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Episode extract 0

4.INT.morgue of hôpital.matinée
The body had reanimated James Marcus, clings on him to
James Marcus
(Having trouble struggling )
Aaargh !!!
James pushes the undead with his foot, and leans against the
deathbed lie behind him to catch his breath.
James Marcus
Pfeuuuarrrd !!!
Pfeuuuarrrd !!!
The corpse advance to slow, raising a cry.
Weuhaaaaaarrr !!!
James turns around and puts the death bed before the corpse to
make a distance. The door located behind the corpse opens.
Male nurse
(Shrugging his eyes)
Damn what's that ?
James Marcus
(Raising his voice)
The undead will lead to slow towards the frightened nurse.
The nurse grabbed a knife lying on a small table, and drives it
into the chest of the creature.
Male nurse
(Shrugging his eyes)
Haaaaa !!! No !!!


The creature withdrew the knife out of his chest and sinks into
the eye of the nurse.
James Marcus
Shit !
James grabbed a surgical hammer on another table, and turns to
the corpse. The creature kneels with his hands to his throat.
She began to suffocate.
Heuuuurrrrfff !
Heuuuurrrrfff !
James was speechless at that point, but advance quickly to
clean up the creature of a violent blow to the head. The
creature falls backward on the slope, and convulses. A doctor
accompanied by other nurses, enters the room.
Could you
tell me what happens ?
Good God !
The doctor walks towards the body of the nurse.
James finished the corpse, by hitting her several blows to the
head. The doctor turned to James.

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