. right turn). Rotate the indicator such that the flashing
arrow is pointed in the correct direction.

Page 10

4. Push the turn signal indicator into the square hole of the lower housing.

Page 11

5. Slip the lower housing over the steering wheel tilt lever and onto the rubber boot of the turn
signal lever.

Page 12

6. Reinstall the right side switch block.

7. Use the side lever to tilt the steering column fully down.
8. Use a #1 Phillips screwdriver to reinstall the five lower screws in the top housing.
Tip: Hold the plastic housing together by hand when tightening the screws.

Page 13

Step 4: Installing the EZ-Steer platform kit
1. Use the right side tilt lever to tilt the steering wheel ½ up.
2. Use the floor pedal to tilt the steering column fully up.
3. Use the 5/16 inch carriage bolts and nylock nuts included with the platform kit to assemble the
53059-05 bracket on the exposed metal column.
Note: The top and bottom carriage bolts are installed opposite each other. The top bolt is
installed left-to-right. The bottom bolt is installed right-to-left.

a. Squeeze the bracket clamps together by hand.
b. Use a 9/16 gear ratchet combination wrench to turn the nylock nuts down against the clamp.

c. Rotate the slotted arm to a 1:30-2:00 o’clock position.

Page 14

d. Tighten each nut to a maximum torque of 6.8 Nm (5 ft-lbs).
Note: The slotted arm should not block the hazard lights toggle switch, which is located under
the bracket on the right side.

4. Loosen the steering wheel and telescope it downward until there is 23 cm (9.5 inches) distance
between the slotted arm and the center of the steering wheel ring.

Page 15

Step 5: Installing the EZ-Steer motor
1. Pivot the electric motor drive until it locks in the “away” position.

2. Install the motor drive onto the slotted arm bracket. Insert the carriage bolts and tighten the wing
nuts that are included with the platform kit.

3. Tilt the steering column ½ backward.

Page 16

4. Ensure that there is 3.8–4.5 cm (1.5–1.75 inches) of clearance between the drive wheel and the
steering wheel. To adjust the distance:
a. Loosen the wing nuts.
b. Slide the motor inward or outward until the distance is set.
c. Retighten the wing nuts.

5. Pull the motor knob outward. The motor will spring against the steering wheel.

6. Tilt the steering wheel fully down.

Page 17

7. Check the drive wheel alignment with the steering wheel ring.
a. Put the vehicle in park.
b. Start the engine.
c. Turn the steering wheel left and right. The center of the steering wheel ring should match
center of the motor drive wheel.
Tip: If your fingers strike the motor plastic shroud when you grip the steering wheel, telescope
the steering wheel upward.

More information
For more information on installing the EZ-Steer system, contact your local EZ-Steer reseller.

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