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A few words from the Director
Our training lasts 3 days, and we propose
3 sessions per year. The goal of this training
on real estate in the U.S. and in New York in
particular, is to put forth a whole other aspect
of real estate. That being said, real estate in
New York is very different than in other cities.
We will address all these differences throughout the training, and look at American laws on
real estate, commercial exchanges between
real estate agents, and the relationship between real estate agents and their clients. By
adding this, we thus believe that we can show
our clients a new and different way of doing
real estate. It also allows our clients to understand American mechanisms of business and
how to invest and maximize your profits in the
US. The content of our training also brings a
lot of new knowledge, but in the best way possible ; by experts and professionals who have
worked in real estate for the past 25 years.
Our program also includes, on top of a professional training, an in depth discovery of New
York City and the city’s real estate, buildings
and co-ops. This allows us to put forth a theoretical as well as a concrete approach to New

York’s real estate. These visits and discovery
of the town take place for two afternoons and
are co-organized with professionals in the
business, in order to make sure your experience is as complete as possible.


Director of studies

Business Manager

Monday first day of training:
10:30am. Break with refreshments
8:15am : Arrival of participants with
welcoming breakfast. Presentation of
our training and schedule for the
9:00am. First class,
Introduction to New York and U.S. Real Estate:

10:45am. Training continues

The biggest real estate market in
the world

The specifics of New York City :

Mistakes to avoid
Opportunities and representation of

The real estate agents’ role in New
York real estate


How to access listings

Commissions in real estate

Who is in charge of what

Listing of products

Brokers’ role

Representation contracts

Access to apartments

Mandate to sell/ mandate to buy


Laws of Agency

Lunch 12:30am-2pm. Lunch in a Wall
Street restaurant.

2pm. Training continues

Financing of acquisitions : Specialized
banks in real estate financing

Sales contrat

Board approval

The notion of real estate law : the characteristics if New York State law

Select a good real estate lawyer


How to find good deals in New York

4pm-4:15pm. Break with refreshments

The different steps in real estate sales :
Identifying your target client ( buying to
live, to rent, or to sell )

Return indicators



Down Payment

End of the day 6pm

Tuesday, second day of training:
8 :15am : arrival of participants with a
welcoming breakfast.

Real estate management in New York

10 :30am-10 :45am. Break refreshments


Taxes :

Tax planning

Renting an apartment in New York

Successions :

How to find a good rentor when you
are an investor ?


Estate planning

The 40x rule

Trusts, general informations


Family Trust

Approval of leases by the building

Charitable trust

9 :00am : Training Real Estate U.S. and
New York

The different types of property ownerships in New York

Lunch 12:30am-2pm. Lunch in a Wall
Street restaurant
2pm-3:15pm. Conference. Guest speaker :
real estate lawyer:

3:45pm-5:15pm. Conference. Guest
speaker, a NY real estate agent :

Made up live situation

Role play

Access to the REBNY data base.

Details of a sales contract
Description of the tricks to avoid and
important points in a real estate negociaton contract


3:15pm-3:45pm. Contact. Exchange and
Networking with the real estate lawyer. Refreshments

Live researching for apartments with
specific criteria

5:15pm-6pm. Contact. Exchange and Networking with a real estate agent . Refreshments
End of the day at 6pm

Wednesday , third and last day of
8:15am arrival of participants with a Welcoming breakfast

9:00am. Training continues with:

New York real estate in a professional
Real estate agents

Your partners:

lawyer specialized in real estate

real estate agents

management agent or company

financial manager

International agreements between real
estate agents



10:30am-10 :45am. Break with refreshments

Creating your real estate company in
New York
Renting professional premises
Collaboration Contracts , Association
contracts, and Partner contrats

Employment Contract

Management mandates


Lunch 12 :30am-2pm. Lunch in a wall street restaurant.
This afternoon will be used to visit apartments, buildings and investment opportunities
in New York:
• apartments

End of the day 6 pm

The price for a training is $4,500 per person
3 days executive training, classrooms in Wall Street, Welcoming
Breakfast and refreshments.
The trainings are held in English. But are also available in French,
Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese, upon request.
We also charge $75 for each lunch in Wall Street. This cost is
optional, and is not included in the total price.
Our next available dates are:
November 2015: from Monday 16 through Wednesday 18

March 2016: from Monday 14 through Wednesday 16
May 2016: from Monday 23 through Wednesday 25

The New York Institute Of Business And Finance

125 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038 (USA)
Mobile : +1 (646) 775-2812
Office : +1 (347) 712-1331
Email :

Email :
Twitter : @NYIBF
Facebook : NYIBF

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