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Job description: Pedagogical Coordinator Kosovo for PL4Y
(formerly Sport Sans Frontières)


PL4Y International (formerly Sport Sans Frontières) is a global organization that uses the power of
sport to educate and empower children facing adversity. Founded in 1999 Play International is
headquartered in Paris, France, and develops programs in Haïti, Burundi, France, United Kingdom,
India and Togo.
PL4Y International is active in Kosovo since the end of the war, using sport to build bridges between
communities on a national level. Since 2008, the mission implements the Sport4Youth project: it
trains young volunteers aged 15-20 to become sport animators and to organize educative activities
for the children of their localities. Volunteers and children are regularly involved in multi-ethnic
events. Thanks to the project, volunteers acquire experience and skills which are valuable for their
future professional life, while children learn core values. By meeting their peers from other
communities, volunteers and children can overcome stereotypes and mistrust. The project impacts
the lives of over 11 000 children and 100 youth throughout the country each year.
In 2015, the mission intends to continue the Sport4Youth project as well as to develop two new
projects: (1) the Sport4All project aiming to encourage other organizations to work on inclusive sport
and (2) the Sport4Inclusion project focused on the Mitrovica region

The Pedagogical Expert’s main responsibility will be to ensure the pedagogical quality and impact of
the projects implemented.

Sport4All project (60% of time)
The Pedagogical Expert will be mainly involved in the second component of the Sport4All project
called ‘Promoting Sport for All through relevant organisations’. Under the supervision of the
programme manager, he will be responsible for the following tasks:
• Lead the drafting of a study on inclusive sport in Kosovo: draft the terms of reference, recruit
the local experts, draft the study and propose recommendations
• Together with the Programme Manager, organise a Conference on ‘Sport4All’ and define the
agenda and identify the relevant speakers
• Participate to the selection of inclusive projects
• Build on the technical expertise of the selected organizations through workshops and
thematic days
• Monitor the selected projects to ensure they reach the expected results in terms of inclusive
• Together with the Programme Manager, animate the network of Sport4All organizations

Design a labelling process on ‘Sport4All’
Raise awareness on Sport4all through various events and tools
Assist the Programme Manager in the monitoring and evaluation of the project, including
designing and implementing adjustments of project activities when required.

Sport4Inclusion project (40% of time)
Under the supervision of the Head of Mission, be the Programme Manager of the project (Mitrovica
Region) and among others ensure the smooth implementation of the project including respect of the
planned schedule and quality of the project activities:
• Guarantee high quality trainings for volunteers: design a training plan, drafting of
pedagogical content, etc.
• Plan a rigorous organization of seminars, events etc.
• Ensure the quality of the activities organised by the volunteers – sport events and holidays
activities for the children, develop specific follow-up tools
• Animation of the network of volunteers
• Maintain and develop relations with other operational partners
• Draft the reporting on the project
• Ensure the visibility of the project
• Ensure monitoring and Evaluation

Transversal tasks
• Promote and disseminate the expertise of Pl4y International in using sport as a tool to
empower and integrate vulnerable population
• Contribute to the capacity building of local staff

• Degree (at least bachelor but preferably Master) in sport
Professional experience and skills
• At least 2 years of experience in physical education
• At least 1 year of experience in project cycle management
• Experience of a multicultural working environment
• Experience abroad desirable
• Experience in managing a team desirable

Pedagogical and trainer skills: pedagogy by project, by objective, participative methodology,
facilitating skills.
Good communication and relational skills
Organisation and Planning skills. Management of stress and priorities.
Strong sense of initiative and autonomy.
Team work

Good knowledge of the development and cooperation issues.
Interest in post-conflict area and developing countries.

• Excellent knowledge of English. Serbian or Albanian is a plus.
IT Skills
• Excellent knowledge of Office


One year renewable fixed term appointment (VSI)
Salary: According to experience. Monthly indemnity and per diem, health insurance, one
flight A/R
Office located at Pristina
Starting Date: End January; training at headquarter in Paris before departure.

Application process: CV and motivation letter shall be send before 31th December to Estelle
Maitre: hom.kosovo@pl4y.international.

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