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AOÛT 2013

The message of the governor
YEAR 2013 - 2014

able to improve the lives of millions of people through
high-impact initiatives.
Dear Club Presidents, do your work commission works
and do not hesitate to call in professionals to help you
build projects.
Do not wait until the last minute to implement your

Governor Godefroy CHEKETE
With his wife Hortense
"Considering setting FOUNDATION OF OUR OWN
My Dear Friends,
Two months already flow of our mandate.
I wish through this second letter, talk to you about our
reason for being, what characterizes us and the pride of
belonging to the association, ie, service to the community
or what we commonly call works.
Whenever a Lions club is working on a task, the
problems fade and the life of communities improves.
Why this result? Because we offer our assistance to all
those in need in our own communities and around the
world with unmatched integrity and energy.
We do this through our own efforts on the one hand and
the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) other.
The Lions Clubs International Foundation supports and
develops programs to help poor people around the world.
Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Lions, LCIF is

I remember you from other subsidies, standard LCIF
grants that meet a variety of needs of the community
including the construction of schools and hospitals,
homes for the elderly and the development of training
programs. The project must exceed the scope of
traditional activities fundraising clubs and / or district and
must have the support of several clubs in the district.
Moreover, LCIF provides grants to finance actions Lions
districts in the development and implementation of large
humanitarian projects. These grants help Lions to extend
and enhance their impact on the local community and the
global community in order to help a larger number of
poor people around the world.
The Foundation provides support in four areas:
• Eye protection
• Youth Services
• Assistance to victims of disasters
• Humanitarian Actions
Protection of views
Since 1990, the Sight First program is available to those
who need eye care of the quality. With Sight First, more
than 30 million people have improved their eyesight or
regain the use of their eyes.
The Youth Services
Over the past 25 years, 12 million young people in 66
countries have benefited from the teachings of Lions
Quest, our development program for youth from
kindergarten to the end.
Aid to disaster victims

In disasters, Lions meet immediate needs by providing
food, water and housing using funds allocated by LCIF.
For large-scale disasters, the Foundation continues to
support communities so that they can rebuild in the
Humanitarian Actions
LCIF involved in various humanitarian efforts such as
helping to build homes for the disabled, the organization
of vision screenings for Special Olympics athletes and
the fight against measles.
Millions of people worldwide have received assistance
through 10,263 grants from the Foundation totaling more
than $ 729 million. This number continues to increase in
part through grants from foundations, corporations,
governments and individuals not members of the Lions.
However, the vast majority of LCIF funding comes from
generous donations from Lions clubs and individual
LCIF is a great tool to assist us in carrying out our work.
To address the contribution that we make, I call each
country to set its own foundation at our District 403 A2.
The foundation is the act by which one or more persons
or entities decide the irrevocable assignment of property,
rights or resources to make a work of general interest and
This "irrevocable assignment" is the guarantor of the
continuity of the foundation as well as the property given
or bequeathed cannot be returned.
How is created a foundation?

foundation, a college co-opted members chosen for their
expertise in the field of action of the foundation and
college members ensure law enforcement that the
foundation is obliged to abide by its constitution.
The importance of staffing affects the life of the
foundation since the income of the latter are the main
resources. Unlike an association, it is not paying
What are the characteristics of a foundation?
Recognized charitable foundation has the legal capacity
to receive donations:
• manual gifts that allow tax deductions to donors within
the limits set by law;
• donations by deed also giving rise to tax deductions to
donors, the foundation enjoying special regime for
exemption from inheritance free of charge;
• the bequests by will also give rise to exemptions in
inheritance for free.
It may call for public donations.
So I appeal to the Presidents of the Region to support and
take ownership of the project to bring it to its realization
with the help of Past District Governors, Past Presidents
of the Board of Governors and Past Officers and Officials
at all levels.

Godefroy Chekete
Governor 2013 - 2014
District 403 A2

A foundation exists from its recognition utility which is
granted by the administrative authority of each country.
What are the conditions?
The key criteria are:
• the public interest nature of the object of the foundation;
• an initial endowment income should enable the
financing of actions that the foundation intends to
• the composition of its board of directors which includes
a panel of founding members to ensure the spirit of the



and the gallery remains open as long as we let the
Public relations work in the clubs is a requirement of the
International Headquarters and urge the Presidents of the
clubs are sure to make our Association and beyond
strengthen our workforce.
At next month Dear Friends Lions!
"With Faith and Passion, illumine the Way of the Future"

Louis Albert DE NEEF
Email :
The Lions year continues and our friend Lion Godefroy
Chekete is laying the groundwork for his governorship
innovating for District 403 A2 exception ......
While all regions are activated, prepare and organize to
welcome an official visit, the Region 31 was pleasantly
surprised to receive a message announcing a "nonformal" visit of the Governor in preparation of his next
official visit. This approach is new and highly innovative
especially as Liberia is also visiting.
It is for him to inquire about the realities on the ground,
share directly with local officials to find ways to lend a
tone to a few clubs who need help, support and especially
motivation. Congratulations Governor!

Louis Albert DE NEEF
Secretary of the Letter of the Governor of the
Communications and Public Relations
Office of the Governor Godefroy Chekete
Year 2013-2014
District 403 A2


Lions Club Lomé COLOMBE (TOGO)
Don Lions Club Lome TOGO DOVE of various school
supplies tables and chairs and computers books given to a
School Place called ALPHA. All for a value of 11.5
million CFA francs

We can only welcome this initiative, it undoubtedly lay
the foundation for a close and productive collaboration,
she will oversee the actions of PR and PZ and most
importantly, it will "date" for the Way of the Future!.
The Secretariat for the letter from the Governor is also
part of this innovative dynamics that make visible
throughout the world, which takes place in the countries
of the sub-region comprising the District 403 A2.
Whether a transfer of charges, a regular meeting, a meal,
organization of work, we encourage each club to give us
photos and documents for wider dissemination.
Some clubs also benefit from training provided by Lions
training value, this work should be used for other clubs


Lions Club Cotonou CAMELIAS (BENIN)
Handover ceremony expenses Lions Club Cotonou
CAMELIAS where Past PR Hervé TCHIAKPE is
recognized as Session Chairman

Lions Club Natitingou TATA (BENIN)
The lions club Natitingou TATA led by its Chairman,
Friend Noël KPOAHOUN and Colonel Jeremiah
Abayomi, Commander of the Military School of Girls
High School, have planted 27 July 2013, 200 plants,
including 120 in the fruit perimeter of the High School


Lions Club Abidjan STRELITZIA

What is an
International Director ?

Don Albino glasses to surrender July 13, 2013 by the
Lions Club Abidjan STRELITZIA

Alexis Vincent GOMES
International Director
The International Director is a constitutional region
internationally and serves as a liaison between the local
Lions and the International Association....
It is important however to remember that the
International Director is elected by the Lions of the world
and should always work for the good of the organization
as a whole.
Not only are the Lions of the region count on him to
represent their interests at the international level, but they
could also ask him to help with some issues at the local
level. International Director will be available to assist


districts to solve local problems and help the Lions Clubs
International in solving problems with the district and
offer advice and encouragement to local Lions and their
To better understand the needs of Lions International
Director will accept all invitations to events and club
district as possible (such as discounts charter, birthdays,
club meetings
offices and seminars) although in some cases the costs
may not be reimbursed by the Board. It is also possible
that the district governors asking him for help to get
speakers to their meetings or other events.
Of course, the International Director will be available
when the international president, the board of directors of
the association or the international headquarters staff
asked him to represent the association on issues of
importance in parts of its range constitutional.

The Director Gomes married Evelyn and the couple has
four son, a daughter and two grandchildren.

Travel Planning and more organised

-Visit clubs Governor Godefroy Chekete during the
2013-2014 term - See annual schedule updated on the
website District403A2
-First cabinet meeting October 19, 2013 in Cotonou
- The first meeting of the Board of Governors Pointe
Noire (Congo) November 9, 2013

Who is the International Director?
Alexis Vincent Gomes, Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo,
was elected for a term of two years as Director of Lions
Clubs International, at the 96th International Convention
of the Association. This took place from 5 to 9 July 2013
in Hamburg, Germany.

- 41st ISAAME Forum in Kathmandu (NEPAL) from 05
to December 8, 2013
- 19th Conference ALL AFRICA 2014 February 7 to 9,
2014 in Tunis (Tunisia)

The Director Gomes is a lawyer.
Member of the Lions Club of Pointe Noire Eucalyptus
since 1983, he has held many offices within the
association, including those of club secretary, club
president, zone chairperson and region, district governor,
president of the Board, President Congress multiple
district chairperson for international relations, regional
manager EMF (GLT) and Chairman of the Committee of
Honor district.

- Convention 403 Multi district in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire)
from 7 to 11 May 2014
- International Convention in Toronto, Canada from July
4 to 8, 2014

In recognition of his service to the association, he has
received numerous awards, including the Friend of
Humanity Award, three presidential medals and a
certificate of appreciation from the international
president. It is also a Melvin Jones Fellow of the

In addition to his Lion activities, the Director Gomes is
active in numerous professional and community


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