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Hi everyone,
First of all, there are several different versions of the magazine clip pin depending on which sterling
version you’re looking at so there might be some difference between the one shown here and some
original ones.
- 1st: Try to find a thick piece of ABS (about 3mm thick) as it’ll be more accurate and more difficult to
warp when heated and reproduce the template below. Don’t bother too much about the bottom of
the sides as they’ll be modified later.

- 2nd: Remove the top & bottom excess of ABS but keep the ones on the sides and do not drill the
holes yet to avoid warping problems during the heat bending.

- 3rd: Notch the piece along the two vertical lines to be able to bend the wings at a 90° angle.

- 4th: Slowly heat the piece along the notch and when you feel it is warm enough bend it at 90°. I find
it easier to do by sandwiching the wing between clamps than with the fingers.

- 5th: Repeat the process for the second side:

- 6th: You can now begin to shape the sides,

And then drill the holes in the top corners of the wings, just make sure they’re facing each other.
Their diameter is approximately 3-4mm. To mimic the rivet you can use a nail or whatever straight
you can find with the right diameter.

- 7th: Let’s move to the 2nd piece:
I took a thinner piece of ABS (about 1.5mm thick) however it made the heat bending more difficult so
if you’re not comfortable with the technique keep a thicker ABS.

The bottom tip design doesn’t really matter as it won’t be visible and that you might need to cut it so
don’t bother too much about it.
- 8th: Mark the piece about one cm from the top and heat this whole area on both sides very
carefully! Warping issues are very common at this point so you might need to start over few times.

Once it’s warm enough quickly wrap it around the piece that goes through the wings

- 9th: Then heat the middle of piece, once again doing very attentive to not warp it.

Once it’s warm enough lay the piece on the loop and press down the hot area. I did it with my
thumb; just protect it before to avoid burning yourself.

You want to be able to draw a straight line between the tips of the piece.
- 10th: You might need to cut the tip of the head, depending on how much room you have below your
piece that goes from one wing to another.

- 11th: At this point I cut to length my “nail” and glued all the pieces together to avoid losing one of

- 12th: The base of the clip pin should be thinner than the sides so sand down the bottom of it by
making circles on some rough sandpaper.

- 13th: Then practiced a notch on both wings. There’s no real precise measurement here, I just
eyeballed the distance.

- 14th: And voilà, for comparison, the crafted one next-to my DVH clip pin.

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