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Korsak carving Fest


First International wooden sculpture
festival and competition in Ukraine
20-25 August 2019

Ukraine, Lutsk, Entertainment Centre
Adrenaline City

August 19

• Partisipants registration and arrival
• The Opening of the festival.
• Draw for the distribution of the material
August 20-25

• Working on sculpture
August 20,23,24

• Speed carving 2 hours
August 25

• Finishing working with sculpture 2 PM
• Judging sculptures 2-4 PM
• Announcing and rewarding the winners 6 PM

Who can take part

If you are a sculptor and you can carve and make sculptures from wood with
a chainsaw, We are waiting for you! Number of participants is limited!

The main requirements

• Professionalism and creative approach to make sculptures
• Execution and observance of safety rules, when working with tools, using
the eye and hearing protection.
• Taking part in Speed carving

Participants will receive

Free accommodation
Three meals a day ( 9 AM, 2 PM, 8 PM)
Wood 60х250 cm.
Wood for speed carving 3x. 40х150 cm.
Access to electricity 220 V
Oils and lubricants for the chaisaw

Judging sculptures

The works will be judged by a jury according to the criteria:
• Making sculpture in accordance with the topic
• Creativity
• Technique
• Audience rating

1st place 1000$
2nd place 500$
3rd place 300$
Foreign participants will receive $ 300 for travel expenses
Ukrainian participants will receive $ 100 for travel expenses


To register for the competition, you need to send photo of your 4 works on
If you were selected to this contest, we will send you an application form by
After August 5 managers will announce a list of selected participants.

Сurator of the event : Illya Lupka

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