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Executive  program
Women  in  Business  2016

A note from the Institute

NYIBF,  is  proposing  this  new  and  vibrant  program  aimed  at  men  
and   women   in   order   to   be8er   integrate   women   in   business.   We  
focus   our   classes   on   business,   entrepreneurial   ways   of   thinking,  
markeAng,   internaAonal   contracts,   law   and   finance.   We   wish   to  
adapt  these  subjects  to  your  own  company  and  see  how  we  can  
make   sure   women   are   just   as   integrated   as   men   in   your   work  
space.   Equality   ma8ers   to   NYIBF,   but   also   ma8ers   for   a  
company’s   image   and   work   atmosphere.   We   want   to   help   you  
create   a   more   friendly   environment   for   men   and   women   and  
work  on  theoreAcal  and  concrete  knowledge  too.

Olivier  Chazoule  
Director  of  Studies

Julie  Michelon  
Project  Manager

Presentation  of  the  program  :  «    Women  in  Business  »

This  program  is  for
• All   women   who   wish   to   succeed   in   Business,   may   it   be   in   an  
entrepreneurial   way   or   within   their   current   job,   whatever   their  
• All  women  who  are  not  being  treated  equally  in  the  workplace  and  
need  a  corporate  strategy  to  ask  for  a  raise  or  equal  pay.  
• All   women   who   are   victims   of   stereotyping   in   the   workplace   and  
which  to  be  done  with  such  treatment  
The  Dirst  day  is  organized  around  learning  solid  knowledge  in  business  and  
Dinance.   The   second   day   is   more   focused   on   factual   and   concrete   examples  
such   as   knowing   how   to   ask   for   what   you   want.   We   will   give   you   the   tools  
to   get   what   you   want   and   detail   the   laws   that   are   available   to   support  
Women   in   Business.   Lastly,   the   third   day   will   be   focused   on   more  
theoretical  notions  about  Women  in  Business.  For  instance,  we  will  look  at  
the  perception  of  Women  in  Business  and  how  they  considered  by  others.  
The   goal   here   is   to   orient   a   positive   image   of   Women   in   Business   and  
answer  to  criticism  in  a  professional  manner.  

General  information

Price  :  
$4,500  per  person

The  program  is  organized  over  a  period  of  
3  days,  for  which  we  propose  2  dates  :  

-­‐   Monday   16th,   Tuesday   17th,   and  
Wednesday  18th  of  November,  2016  
-­‐   Monday   11th,   Tuesday   12th,   and  
Wednesday  13th  of  April,  2016  

*This price includes 3 days of executive training,
classroom rentals in Wall Street, Welcome breakfasts,
Breaks with refreshments and pastries
**Our executive trainings are held in English. They
are also available in French, Chinese, Spanish and
Portuguese upon request
***We charge $75 for each lunch in Wall Street. This
cost is optional, and is not included in the total price
of the training
We  would  like  to  remin  participants  that  the  plane  ticket  and  
living   arrangements   are   not   included   in   the     price   of   the  
program.   However,   if   you   want   to   Dind   a   good   deal,   please  
contact  us  !  

First Day

8:15am:  Arrival  of  parAcpants  –  Welcoming  Breakfast  
9:00am:   Mastering   the   basics   of   a   company   or   a  
business  (1.  AccounAng,  management  and  finance)
10:30am-­‐10:45am:  Break  and  refreshments
10:45am:   Mastering   fundamental   tools   of   a   company  
(2.Management  and  PR)  
12:30am-­‐2  :00pm:  Lunch  on  Wall  Street  
2pm:   Mastering   the   fundamentals   of   a   successful  
business  (3.  MarkeAng  and  winning  over  new  markets)  
4pm-­‐  4  :15pm:  Break  and  refreshments
4  :15pm:   Mastering   the   creaAve   basics   of   a   company  
(4.  CreaAon  of  a  company,  entrepreneurial  vision)  
6pm:  End  of  the  day    

Second Day

8:15am:  Arrival  of  participants  –  Welcoming  breakfast  
9:00am:  How  to  succeed  in  a  masculine  environment  ?  
10:30am-­‐10  :45am:  Break  and  refreshments    
10:45am:  How  to  break  the  glass  ceilling  
12:30pm-­‐  2pm:  Lunch  on  Wall  Street  
2pm:  What  to  ask,  and  how  to  ask  for  it  ?  
4pm-­‐  4  :15pm:  Break  and  refreshments  
4:15pm:  Social  Law  /  Consulting
6pm:  End  of  the  day  

Last  Day

8  :15am:  Arrival  of  parAcipants,  welcoming  breakfast.  
9  :00am:     Learning   how   to   ask   for   what   you   want   and  
what  you  need.  
10  :30am-­‐10  :45am:    Break  and  refreshments  
10  :45am:   Learning   how   to   respond   to   unprofessional  
comments  or  a8acks  
12:30pm-­‐2pm:    Lunch  on  Wall  Street  
2pm:   Transforming   weaknesses   into   strengh  :   using  
stereotypes  to  your  advantage.  
4pm-­‐4  :15pm:  Break  and  refreshments  
4  :15pm:  MeeAng  with  a  successful  Business  Woman  
6pm  :  End  of  training

Co nt a ct
The  New  York  Institute  for  Business  and  Finance

125  Maiden  Lane,  New  York,  NY  10038  (USA)
OfDice  :  (646)  775  2812
Mobile    :  (347)  712  1331
Email  :  info@theNYIBF.com  
Email  :  prof.olivier.chazoule@thenyibf.com

Website  :    www.newyork-­‐ibf.com

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