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Subscribe today
or you may miss
something you
should have read!

Those with
professional interests
in children’s literature
need Bookbird!
Kimberley Reynolds,
Professor of Children’s Literature
University of Newcastle, UK


I wish to take out an annual subscription to Bookbird.
Name (individual or institution):
Postal address, including postal or ZIP codes and country:

Enter appropriate amount for your type of subscription:
Individual rate (US $50/Mexico $60.20/Canada $60.20/Rest of the World $64.60)
Institutional subscription rates (US $100/Mexico $110.20/Canada $110.20/Rest of
the World $144.60)
Prices include postage and there are back issues available.
Please enclose your US$ cheque or draft, or pay by credit card (probably the most
convenient method for subscribers in Euro or other currency zones):
I wish to pay by:
Card number:
Expiry date:
SEND TO: The Johns Hopkins University Press
2715 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4363, USA



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