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Press kit
Festival Clin d’Oeil 2017

8th edition


A festival that is unique
in the world
… to promote the meeting between deaf,
hearing, and people in a disabled situation

The festival favours a variety of different
audiences via culture, artistic education,
arts and celebration

Accessible for all ages, this Festival gathers
over 4000 Deaf and Hearing persons over 4
days in several different cultural venues of
the city. It’s an opportunity for the hearing
public to discover Sign Language, to
immerse themselves in Deaf Culture, to
open up to different art forms and to
change their point of view of deafness.

The Festival’s project is to create a bridge
between two worlds that are seperated by
a language barrier. During the festival

these barriers collapse leaving in their
place exchanges between deaf, hard of
hearing, hearing, foreigners, people with
disabilities, young and old…
In order to do this, it proposes shows that
are either completely visual or bilingual
(oral language and sign language) as well as
an official selection of films sub-titled in
French and English. There are stands with
sign language interpreters available at the
Convention Centre (Centre des Congrès)
and the Festival Village.
The association Clin d’Oeil systematically
promotes the mix between hearing/deaf
with teams of volunteers, artists, and youth
workshops (often led by children).

… making culture accessible to all

The festival fulfills the need to make
culture accessible for deaf people

The access to culture is the DNA of the Clin
d’Oeil Festival : firstly by programming
shows in sign language for a population
that, for the majority, are excluded from
live performances. The objective is to open
up to the widest possible audiences thanks
to sign language, visual and bilingual
performances, music and dance. Clin d’Oeil
is not a « Deaf festival» as everybody is
invited, both deaf and hearing, to discover
and appreciate Deaf culture - the capacity
to transmit emotions and ideas in
whichever language is in play.
To fight against the preconception of a

community closed in on itself, the Clin
d’Oeil Festival proposes to change your
outlook, to share, to get together and to

The Festival shines the light on deaf
culture and encourages the cultural actors
to integrate it into French heritage. This
international cultural event is one of the
rare occasions to defend the creation and
expression of deaf artists, to participate in
the visibility and development of sign
language. It is a privileged spot where we
can step aside and open ourselves to
another perception of the world and
culture, where diversity rhymes with
respect and integrity.

The arts in sign language

Gaining momentum
Over the past years, numerous films and
series have featured deaf people and as a
consequence, sign language: Marie
Heurtin by Jean-Pierre Améris, The Tribe
by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, the successful
comedy La Famille Bélier by Eric Lartigau
and the documentary J’avancerai vers toi
avec les yeux d’un sourd by Laëtitia
Carton. More recently the young deaf
actress Millicent Simmonds, featured in
Wonderstruck by Todd Haynes was the
buzz at the Cannes Film Festival.
This current trend has awakened the
curiosity of a larger audience on the
questions of communication and how deaf
people live. But even
today, there is a
persistant blurring due to
the lack of knowledge
and understanding, deaf
people are still seen as
living in a world apart,
and still using the term «
deaf language » instead
of Sign Language.

A real language
However « French Sign Language», or LSF,
is a language in its own right, with its own
history and syntax, even if it was
recognised incredibly late in France by the
decree of the 11th of February 2005 for
« the equality of rights and opportunities,
participation in citizenship for the
disabled ». University diplomas for
teaching LSF exist, deaf teachers are found
in all manner of subjects in LSF and it has
become a high school option, like any
other language.

Beware of preconceptions, every country
has its own sign language as it is
constructed in reference to each culture
and territory. However a more universal
language exists despite not being officially
recognized: it’s called « International
Sign » and uses an iconic and visual
vocabulary. Thanks to this international
sign language, deaf people the world over
have a common language available that
allows then to understand each other
rapidly, in stark contrast to hearing people
practicing several different languages and
who cannot communicate.

A language made for the arts
Being visual, sign language deploys itself
within the space and calls on facial and
body movements, revealing all its
particularities on stage, on screen… From
the beginning, it has always fascinated
hearing directors, choreographers and
actors. It also
fields of
creation with
its own
specifics such
as Sign-Song
and and VV (Visual Vernacular).
The « Arts in Sign Language », is what the
Clin d’Oeil Festival has been promoting on
an international level over the past 15
years. Multicultural and multilingual, the
Festival plunges you into a sea of
languages and different viewpoints on the

The festival 2017 is

4 days of festival
7 venues for performances and workshops
Objective : 4500 to 5000 festival goers per day
38 shows
152 performances
170 artists from 28 nationalities
31 films selected
1 invited country : Brazil
180 volunteers from all over la France and abroad,
both hearing and deaf with a knowledge of sign language

250 children in the artistic education workshops
25 interpreters French/LSF and English/International Sign
72 stands for professionals and artists

Figures for 2015 audiences by geographical origin

4% come from outside Europe
29% within European Union
67% from France 17,5% from Grand Est Region and 9% from the Marne

Questions about the Festival?
Who is it organised by?
CinéSourds is a Reims based association
that has organised the Clin d’Oeil Festival
since 2003. Proposing cultural actions all
year round such as amateur theatre
workshops or bilingual theatre pieces in
David de Keyzer, founder and Director of
the association, decided to move to
Reims, a symbolic city for the deaf
community. In fact, Emile Mercier, the
eldest deaf son of
the founder of
Mercier champagne,
created the first
hostel for the deaf in
France in 1894. It
currently houses the
third biggest
museum of Deaf
History and remains
a privileged place for
exchanges, meetings
and solidarity.

When is it ?
The Festival has taken place every 2 years
in early July, since 2003. From 2015, the
festival has taken place over four days
instead of previously only three. The 8th
edition will take place from Thursday the
6th to Sunday the 9th of July 2017.

Where in Reims?
Since 2005, the Centre des Congrès
(Convention Centre) has been a venue for
shows as well as a space for professional
and artistic stands. In 2013, a partnership
was created with le Manège, National
Theatre of Reims situated nearby, the aim
being to welcome more performances and
festival goers in the magnificent
auditoriums of the Theatre and the

Cirque, both listed as historic monuments.
CinéSourds became closer to the cultural
establishments of the city. Working with
the Ministry of Culture and DRAC
Champagne Ardenne, the association has
been able to create partnerships with:
- Comédie de Reims, National Dramatic
Arts Centre for performances by the
bigger companies and the opening and
awards ceremonies.
- Cultural digital Centre culturel SaintExupéry for film projections and the
cinema competition as well
as the artistic workshops «
Mini Clin d’Oeil » for
children and teenagers.
It is situated next to the
André Malraux esplanade,
next door to the CIS
(Centre International de
Séjour) which takes care of
the accommodation of the
artists and volunteers.

2015 saw the beginning of the Clin d’Oeil
Village, a space to showcase street
theatre (previously in the town centre)
continuing the idea of geographically
concentrating the different sites making it
easier for the festival goers to get around.

This year the Clin d’Oeil Village will
occupy a larger space, across the road
from the esplanade, on the parking du
Stade Deleaune, which has been
completely transformed. At night the
Village will become the venue for the
famous « Deaf Party ».
A seventh venue has been added this year,
the tremendous Salon Degermann, a high
spot of Reims at the start of the 20th
century. Over two days, on the 6th and
7th of July, conferences and round tables
will be held there.

2017 programme
28 countries represented

Having received over one hundred applications to participate, the 2017 Festival has an even
more challenging programme due to a selection that puts forward the different deaf cultures
of each country.
Once again, the novice audiences in sign language will be able to witness bilingual creations
(spoken/sign language), entirely visual performance or those mixing text and video, becoming
a complete immersion in International or French sign language.

The official IN programme (ticketed) in four theatres in the city of Reims
The Comédie, National Drama Centre
The Manège, National Theatre
The salle Royale at the Centre des Congrès
The Centre culturel numérique Saint-Exupéry

The theatre companies
We have the honour of presenting the creations of the established theatre companies in
International and French Sign Language :

Jonas and the body, Teater Manu, Norway
House of Bernarda Alba, Tysteater - Riksteatern, Sweden
It’s not about Ebisu, Ebisu sign language Theatre, Israel
The taboo, Act’s, France
The Chess player, Act’s, France
Edna, delinquent, Clameur Public, France

Short shows

Live !, John Maucere, USA
and Anthony Guyon, France
The Nu Visual, Ace Mahbaz
and Brian Duff, Angleterre
Jazillusioniste, Jayson Serripierri, France
Braveheart titanic, David Sands and Steven Webb, Angleterre
Caranaval Football, Fàbio de Sà e Silva, Brésil
The clock, Nicola Della Maggiora, Italie
VV Stories, Simon Attia, France

Shows for Children (only for Mini Clin d’Oeil workshops)

Puff, Teateri Totti, Finlande
Melvin & Rosa, Visualbox, Belgique
Le Prince Tigre, IVT, France

A festival open to the world

After Russia in 2007, Australia in 2009, the USA in 2011, Japan in 2013 and finally Mexico
in 2015, Brazil is the guest country for this 8th edition.

Brazil, the guest country
Thanks to the patronage of the Brazilian embassy in France
and the support of the Institut National d’Education des
Sourds (INES), the Centro de Integracão de Arte e Cultura
dos Surdos presents The City of God : a case of conflict. The
piece is about the daily life in the favelas as seen from the
viewpoint of young deaf people. Directed by Lucas
Sacramento Resende with a cast of eight actors : Bruno
Ramos, Fernanda de Araùjo Machado, Marcos Nascimento,
Renata Christina Fonseca Rezende, Ricardo Boaretto de
Siqueira, Fàbio de Sà e Silva, Leonardo Barbosa Castilho and
Weslei da Silva Rocha. This creation for Clin d’Oeil 2017
was initiated during a journey to Brazil by David de Keyzer,
to present the Clin d’Oeil Festival at the INES Congress of
October 2015.

For the Opening Ceremony of the Festival on Thursday the 6th of July at 8pm in the
Comédie de Reims, Vanessa Vidal, Miss Brazil 2008, will be Master of Ceremonies alongside
John Maucere. Fernanda de Araùjo Machado will present a poem entitled Rio.

Other Brazilian artists in the Clin d’Oeil village

Cleber Couto the clown presents A happy couple and The clumsy magician with
Tiago de Souza.
Samba dance is on the programme with Maria Luiza Santana and Ricardo Boaretto
de Siqueira and also Capoeira with Debora Campos and Diana Marcolino.
Poetry : Carnival Football with Fàbio de Sà e Silva.

A bit of history

The deaf French teacher Édouard Huet studied at the Imperial
Institute for the deaf in Paris. He arrived in Rio de Janeiro in 1857,
following the invitation of the emperor Dom Pedro II, and founded
the Imperial Institute for the deaf in order to teach sign language
as was practiced at the time in France.
That is why Brazilian sign language (called língua de sinais
brasileira or Libras) has common roots to the ancient sign language
that came from France and not Portuguese sign language. This
Institute, now called the INES, has approximately 600 students from
primary through to high school.

The film competition
Awards Ceremony by the Jury on Saturday the 8th of July 2017
- 6 :30 PM at Comédie de Reims –

The Festival never forgets cinema, an art in which sign language can only blossom
and where the condition of deaf people around the world can be told.

20 euros by Julien Bourges
Welcome to the Deaf by William Horsefield

A beautiful harvest of both short and feature films: 31 films have been selected for
this 8th edition. Six awards will be given by a jury of professionals : best film, director,
actor, actress, animation and film produced by young people.

The Fringe festival (OFF) at Clin d’Oeil Village
Street Performances
– Parking du stade Delaune – Free entry from 11am until 6pm
Free entry into the Clin d’Oeil Village so as to welcome a large audience and encourage
the inhabitants of Reims to discover the festival. It’s the convivial spot of the Festival,
where you can meet your friends, grab a bite to eat between two shows, and watch
the street theatre performances.

From the USA, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Spain,
artists bring you their performance:
Deafies in Drag show, Mini & Maxi, A clown in the street, Hulla Bella’s hoop,
Maximime, Les bulleuses, Dumb and dumber,
Symio Fireshow, El show de Chavi, The clumsy magician
Juggledeaf et d’autres…

vendredi 7 et samedi 8 juillet à partir de 18h
- billet obligatoire
Beethoven’s nightmare
We no longer need to present what has become the
fetish band of the festival, hailing from the USA, our
worst nightmare has returned ! Featuring Bob
Hiltermann, Ed Chevy and Steve Longo, with a new
song-signer, the incredible Sean Forbes !

DJ/VJ Nico di Marco
The Veejay who will make you vibrate
between sounds and images !

Capoeira dance, Debora Campos &
Daiana Marcolino. Between dance and
martial arts, a demonstration of Capoeira
from Brazil, guest country of the Festival.

Samba dance, Marcelo da Silva and
Maria Luiza Santana.

You will also see all the street artists
during the Deaf Party !

The new Village Clin d’Oeil
In the parking of Delaune stadium, right by la Comédie
The 2017 edition inaugurates a new space for the Clin d’Oeil Village whose layout has been
entirely designed in 3D. There is a better audience circulation and reinforced security that
takes into account the constraints of the current state of emergency. It includes:
First Aid and Security posts
A big mainstage for concerts
A vibrating parquet dance floor, financed by our partner the Crédit Mutuel
7 food-trucks
An exhibition of classic cars
Shaded spaces to eat
During the Deaf Party : a VIP area
A champagne bar from our sponsors Taittinger and Moutardier
Brazilian cocktail bar

VIP area

The 2017 festival
is also…

And round tables
6 and 7 July at Salon Degermann
35 Rue Buirette, 51100 Reims

The Festival has become over the years a real
platform for meetings between artists,
professionals, sign language projects and
institutions. So as to make these exchanges
accessible to all, this year the Festival is
organising two days of conferences and round
tables that are open to the public. They will take
place in one of the historical sites of Reims, that
has been freshly renovated : the Salon
These will be made accessible with French/LSF/ISL

Two round tables …
Social networks: what are the responsabilities for
bloggers ?
- What is the place of Sign language and deaf
culture in the creations made by Deaf artists
today ?

… and eight conferences
Presentation of projects : the new web media
« Média Pi ! », the Universal Theatre School and
the IVT Master Class presented by Emmanuelle
The work of institutions and associations : Mr John
Murray will present the work of the Worldwide
Federation of the Deaf, the struggle of deaf youth
will be incarnated by Eudy (European Union of
Deaf Young) and Frontrunners…
Visual arts, media and university will also be at
the heart of the debate…

Professional and artistic stands
Grande Nef at Centre des Congrès

3500 à 4000
in 2015

The Clin d’Oeil Festival is also a space offering opportunities for our partners, public relations
entreprises, a marketplace for professionals in accessibility, a means to make their actions known to
institutions and associations and for the editors and media, to meet their audience.
Thirty or so artists will present their work in the space for artists.

Will notably de present in 2017

Professionals in client relations: Sourdline
Adapted Products : Jenile, Azur Tech Concept, Banque
Accessibility Services, Interpreters and training :
Steum, Visuel, Elioz, Acceo…
Four corners of Deaf organizations: World Federation
of the Deaf, European Union of the Deaf, Fédération
Nationale des Sourds de France, EUDY

Publishers: Monica Companys, Eyes Editions, Inclood,
Patrick Gicquel
Associations : Global Deaf Aid Foundation, Musée
d’Histoire et de culture des Sourds, Laurent Clerc…
Medias : Echo Magazine, L’œil et la main, Media Pi !
Compagnies : IVT, Teater Manu, Royal Conservatoire
of Scotland

The Mini Clin d’Oeil workshops

Youth has a predominant place within the
festival as we have the duty to transmit art
and culture to future generations. We
know that out of school activities are rarely
accessible to deaf children but also to
hearing children with deaf parents, whose
maternal language is sign language.

The Festival has therefore put in place
since 2005 an artistic education program
thanks to professionals in the performing
arts (dance, theatre, visual poetry, mime,
clown, graffiti...) that come from around
the world to share their skills and their

These workshops are supported by

many institutions and foundations :

Departmental delegation of social

cohesion and population protection of

Marne, Health insurance CPAM of

Marne, Foundation of France,

Foundation Berger-Levrault,

Foundation Handicap and Society…

culture. These workshops help us to live
together by exchanges between deaf and
hearing children, as well as giving them a
real festival experience.
In 2017, the success of the artistic
education workshops is never in doubt.
With increased participation every year,
there are over 250 youths from 6 to 17
enrolled to participate in 9 different
workshops from the 6th to the 9th of July.
Mentored by professionals, the children
are looked after over 4 days (workshops,
meals and accommodation). During this
time their parents can take full advantage
of the festival! On the last day of the
festival, Sunday 9th July, the performance
by Mini Clin d’Oeil will be presented on the
mainstage of the Clin d’Oeil village, in front
of all the parents and festival goers.
Furthermore, an à la carte programme is
proposed a to all establishments and
institutions specialising in young deaf
people. There are 10 of them this year who
have made the journey from all over
France, the equivalent of a school trip
where young people can discover arts in
sign language and also meet young people
from all horizons and origins.

A festival that communicates

The mobile App
The 2015 edition saw the creation of a mobile app for Festival Clin d’Oeil,
downloadable for free. As an ecological gesture so as to generate less
paper programmes, practical for getting around with the interactive map,
and informative with the latest news of the Festival and its partners…
We have made it even better : a map with the new festival venues,
added signs in the dictionary, a programme clarified by group, by day,
and by artistic discipline. Two new tabs for Salon Degermann
conferences and city guided visits.

Website & social networks
The development of new information and communication technologies has revolutionised
life for deaf people: instant written visio exchanges, videos in sign language… Internet sites
and social networks are a formidable hotbed of accessible information and exchanges.
Instagram has illustrated the preparation of the festival by the CinéSourds team, Facebook
has allowed us to communicate in real time on putting the 2017 edition together :
programme, box office - Twitter will bring together all the big events of the festival in a live

Only in Clin d’Oeil, the web TV of the festival

In 2015, the partnership between WebSourd and France 3 Champagne Ardenne led to the
creation of a daily news feed. This year the media team, led by Audrey, has chosen an
immersive, dynamic and humoristic web format. Armed with mobile cameras, Go Pros,
mobile phones, each journalist has their trademark, their tone and personal style. Wallès is
curious, Marylène inquisitive, Sandy a cameleon and Maxime the comic will each deliver
their daily updates.
Camera operators, interpreters and sub-titles in French and English will also make the daily
news stream accessible to everyone.

Only In Clin d’Oeil will be
screened at the Centre des
Congrès, the Comédie, and
during the Deaf Party, but also
on the social networks
Facebook, Twitter… You will
notice the team at all the
different sites of the Festival !

A festival accessible to all

We are engaged in putting into place accessibility for all types of handicap by consulting local
associations that represent the blind, the deaf and blind, Ushers syndrome (AccesVisuel) or
mobility (Accès sans cible).

In order to do this, we set up:
An « accessibility » desk at the Centre des Congrès staffed by qualified volunteers to
welcome and accompany disabled persons to the first row of seats reserved for them.
Accessible pricing through the free PASS for the person accompanying the disabled
person (-50% for the accompanying PASS of a person with Ushers syndrome or deaf
and blind).
Videos in LSF and international sign language, sub-titled in French and English
Magnetic loops in the performance venues
A reinforcement of existing lighting (for those with vision impairment and
deafblind/Usher syndrome)
The proximity of all the different Festival venues, limiting travel for people in
wheelchairs, senior citizens and children

PASS by group

In order to manage the flux of the audiences in the
different Festival venues, we have put in place a
system of 14 groups limited to 150 spectators. On
making their reservation, the festival goer chooses
their group according to the programme they
want to see.
The brochure inside the programme as well as the
mobile app for the Clin d’Oeil Festival allows you
at any moment to find the programme of your
group, day by day, hour by hour. At certain
timeframes, the festival goer is free to see the show of their choice or to go to the film
screenings, performances in the Clin d’Oeil Village, art exhibitions and professional stands,
conferences and round tables.

Festival opening day
Thursday 6th July 2017

At salon Degermann
The Clin d’Oeil Festival opens its doors from 10am at the salon Degermann with the inauguration of
the exhibition by artists Nancy Rourke and Alexei Svetlov.
The conferences and round tables will start at the same time.
They will continue until Friday the 8th of July.

Au Centre des Congrès
8:30am : Box office opens.
From 2pm, free access to the art exhibition and professional stands situated in the Grande Nef.

Le Village Clin d’Oeil, in the parking of the Delaune stadium, will be open to all from midday
(free entry).

Discover Reims, the coronation city
Free guided visits of the historic highlights of Reims are offered to festival goers from 9:30am
(with reservation) and a visit of the cellars of Maison de Champagne Taittinger will take place
from 11am (ticketed). Visits in LSF or translated in LSF or IS.

Opening ceremony at the Comédie de Reims

The day will end with an opening ceremony that will start with a cocktail and canapés from 6:30 to
8pm in the foyer of La Comédie de Reims. This reception will welcome the private and institutional
partners, political personalties including the ambassadors of the represented countries, as well as the
artists and journalists.

The opening ceremony will take place from 8 to 9:30pm in the
grande salle of the Comédie (800 seats), in the presence of the
ambassador of Brazil, Paulo Cesar de Oliveira Campos. Vanessa
Lima Vidal (Miss Brazil 2008) and John Maucere, alias
SuperDeafy will be the masters of ceremony. Festival goers from
groups 1 to 4 can assist and it will also be transmitted to live
screens in the Clin d’Oeil village. The evening will continue with
performances and will finish with music by DJ Nico Di Marco.

John Maucere et Vanessa Lima Vidal

Cinema awards competition

Saturday 8th July 2017 from 6:30 to 7:30pm

The jury, made up of Nikki Stratton, co-founder of Deaffest,
the British director Louis Neethling and French directors
Véronique Berthonneau and Pierre-Louis Levacher, will
award the 6 prizes of the competition.
Our partner MFP, specialist in sub-titles, will give a cheque
of 1000 euros to the winner of Best Director.


Since 2003, when the Festival came into being, we have woven strong privileged links with our
partners, without whom the Clin d’Oeil Festival would not have known the incredible
evolution in terms of the number of shows and festival participants. They are also essential in
supporting and maintaining the artistic education workshops for children, a symbol of
transmission of culture to our youth.

The institutional partners, which are the territorial authorities, fund the festival but often go
further than financial support :
- the City of Reims : thanks to a three year convention, the loan of equipment, as well as help
in creating relations with potential local partners towards costs of communication, with free
advertising in the city and publicity in the municipal journal and the website.
- the Departmental and Regional councils : their cultural service puts us in relation with the
different cultural actors of the Marne and the Grand Est Region. They also advertise the
festival in their monthly magazine and website.
- the Ministry for Culture and Communication : national visibility thanks to the services that
support the festival through various departments: the DGLFLF , the DEDAC- SCPCI (Culture and
Handicap), as well as the DRAC Grand Est.
- The CPAM of the Marne, the emergency number 114, unique and free, accessible by SMS
and by fax.

Public and private partners, patrons and sponsors, recognising in the values defended by the
Clin d’Oeil Festival, play an equal role as contributors and communicate it amongst their
clients or users. The diversity of our partners enables us to expand our audience base.

Altran France (skill-based sponsorship), SNCF, Maison de Champagne Taittinger, SACD, Crédit
Mutuel Nord Europe, Champagne Moutardier, Clin d'Œil Opticiens…

Entreprises managed by deaf or hard of hearing persons: Sourdline, Visuel LSF, Monica
Companys, Jenile, STEUM…

Entreprises managed by deaf or hard of hearing persons: Waliceo, MFP specialized in
subtitles, Malakoff Médéric – social action.

Embassies : Brazil, USA, Norway, Israel, India, the Canadian Cultural Centre, Swedish Institute.

Foundations : Fondation de France, Fondation pour l’audition, Berger-Levrault, Banque
Populaire Rives de Paris, Handicap & Société, Fondation Solidarité MMA…

Federations : WFD (World Federation of the Deaf), EUD (European Union of the Deaf), EUDY
(European Union of the Deaf Youth), FNSF (Fédération Nationale des Sourds de France), INES
(Instituto Nacional de Educação de Surdos).

Operational partners that allow the Festival to happen in the best technical conditions

Media partners

Poster by Agata Wisny – Art work by Alexei Svetlov

Press and communication team
Communication and media relations:
Alexandra Masbou - 06 14 35 29 80

Co-ordinator Only in Clin d’Oeil:
Audrey Sangla – 06 72 18 53 17
Par SMS ou mail :

Communication assitant:
Maëlle Cheik - 07 68 66 61 00

Social networks :
Lauren Harris

Deaf press and media:
Christine Castell-Niell- 06 59 30 99 13
Par SMS ou mail :

Facebook : Festival Clin d’Oeil
Instagram : festivalclindoeil
Twitter : @ClindOeilFest

Press desk in the hall of Centre des Congrès
From Thursday 6 July 9am
12 boulevard du Général Leclerc, 51100 Reims

Practical informations


If you wish to cover the opening ceremony by being present at the Cocktail, you will need
your press accreditation. Otherwise you will require a VIP PASS for 45€ for the evening.


If you require an interpreter, for either deaf or hearing media, please contact Alexandra
Masbou by telephone email to set-up an interview and please be aware of the availability of
interpreters during the Festival. For press without accreditation, the interpreter fees will be

Cost of press accreditation pass : 120 € (for access to the entire Festival)
Registration :

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