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13th august, 2017
Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce the results of manyl days of intense negotiations with the different groups
involved in Digital Encryption Assets.

JinZang International, in response to new global regulations and standards, has decided to relocate all
Marketing, IT Development, Management and Customer Relationship activities to Singapore, a global
platform recognized for its tremendous financial success and a link between Eastern and Western

A new website and a new back office are currently under construction and will be available to the
public in 6 languages after the WADCC meeting at the United Nations on 25 August.

These new tools will meet the new standards and will comply with WADCC requirements

JinZang International insists that it is essential at the moment to download and update the E-wallet
without which no transaction operation will be possible.

All entries must be actual and certified. The new tools in progress will be able to recognize your
passports and IC during the next certification stage.

TjGroup96 - Vision exchange building - 2, Venture drive - 608526 SINGAPORE

All the pre-recorded elements are already stored on the WADCC platform and awaiting certification.
Only two companies are able to join the platform as long as it is ready.

JinZang International, after deliberation of the Steering Committee, therefore decided in the event of
a protracted delay by WADCC to introduce the ATM on a third platform.

JinZang International is pleased to announce the creation of your new environment: TJ-Group96. This
new entity, marketing offshoot of JinZang International Mining Company has 4 departments:

- Management and General Management: In direct relation with JinZang International, the WADCC
and the Governmental Authorities of all the countries of establishment
- Marketing: Directly responsible for member relationship updates. Only the official authority
recognized to transmit the information, this department will also be in charge with an international
law firm to ensure the image of the company, the ethics of the information transmitted and the
protection of copyrights. This department will take care of the repressive aspect in case of false or
defaming diffusion.
- Customer Service: In direct charge of the Customer Relationship through a powerful and friendly
- IT Department: In direct charge of the IT development and maintenance.

TJgroup96 invites you to discover its web page www.tjgroup96, com and its Facebook page

TJ-Group96 will keep you informed of all future developments and thanks you for your attention

GTA is stronger than ever

Nota : An official Whatsapp group will be created. Thanks to the leaders to send us by email: Name - First name - Country
and telephone number to be added to the group.

Tjgroup96 – Marketing department

TjGroup96 - Vision exchange building - 2, Venture drive - 608526 SINGAPORE

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