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Cell: +972 50-429-0419

Erella Atlan
Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Israel

Enrolled in a Bachelor of Music program, Composition Major
Studied under Dr. Ayal Adler and Dr. Ra$ Kadishson
Enrolled in a one year program: classical piano and dance
Studied classical piano under Dr. Dimitri Novgorodsky and Prof. Benjamin Oren

Lycée Marie-Curie High School, Sceaux, France

• French Baccalaureate: sociology and economy speciality
• Elected student representative on the student council
• Elected board member and Municipal Council of Minors member of Sceaux city

Fontenay-aux-Roses Conservatory, France


Instrument: completed 11 years of classical piano studies with honors
Music theory and ear training
Ensembles: chamber music ensemble, choir
Classical ballet and contemporary dance studies


• Composed pieces in a variety of styles that were featured in a number of JAMD concerts and festivals
• Composed music for dance productions
• Composed music for short movies
• Composed music and French texts for songs
• Composed a number of pieces in various musical styles, e.g., motet, fugues, inventions, lied
• Arranged a piece for an orchestra made up of Israeli and Palestinian musicians
• Arranged Israeli songs for an ensemble of 5 musicians
• Arranged a Jazz Standard for a Big Band
Active musician in performances and recordings
• Experienced pianist and singer, performs solo and with various ensembles
• Participated as a pianist and singer in an improvisation dance class taught by Mr. Nimrod Freed
• Participated regularly in classical piano performances
Teacher and Tutor
• “Me’ever le Musica” Jerusalem Conservatory: teaches private piano lessons
• “Carpe Diese” music school: teaches via video-conference to students in France
• Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music: worked as a music teacher in a school for disadvantaged
youth and created an original musical with them
• Worked with an ensemble of adult Russian immigrants on a special project: arranged Israeli songs and
conducted the ensemble.

Project Direction and musical arrangements
• Prize of Excellence by the Israeli Ministries of Immigration and Higher Education awarding a social and
musical work with an ensemble of adult Russian immigrants (see above)

Valence Scenario International Festival

• Selected as a composer to participate to the “Composition for Movie Marathon in 48 Hours” April 2017

• Fluency in French, English and Hebrew



Instructor-Advisor in the French Scouts


• Choreographed and composed a piece for an ensemble of 3 dancers
• Experience working with children and teens

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