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Executive Training

Leadership &

A few words from the Director
International financial competition requires confidence and knowledge, but especially
constant updating of financial mechanisms and regulation systems.
The capital coordination of monetary, financial, and legal characteristics between banks,
financial institutions, companies and states are the backbone of a strategic optimization of
profits. Of course, this only works when there is total comprehension and utilization of current
financial laws that are in constant renewal.
After Wall Street, London and the European Union, there is now the rise of Asian Tigers,
South America and the Middle East concerning financial interventions. This makes the
international financial scene complex and difficult to keep up with.
That being said, it is crucial to optimize your business’s intervention on financial markets and
derivative markets, which is what our training offers. Three days of a complete and detailed
training in the heart of international finance, on Wall Street, will help you update your
knowledge on international finance, with a practical, legal, financial and business angle.
Our training is optimal, for it is taught by financial experts and American as well as
international lawyers, all very competent professionals in the matter. They thus know how to
adapt this knowledge to your business and your situation, creating a flexible learning
environment, whilst being as personalized and detailed as possible. Our goal is to make sure
you leave with all the cards in hand, to master the financial world, whilst benefitting your
business as best as possible.
Olivier Chazoule,
Professor of financiallaw
International lawyer. LLM,MBA
Director of StudiesBFMS.NY

Olivier Chazoule
Director of Studies

Day 1(1/2)
8:15am:Arrival of participants with a Welcome Breakfast
9:00am: Training

Mastering managerial tools and managerial procedures
Team building
Creating a real team spirit
Explaining reasons behind decision making
Learning to adapt yourself to different profiles and types
in the workplace
Attracting and maintaining real talent in your team
Managing difficult situations
A result-oriented management strategy

Orienting common efforts towards a common end
goal : the company’s benefit and prosperity
Acquiring a method of analysis and strong decision
making tools
Creating a feeling of corporate membership
Underlining strong personality traits when making a
change of course

10:30-10:45 am. Break withrefreshments
10:45am: Training resumes

Formalize and share your vision
Getting to know yourself better to develop your
leadership skills
Using a planned process to transform your vision into
Time management

12: 30-2pm: Lunch in a Wall Street restaurant

Day 1(2/2)
2pm: Training resumes

Innovation and problem resolution
The creative streak of management
Steering your associates’performances
Accompanying your team
Making your team grow
Congratulating accomplishments
As a manager, how to express gratitude towards your team

4pm-4 :15pm Break withrefreshments
4:15pm: Training resumes

How to delegate
How to efficiently fix mistakes :avoiding the snowball
How to communicate as a leader in meetings
How to be a leader in one on one, or individual interviews

6pm: End of the day

Day 2
8:15am:Arrival of participants with a Welcome Breakfast
9:00am: Training

Increasing your autonomy and formalizing your vision
Developing strong human connections

Controlling the process
Applying communication techniques

Reinforcing responsibility and implication

2pm: Training resumes

Handling international competition
Understanding the rise of Asia
New Asian-style management techniques
China and Management

4pm-4:15pm Break with refreshments
4:15pm: Training resumes

10:30-10:45am. Break with refreshments
10:45am: Training resumes

India and management

Japan and management

International Management

Latin America and management

Diversity Management

Gulf States and management

Regional Branch Management

Africa and management

International Branch Management

6pm: End of the day
12:30pm-2pm: Lunch in a Wall Street restaurant

Day 3
8:15am:Arrival of participants with a Welcome Breakfast
9:00am: Training

New management theories
The transformation of management in the Angle-Saxon world
American management and new progress in the field of
Management and control
Management and crisis leadership

10:30-10:45am. Break with refreshments
10:45am: Training resumes

Management and information in a business
Management and the specifics of corporate social media
Management and corporate culture conflict management
Management for start ups

12:30pm-2pm: Lunch in a restaurant in Wall Street
2pm: Training resumes
Public Speaking workshop

4pm-4:15pm Break with refreshments
4:15pm: Training resumes
Management situations simulations and interactions

6pm: End of the day

The Business, Finance and Management School
of New York

1350 Avenue of The Americas, New York,
NY 10019 (USA)

Tel/Text/WhatsApp : (646) 765-5151
Email : info@bfmsny.com
Website: www.bfmsny.com

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