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19 avenue Madeleine
91170 Viry Chatillon

· September 2012 - Present :

Supinfogame Rubika

Game art & Management
· September 2010 - June 2012 :

e-art sup (Paris)

Graphic deisgn & Communication
Game design option
+(33)6 98 25 79 53


Creative, Pro-active, Hard-Working and Curious

Currently looking for a 2-3 month internship as an environmental artist

I’m deeply interested in environmental and more precisely in atmosphere art. I enjoy
looking for the right tone and the specific atmosphere to tell stories in my compositions.
So, I want to increase these skills, both in 2D and 3D fields.


· Tiny Poncho | Project manager & Game artist | 2013 - W.I.P
3D puzzle game project, competing for the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014

· June 2010 :

A-level Science

Managed a 4 people team and ensure cohesion between game design and art.
Modeling and texturing of 3D models for environment and characters.
Conducting researches with conceptual arts for atmosphere and colors of the game.

· Au boulot, matelot ! | Artistic direction & Background artist | 2013
Game based on Windows’tablets gyroscopic technology, for 8-11 years old children.
Ensured cohesion between elements and their functions and developping all backgrounds.


· Pulsar | Level architect & Environmental artist | 2013
Creation of a complete consistant and fun multiplayer map, for FPS game, on UDK.
It was a major learning experience to understand the link between the gameplay
and the artistic direction, resulting in a strong link between game art and level design.

· Lux | Artistic direction & Background artist, level architect | 2013
2D puzzle-game based on light and inspired by impressionist paintings.
Took part in the artistic direction, ensuring correlation between backgrounds and level

· Smip | Background & Props artist | 2013
Platform game project for tablets, Smip, was enthusiastically received by the Edition
Dupuis team.
Conceived backgrounds and interactive elements, took part in the artistic direction.

Know basics
Can use it to work
Efficient with it
Truly experienced

· | Artistic direction & graphic design | Summer 2012 internship
Conceived the entire start-up visual identity : logotype, promotional videos, booklets.

Additional skills :
XNormal, After Effets, Premiere Pro, InDesign

· French : Native speaker
· English : Working knowledge
· Italian : Good understanding
· Driving licence

· Photography : I practice regulary. Keen on W.Ronnis and L.Hoile.
· Cinema : Q.Tarentino, S.Kubrick, L. Von Trier, C. Nolan, S.Kon, H.Miyazaki
· British drama & japanese animation : BBC Sherlock & Fullmetal Alchemist
· Music : I love concerts, I’m always listening to music such as Muse, Björk, Peter Gabriel
and Steven Wilson. Played the guitar for 5 years.
· Sport : I practiced swimming in competition for 12 years, and competed at a regional level
in 2009.
· Video games : I like narrative experiences like Heavy Rain and The Last of Us. Also
action-adventure like Zelda or Shadow of the Colossus, and contemplative experiences like

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