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The Book of the
Divine Black
Flame of Satan
Vrykolakas Oriax, Magus V°

“Lucifer is inside me and do you know
what he says? He says I am the Son of
Man, and more, the Son of God, and
more, God” - from the film The Last
Temptation of Christ

Parts 1 & 2: A Testament of Satanic
CHAPTER I: Defining Satanism
CHAPTER II: The Sigil of Baphomet
CHAPTER III: Satan-Lucifer
CHAPTER IV: "Reality"
CHAPTER V: The Presence of Satan
CHAPTER VI: Regarding Devil-Worship
CHAPTER VII: On Animal Sacrifice
CHAPTER VIII: The Luciferian Gene
CHAPTER IX: Astral Projection
CHAPTER X: Dedication to Satan

CHAPTER XI: Communion with the
Prince of Darkness
CHAPTER XII: Satanic Hierarchy
CHAPTER XIII: The Problem of Atheism
CHAPTER XIV: Words of Wisdom
CHAPTER XV: The Old Ways
CHAPTER XVI: Affiliation with Our
CHAPTER XVII: Welcoming Satan as the
Divine Black Flame
CHAPTER XVIII: The Nature of Black

Part 3: Satanic Vampyrism
CHAPTER I: Destroying Popular
CHAPTER II: The Philosophy of
CHAPTER III: The Practice of Vampyrism
CHAPTER IV: The Nameless Ones –
Vampyric Spirits

Part 4: Direct Communion with the
THE DOCUMENT: Direct Communion
with the One

Part 5: Swords of Death
CHAPTER I: Regarding the Release of
Life-force in Ritual
CHAPTER II: An Essence of Satan
CHAPTER III: Infernal Meditation
CHAPTER IV: Spell of Destruction
CHAPTER V: Chaos Infinite

Part 1: A Testament of Satanic
"I have discovered Satan as a very real
metaphysical conscious Presence and Force. I do
not expect anyone else to automatically
understand or even comprehend this as of yet,
simply because they may lack that experience or
evidence themselves. Even from a completely
rational perspective, I can no longer accept
"Atheism" as a realistic worldview or possibility,
and have found that explanation of reality to be
in error. I have now fully embarked upon the
Path of Spiritual Lawlessness. I adhere to no
dogma or creed that is against My own Will which is manifested by the Most High – the
embodiment of Lucifer. The Isolation from the
profane world, its sheep and all of their dogmatic
manifestations, and "Do What Thou Wilt" shall
now be my only code of true Satanic Freedom."

Ave Satanas!
So it is done.
Vrykolakas Oriax, Magus V°

CHAPTER I: Defining Satanism
For centuries, Satanism has been defined, redefined and re-packaged many times. Before
mid-1900 C.E., Satanism was always viewed as
a theistic practice, with the belief in a literal
Devil, demons, black magic, witchcraft,
conjurings and all of the things that naturally
come to mind when someone hears the term
"Satanism". When Anton Szandor LaVey
created The Church of Satan in 1966, things
began to change. A newer, philosophical
perspective of Satanism was born. The Satanic
Bible released in 1969 and written by Anton
Szandor LaVey, not only laid down a practical
philosophy in the first half of the book, but left
the second part of it open to the theory and
practice of Lesser (manipulative) and Greater
(ceremonial) Magic. For the first 14 years or so
of the Church of Satan's existence, it continued
in a more honest Satanic fashion.

Around 1975, a Magister Templi IV° in the
Church of Satan known as Michael A. Aquino
started to notice some major contradictions and
fallacies within the overall view of the Church of
Satan. They became more and more a group of
people who claimed to not view Satan as a literal
entity that existed in reality, but rather as a
symbol to be used during Greater Magic Ritual
as a point of focus. The Church of Satan from
that point on claimed themselves as "atheists"
(publicly at least) and viewed Magic as nothing
more than mere psychodrama in order to vent
one's personal frustrations. Michael A. Aquino
felt betrayed by this change of policy, and left to
form his own organization known as the Temple
of Set, which was based around an Ancient
Egyptian Deity of the same name - Set.
The main problem and contradiction with the
Church of Satan metaphysics lies in this : while
some view their Magical efforts as simply
psychological release, others noticed actual
tangible results from their practices. If they have
now denied Satan as being anything real, where

do these Magical "results" come from? And
further - why continue to utilize the term
"Satanist" to describe yourself when you no
longer acknowledge Satan as something in
actual existence? Some argue that they "believe
it in the ritual chamber, and dis-believe it outside
the ritual chamber". This is not a clear
metaphysical view, but one born out of
confusion and contradiction. "You cannot have
your cake and eat it too!"
Either the Prince of Darkness is real or he isn't.
You are either Theistic or you are an Atheist.
You cannot be both at the same time! There is no
middle-ground on this. To say otherwise is the
most obvious of hypocrisy - and further - if you
somehow do view Magic as something real and
tangible, why throw out the baby with the
bathwater? Where is this Source of Magic then
coming from? If your answer is that it simply
comes from your physical brain, then you are in
error. The brain is a physical construct that lies
within the skull of the human being. There is
something else that exists that is causing Magic

to produce things in actuality. Do I really need to
be so obvious as to provide that answer for you,
dear Satanist?
Within The Divine Black Flame of Satan, as an
organization, we do not uphold such
contradicting and self-deceptive philosophies. If
Magic works, it works, and there is no rational
reason to try to prove to yourself it doesn't
(especially after you have already acknowledged
that it does work) - that is - unless you take
enjoyment in lying to yourself.
We also do not feel the need to hide in the
shadows of the public, fearing discrimination of
our belief in an actual Satan. What type of
"Satanist" must hide his true beliefs among
friends and especially other Satanists? This does
not mean that we must not sometimes lie or twist
the truth in the face of certain people (such as
family, professional relationships etc.) if it will
harm us in some manner – to do otherwise
would simply be self-defeating. However,

Satanism as a religion need not lie to its own
followers nor should they lie to themselves.
So here is Our definition of Satanism, as We
view it, from reality as it is :
Satan, the Prince of Darkness, is a real, existing
Entity and the only people that truly deserve the
title of Satanist are those that acknowledge this
fact! We fully believe in and acknowledge Satan
as the True God of this World and Black Magic
is our direct line of Communion with that Entity.
It is time to strip away your blind-folds of deceit
and step into the Gates of Hell, the Kingdom of
Darkness and Shadows, and discover what IS!
"Once you cross the Abyss there is no turning

CHAPTER II: The Sigil of Baphomet
This is the description of the Sigil of Baphomet
in its "pure" form, which originally contained the
names "Samael and Lilith" within the Sigil,
which is the symbol we use for this organization.
I will not go into the more obscure details of the
use of it in the Knight's Templar, only from the
practical use of it in Satanism.
Each point of the pentacle represents an element
(Earth, Air, Fire, Water) with the fifth being
"Spirit". The pentacle facing up turns the head of
Man's consciousness (spirit) to God. Turned
upside down it turns it to Satan - the "Prince of
this World". This creates the shape of the Goat
identified with Satan. The top two points
creating the horns of the Devil with the bottom
three points together representing the denial of
the Holy Trinity. Samael and Lilith are the
masculine/feminine aspects of Satan; with
Leviathan (written in Hebrew encircled around
the Sigil) representing the Deeper Subconscious.

It must be noted however that the many "names"
of Satan are simply different aspects of Satan
himself, and not to be seen as "separate" or
"distinct" entities. The Prince of Darkness is
multi-faced and takes many forms.

CHAPTER III: Satan-Lucifer
I define Satan-Lucifer, which is the The
Adversary, as the Source of Consciousness that
exists beyond space-time, and is the Prince of
this World. The Darkness is the representation of
Satan, and the Light is the representation of
Lucifer - yet they are One. Thus, only through
Darkness itself, do we obtain true enlightenment.
Our own self-consciousness and self-awareness
is a way of the universe becoming aware of itself
and we are all connected through that same
Source, yet are perceiving it through subjective
experience. Most human beings are unaware of
this reality, and thus remain in a state of
confusion and lack the conscious link to this
Source that is required for Dark Gnosis to take
place. They are either closed off to the
possibility of something existing beyond the
material/physical due to mental blocks, lack
personal experience or evidence in such, or have

fallen prey to false ideologies and the lies in
faiths such as Judeo-Christianity.
This personal transcendence of space-time and
experience of The Adversary can only be
achieved by personal commitment, through the
practice of Black Magic in Communion with
Satan himself. The true meaning of Occult is
"hidden", thus the revealing of the Satanic God
also remains hidden to those who do not make
the effort to experience it themselves. This path
is not for everyone, and the majority of humanity
may see but a glimpse of the larger reality as it
Satanism is rather liberating to me personally,
but I am of the Darker Vibration, thus I accept
the reality of the universe as it is : love and hate,
peace and war, pleasure and pain, spiritual and
carnal etc. Lucifer as the Light-Bringer is the
Bringer of Knowledge of both Dark and Light,
thus I deny Dualism and see the opposites as

aspects of a unified reality (such as in the yinyang symbol), beyond good and evil.
Duality is an illusion. There is ONE Source (The
Prince of Darkness), thus I do not believe in the
traditional "Abrahamic God".
Many people wonder how you can believe in
Satan but not God and that answer lies in what I
just described - beyond good and evil.
"How can you call yourself a Satanist? Isn't
Satan a creation of Judeo-Christianity?"
No, that is an incorrect assumption. Satan in
Hebrew literally translates to "adversary" or
"one who opposes" thus Satan is the ENEMY of
Judeo-Christianity. However, the Prince of
Darkness is actually pre-Christian and shows up
in every culture, religion and mythology
throughout human history. Judeo-Christianity
did not invent this. The roots of The Adversary

lie in Ancient Babylonian, Sumerian, Vedic,
Persian and Egyptian religions. The most
Ancient forms of the Adversary being the
Babylonian Tiamat, the Great Chaos Dragon,
and Set, the Egyptian God of Darkness, the
Desert, Storms and Chaos. Set was also known
as Seth and Set-hen. Ahriman is another form of
the Adversary from Ancient Middle Persia.
There are many records of devil-worship sects
and cults from B.C.E. that date back much
further than Judaism. So the "lie" that Satanism
is a creation of Judeo-Christianity is shattered by
these such records.
Satan is, was, and forever shall be.

CHAPTER IV: "Reality"
Since objective reality is merely signals sent to
our brain from our senses, objective reality is
only experienced through subjective
consciousness and the world only appears to us
how it is perceived, not how the world actually
is. For example, the human brain cannot tell the
difference between a dream (when we are in it)
from waking reality. It is actually quite highly
possible that we exist in a virtual reality world
created by Consciousness itself, somewhat
similar to the film, "The Matrix".
"Some rules can be bent. Others can be broken."
Isn't this quite obvious why Black Magic does
indeed work? With that Source of Consciousness
being none other than The Prince of Darkness

Classical materialist physics is dead, it was
actually disproven over a century ago with the
discovery and evolving theory of quantum
mechanics. Those who cling to outdated
scientific models are simply fooling themselves,
but never mistake any scientific model for the
truth itself, as these models themselves will
continue to evolve over time.

CHAPTER V: The Presence of Satan
The Devil can and will at times manifest
Himself while hiding in plain sight. The Prince
of Darkness is an objective reality and does not
require your belief in Him in order to exist
independently. He does, however, require your
personal effort in Black Magic in order to
experience and acknowledge Him. He can often
disguise Himself as any God, person or even
object of His choosing. He exists beyond spacetime, thus is not limited to such things as
physical or material laws.
Atheists and "skeptics" will argue this :
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary
evidence! Prove it! Where is your evidence?"
My answer to that question is that the evidence
is also hiding in plain sight. If you find yourself
standing in the ritual chamber and do not feel or
sense Satan's presence, the problem is an error in

your perception and you are having what is
scientifically called a "negative hallucination".
This is not merely a statement of faith or belief,
but of personal experience and knowledge.
Those who know, KNOW. Those who
automatically disbelieve this or anything else
paranormal/supernatural such as Black Magic is
because they "have faith" in absolute atheistic
materialism and already consider it "impossible".
This is not a debate nor is it possible to actually
debate, because that debate from an Atheist or
"skeptic" point of view is AN ERROR IN
PERCEPTION. It requires honest personal effort
in Black Magical practice to discover the Hidden
Satanic God, who is ever-present, but remains in
Darkness from those who do not have the Eyes
To See.

CHAPTER VI: Regarding Devil-Worship
I have always found it quite amusing when some
Satanists become so offended or downright
furious when they are asked if they are, or are
accused of, being a Devil Worshipper. This is,
more often than not, the case with "Atheist
Satanists". If you call yourself a Satanist, is it
really that difficult to understand why someone
would normally link that with Devil-worship?
And rightfully so, I might add!
"WHAT!?! I'm a Satanist, I don't worship the
Devil! What are YOU? STUPID?!?" they cry...
Do you realize how absolutely ridiculous this
To those "Atheist Satanists" who cling to Church
of Satan dogma : Anton Szandor LaVey himself
referenced Satanists as Devil Worshippers in the
1960's documentary Satanis, as well as in his

own Satanic Bible. To quote in part of one of the
Satanic Enochian Keys from that same book :
"Be friendly unto me, for I am the same. The true
worshipper of the Highest and Ineffable King of
The term worship, originally meant "to work
for", and any Satanist who practices the Art of
Black Magic - is most definitely "working for"
the Devil! For who else do we owe our heritage
and allegiance to by calling ourselves Satanists?
As the saying goes, "if you can't take the heat,
then get out of the kitchen!"

CHAPTER VII: On Animal Sacrifice
From the viewpoint of The Divine Black Flame
of Satan, anyone that condones or performs
animal sacrifices for ritualistic purposes is a subhuman deserving of the most brutal punishment
by law. I recently read a discussion between a
member of the Star of Azazel and a member of
the Current 218. The "218" was explaining how
animal sacrifice was part of their tradition, and
that they take the greatest care and treatment of
the animals before sacrifice, and further, that
they had a deep love for animals – but performed
sacrifice because it was "necessary". This is
beyond ridiculous and you are obviously
completely deluded if you believe "animal
sacrifice is necessary" and further - you have no
true understanding of the energy manipulation
behind Black Magic Ritual. The SoA member
commented "We must show respect among other
tradition's views, whether we agree with them or

Nonsense! What is this? Christianity? We must
be tolerant of absolute sub-human scum?
Killing animals for food or in self-defense is
completely different than animal sacrifice.
Intention is everything. I am, however, not in
denial of reality. Human beings are predatory by
nature. However, as a Satanist, I do not care
about history, "tradition" or anything else
regarding this matter. The message is crystal
clear. People who do not grasp this very simple
concept are delusional fools. Animal sacrifice in
ritual is about as un-Satanic as one can get.
Anyone who chops up an innocent animal in
Satanic Ritual is too much of a coward to feel
the pain of Sacrifice themselves - which should
come from one's own body!
The Satanist is generally misanthropic and finds
an overall disgust for the herd of humanity - who
claim to be "more evolved" than other animals –
while constantly displaying their outright
stupidity. The Higher Man sees most non-human

animals as uncorrupted species and therefore
cherishes them above the majority of the masses
of humanity. They live within an equilibrium of
nature by instinct alone unless tortured, degraded
and corrupted by human beings. This view is the
exact opposite of the Judeo-Christian view that
"man have dominion over all others of the
animal kingdom" which, by self-righteousness,
has led him to treat them as lesser, nonconscious entities.
Animals are far more in touch with their true
nature than most human beings are. You don't
see animals killing each other for reasons other
than food, self-preservation or the protection of
their pack now do you? No, only uncivilized and
uneducated human beings commit these
atrocities! Man is definitely the vilest animal to
walk the planet, all the while thinking he
deserves "heaven" and a seat at "the right hand
of the Father".

Only the blood-thirsty tyrant God Jehovah
demands animal sacrifice - for that "God" was
indeed created in the eyes of Man.
Satan's Curse shall be upon the performers of
animal sacrifice! You give us ALL a bad name.
Ave Satanas!

CHAPTER VIII: The Luciferian Gene
To be a Satanist is a quality you are born with.
There is no such thing as "conversion" to this. If
you are reading these words and understand, you
can probably remember a time in your life when
you were perhaps even a small child, when you
felt drawn to the Darkness, yet had no rational or
logical explanation. You didn't quite understand
it yet - but that does not dismiss what is.
All too often I see postings in Satanic groups and
forums such as "How do I become a Satanist?";
"I'm scared, Christians told me I'll go to Hell if I
make a personal commitment to Lucifer"; or
"What ritual can I do? I want to say the right
thing to the master".
All things of this nature are based around
concepts of pretentious people who want to
"become" something they are not. If you are
hung-up on Judeo-Christian fear-mongering and

still even consider their views as possibly being
correct, you are not a Satanist! If you are looking
to just please others and are not truly thinking
for yourself, then you are not a Satanist either! I
can hear all the pseudo-liberal-quasi-satanists
crying now that I am being an "elitist" in what I
So what?
Luciferian thinking and Being is not for the
feeble-minded, Jesus-fearing, "we must accept
and love everyone" mentality – that is
Christianity! To be Satanic IS elite! We are not
mindless sheep following a herd, but are wolves!
Not prey, but predators!
These qualities are in-born and either you "get
it" or you don't.
That is why I say there is no such thing as
"conversion" - but Initiation comes when one

already aligned with the proper mentality
decides to make a dedication to this Path - then
discovers more along that Path while taking
whatever steps are needed. Not just people
looking for kicks, wanting to belong to
something, or any type of "fad" that will just
pass over time. This is the real deal - and if you
are not serious - do you not think this will be
reflected in things you say and do?
So before you think of "becoming" a Satanist,
take an honest look inside yourself and discover
if this is really you. If that Dark Essence and
Black Flame is ever-present, move forward! If it
is not, then turn around, because you are most
likely not one of us, nor ever will be.

CHAPTER IX: Astral Projection
Since true Satanists acknowledge a Spiritual
Reality, we also acknowledge that there exists
something else inside each of us that is
immaterial, this is often referred to as a "soul",
"spirit", "subtle body", or "astral body".
Astral Projection (the out-of-body experience) is
something that the Satanist definitely needs to
set as a goal in achieving. This further gives us
evidence that we are not merely flesh creatures
controlled by a physical brain - but the opposite that we are actually astral entities controlling the
brain and physical body. We are all essentially
"ghosts within shells".
The achieving of the out-of-body experience
also puts us in an alternate dimension of reality
that is often unseen or unknown by most human
beings. Here we can completely cast aside our
physical limitations and experience Satan

directly in his true state, which exists beyond
physical space-time. Here, we can also visit with
other entities that would be known as Daemons,
and engage in the Astral Gatherings of the
Witch's Sabbat.
To achieve astral projection first requires calm,
patience and persistence. But do not give up on
your attempts! The following is an example to
achieve this Heightened State and enter into the
Astral Realm which is the true space of the HellWorlds.
First begin to perform this in the evening. With
the lights completely out, lie down on your bed
and attempt to clear your mind of thoughts that
may come and go. If you cannot maintain a clear
mind, simply notice the thoughts but try not to
analyze, dissect or identify with them. Simply,
let them pass by you. Take a deep breath,
inhaling deeply through your nose, and exhaling
completely through your mouth. Continue this
until your physical body is in an extremely calm

state close to sleep. The more calm and relaxed
you become, the closer you are to Awakening
the Astral Body. The "trick" here is to avoid
letting your mind fall asleep as your body does,
and this will take some practice as well.
Then begin to focus your attention on the center
of your forehead, or what is also known as "The
Third Eye". You will most likely then begin to
feel as if your body is becoming lighter, as if it
could rise into the air. You will begin to notice
unusual electric shock sensations; that can vary
from slight vibrations to extremely
overpowering and strong. Your initial reaction to
this will most likely be fear, as it can become so
intense that you literally may unconsciously
attempt to abruptly stop the projection. You will
need to work through the fear in order to achieve
a successful projection. You, as a Satanist, are
aligned with the Powers of Darkness, so remind
yourself that fear is simply a test and a gateway
that you must pass through. The strong
vibrations you are feeling are actually the result
of your astral body leaving the physical body.

Let them be your "trigger" to know you are now
entering into the Astral. And then....you must
WILL yourself out of your body in the same
manner you would move yourself in the
physical. The way to actually do this cannot be
fully explained, as it is entirely instinctual, but
the instinct will come when you are ready to do
so. Begin then to move upwards towards the
ceiling of your bedroom, and once you have
done this, open your Astral Eyes and view your
room from this new ghostly perspective. What
you choose to do from that point on is up to you,
but the possibilities are endless, as you are now
experiencing a dimension of reality that is
timeless and lacks space completely. Fly into the
Night Sky as the Daemon and Vampyre that you
truly are, and explore the endless delights of the

CHAPTER X: Dedication to Satan
It is necessary, contrary to popular belief, to
make a personal dedication and Oath to Satan if
you are serious in pursuing Black Magic. The
manner in which you write this can be highly
personal and will differ from person to person. I
highly suggest writing this Oath out yourself in
your own words in order to be 100% honest and
Before doing so, choose a Daemonic Name for
yourself that you shall now be known as among
the Prince of Darkness and the Infernal Legions.
There are many, many books that contain the
names of the various Daemons and choose one
that resonates with you personally. I recommend
the book Pseudomonarchia Daemonum(1563) as
one such resource. The Goetia: The Lesser Key
of Solomon the King also contains a list of the
72 primary Daemonic Spirits. As well, The
Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey contains
a list of Daemons and Devils that are known

throughout history, although without much
insight into their specifics. After you write out
your Oath, recite it completely and sign your
new Daemonic name in physical blood (with the
prick of the left index finger) at the bottom of
the paper to seal your Pact with the Devil. This
Oath should be taken during Communion with
Satan, of which an example is presented in the
next chapter.
After signing your Oath, put it in a safe place
where you know it will not be discovered by

CHAPTER XI: Communion with the
Prince of Darkness
The Ritual:
Place one Black Candle on the altar clothed in
black, any solid surface will suffice. Above the
altar should be a Sigil of Baphomet. If possible,
altar should be facing the west (against the rising
of the Sun). Place a glass or chalice filled with
red wine, water or another preferred beverage
upon the altar. Burn incense if desired.
Your garments should be a black hooded robe or
all black attire. A Sigil of Baphomet medallion
should be worn as a necklace during the course
of the ceremony.
Light the candle flame and face the altar:

Remain in complete stillness and meditation for
2-5 minutes and then proceed.
The Invocation to Satan is now spoken:
"In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi!
In the name of Satan, the Prince of Darkness, I
call upon you now! I ask that your Presence be
with me here on this Night. I seek to become One
with your Infernal Essence! I ask that you
receive me as your humble servant as I do Your
Will, as it is said on Earth as it is in Hell. I ask
that you manifest that which I desire though my
Work of Black Magic! Cast aside your doubts
for I am most sincere in my Calling, and
welcome me as your Infernal Brother(Sister) and
Son(Daughter) of Darkness! Open wide the
Gates of Hell and hear my call!"
Start to turn, counter-clockwise,

Face the south,
Spoken: "In the south, Satan, God of the Fiery
Pit, I call upon you now, hear me!"
Face the east,
Spoken: "In the east, Lucifer, God of wisdom
and enlightenment, I call upon you now, hear
Face the north,
Spoken: "In the north, Belial, Master of the
Earth, I call upon you now, hear me!"
Face the west, where the altar resides,

Spoken: "In the west, Leviathan, Serpent of the
watery abyss, I call upon you now, hear me!"
"This gate is now opened in the name of Satan!"
"Ave Satanas! Ave Luciferi! Hail Satan!"
If you have a specific magical request, speak
aloud your desire now in your own words and
then proceed.
The Sacrifice:
This is not a sacrifice of the spilling of physical
blood, but the releasing of your astral life energy
to the Prince of Darkness as an offering to Him.
Begin now to sacrifice your personal astral life
energy towards the Sigil of Baphomet, by (1)
breathing in deeply for 5 seconds and (2)
exhaling completely through the mouth for 5-10
seconds. Rest between each breath, and then

continue to repeat this step for as long as you
can. Expect to feel completely physically
exhausted, drain yourself as much as you can,
and if successful, you will feel the Presence of
Satan's Energy returned upon you, revitalizing
you with Higher Spiritual Energy.
If necessary, remain in complete stillness and
meditation while focusing on the Sigil of
Baphomet after exhausting yourself of energy
until you feel the Presence of Satan, and then
proceed to the next step.
Recite the 18th Satanic Enochian Key:
"O thou mighty light and burning flame of
comfort!, that unveilest the glory of Satan to the
center of the Earth; in whom the great secrets of
truth have their abiding; that is called in thy
kingdom: "strength through joy", and is not to be
measured. Be thou a window of comfort unto me.
Move therefore, and appear! Open the mysteries
of your creation! Be friendly unto me, for I am

the same!, the true worshipper of the highest and
ineffable King of Hell!"
Face the Sigil of Baphomet above the altar.
Drink from the chalice and drain it.
“This gate is now closed, but the Divine Black
Flame of Satan burns forever from behind my
“Ave Satanas! Ave Luciferi! Hail Satan!”
Snuff out the candle flame and recite the final
"So it is done."

End of Ritual.
“The Invocation to Satan” and “The 18th Satanic Enochian Key”
referenced from The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey

Part 2: A Further Testament of
Satanic Metaphysics
“The Isolator is the only True God. The Self is
the expression of Lucifer enthroned in all His
Glory. Objective delusions of matter and human
beings are but dream fragments in this World of
Horrors. Look inside...deep inside. The Abyss is
all that ever was and is.”
- Vrykolakas Oriax, Magus V°

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