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I am SLIM ELIZAR, this book describes the obscure relationships
between humans and Aliens; he begins by studying certain very
intriguing points which posed many problems such as the greenhouse
effect and the reality of what is called global warming and the
composition of our atmosphere compared to that of the planet Venus;
the book approaches some very thorny point concerning the use of
Nuclear; and at the same time he deals with the UFO problem in a new
and courageous way based on real facts.
This is my first book, it is already published in French at Edition-ue,
(European university editions) that I thank her very much for the
occasion. indeed I am French and Arabic speaking I have little mastery
of English, despite this I wanted this book to be in English to reach as
many people as possible.
Thank you very much Edition999 which allowed me to present my

Table Of Contents

1. Global Warming ....................................................... 6

1. Greenhouse effect ........................................................................................................................... 6
2. Global Warming............................................................................................................................... 7

2 The September 11th ................................................. 12


3 . The Globe Form ..................................................... 17


4 . The Space Conquest .............................................. 19


5 . Atomic Bomb & Aliens ........................................... 25


6 . The Planet Venus................................................... 31


7. The UFOs ................................................................ 37

1. The Beginning ................................................................................................................................ 37
2. The Contacted ............................................................................................................................... 40
3. The Abducted ................................................................................................................................ 44
4. The Crops circles ............................................................................................................................ 47
5. The Economics of Extraterrestrials................................................................................................ 48
6. Ufology .......................................................................................................................................... 52
7. The Roswell Case ........................................................................................................................... 52
8. Valensole case ............................................................................................................................... 54
9. UFOs and Nazis .............................................................................................................................. 55
10. UFOs and Paranormal.................................................................................................................. 57
11. The Extraterrestrials and Religion ............................................................................................... 58
12. The future .................................................................................................................................... 58

1. Global Warming
1. Greenhouse effect
The greenhouse phenomenon has become fashionable in recent years, its origin
comes from what is seen in a greenhouse when its temperature significantly
increases much more than the external temperature, but these followers do not
explain the reason for this increase.
In fact solar radiation carries energy, and consequently any body that absorbs
this radiation will see its temperature increase until an equilibrium is established
between the energy emitted and the energy received, in the case of 'a greenhouse
is the objects that heat up and not the air in the greenhouse, the same thing
happens in a closed car, the light through the windows warms the table and the
seats which in turn warm the air surrounding, and as the car or greenhouse is a
closed space and somehow isolated from the outside it is normal that its internal
temperature will increase in a very clear way.
The greenhouse effect is used effectively in solar water heaters that can reach
temperatures near the boiling point of the water and even more using another
fluid, this feat is possible by the insulation and the volume restricted heated by
solar radiation.
The same thing happens in the atmosphere, the morning is usually the time when
the temperature is the lowest, after the sunrise the temperature starts to increase.

The atmosphere is transparent to the sun's rays, it is the surface of the ground
which absorbs most of the solar radiation and is heated and at the same time
transmitted from the heat to the air which is in direct contact with the ground, this
phenomenon is highlighted by the presence of mirages which clearly show that the
hot soil strongly heats the layer of air which is just above, on the other hand the

atmosphere has a great thermal inertia that is why the temperature increases
slowly .

2. Global Warming
The average temperature in a place on earth depends on several factors, the
most important is the solar energy received at ground level, the atmosphere plays
an important role so that the difference between the minimum and maximum
temperature is not very large , the soil has a low thermal inertia because it is
insulating, the underground temperature is always mild it is hot or cold, it varies
little throughout the year, it is generally colder in summer and warmer in winter
that the air temperature above, the seas and oceans play a big role in the stability
of the temperature, the constant atmospheric pressure with the extent of the
waters of the seas and the oceans make regulate the temperature of the earth as it
seldom exceeds 40 degrees and only in remote areas far from the seas. When the
temperature rises, the formation of clouds that reflect solar radiation to space and
protect the earth from overheating.
The majority of the thermal energy of the air comes from the ground or the
surface of seas heated by the solar rays, the hot air moves upwards by the
phenomenon of conviction, by ascending it expands and cools and by At the same
time radiates thermal energy, which is why the temperature decreases with
altitude. In a static fluid normally the temperature should increase with the
altitude that is to say that the hot zones must be at the top and the cold zones at
the bottom, it is the case in seas, the more one goes down in depth more the
temperature decreases, this phenomenon can occur also in atmosphere especially
at the end of the night before the sunrise, the temperature on the ground is colder
than the high layers, also when there is a cloud layer, this atmospheric
phenomenon is called the temperature inversion, this phenomenon is very
common at the south and north poles because of the low solar radiation. The
atmosphere is heated from below, that is, the soil and the seas and oceans that
heat the earth's atmosphere.
On the other hand we talk about greenhouse gases caused by the presence of
certain gases in the atmosphere, especially CO2; most of the gases are transparent
to visible and infrared rays, the same thing for carbon dioxide and steam of water,
the carbon dioxide is perfectly transparent for the infrared, it absorbs only in a very
narrow window, so the majority of IR radiation is more than 97% of IR passes
through the CO2 gas without being absorbed, so the presence CO2 has no effect on
the transparency of the infrared atmosphere, and even if the CO2 is heated by an IR
wavelength it will radiate this energy in different IR wavelengths according to the
black body, so the gas carbonic has only a minimal effect on the temperature of
the atmosphere.

He thermal energy of the atmosphere is almost exclusively for origin the soil
and the seas and oceans that are heated by solar radiation, the formation of clouds
play an important role in the regulation of the temperatures of the globe because
the clouds reflect a great part of the radiation, they play a buffering or
counteracting role, it is known that most of the clouds cover the seas and oceans,
the higher the temperature of the earth increases the more there will be
vaporization and formation of clouds and the more it will protect the earth's
surface from solar radiation.
So all this noise on CO2 accused of being responsible for global warming has
no physical basis, moreover no one can show that there is really global warming,
but there are signs of cooling to because of increasingly harsh winters and
decreasing precipitation and desertification and the spread of droughts.

On the other hand, we still do not know why the Earth's atmosphere is
composed almost exclusively of oxygen and nitrogen, because enormous quantities
of carbon dioxide are released by the volcanoes and entrails of the earth for
millions of years. While it represents only 0.035% in the atmosphere, it is less
than 0.1%. The atmosphere of the earth should be composed of CO2 and N2 and
water vapor that condense it into liquid water. Scientists claim that atmospheric
carbon dioxide is almost completely assimilated by plants that later turn into coal.
On the other hand the presence of sulfur in coal is an important index of its
volcanic origin, the sulfur content in many coal type is from 1% to 5%, some type of
coal contains up to 10%. While the level of sulfur in plants does not exceed 0.5% in
the dry matter.
Indeed Carbon dioxide cannot exist long in the atmosphere under the action of
ultraviolet radiation, it dissociates in carbon and oxygen, the same phenomenon is
observed for water, however the liquid water is more stable especially when it is
down atmosphere and in liquid form, all the heterogeneous gases such as methane,
ammonia, sulfur dioxides and others are absent in our atmosphere, although their
sources are so numerous on earth, the decomposition of carbon dioxide by the
solar radiation explains the formation of thick deposits of coal and graphite, many
think that its deposits are due to the sedimentation of forests and swamps, but the
proportion of carbon in plants with several minerals does not allow the formation
of the thick deposits of high concentration of carbon, the only deposits of charcoal
from plants it is peat that give a coal low carbon.
The concentration of carbon in animals is not very different from that of
plants, although animals form deposits of phosphates and not coals.
So from all this the greenhouse effect can only occur for a very small space and
in addition that this space must be sufficiently thermally insulated, that is to say
that it receives heat in the form of radiation and at the same time will have
difficulty evacuating it to space, and this situation is absolutely impossible for an
atmosphere that is a fluid of large volume open to space.
The rotation of the earth and the great thermal inertia of the atmosphere and
the seas and oceans make that the differences of the temperatures are not too
great, they are almost constant in the marine areas.
It is the sea and the atmospheric pressure which caps the maximum temperature,
that is to say that even if the intensity of solar radiation increases in a notable way
it will have no effect on the maximum temperatures which will reign on earth, the
increase in the intensity of the radiation will result in an increase in the
vaporization and the formation of clouds and increase of precipitation, the clouds
are very solar radiation reflective. The decrease in solar energy will have the effect

of decreasing the temperature and consequently the decrease of vaporization and
the formation of the clouds and the precipitations that follow, the result is harsher
winters, and warmer summers in some places and little precipitation .
In reality the Earth's atmosphere is perfectly transparent for almost the entire
solar spectrum, however a significant absorption is observed for the ultraviolet but
only in the upper atmosphere because of the oxygen that reacts with the
Ultraviolet transforming into Ozone.

The Earth's atmosphere also has very narrow absorption peaks due to the
presence of H2O and CO2, and the pro-greenhouse effect is based on the fact that
the increase in the proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere causes the heating of the
planet, but the first infrared absorber is water vapor not CO2.
When the temperature of a body increases it tends to emit energy according to
the law of the black body, this emission is done in a broad spectrum infrared, even
if the atmosphere absorbs energy in narrow wavelengths it will always be able to
radiate energy towards space, indeed the great absorber of solar radiation are the
oceans, the seas, the lakes, and the soil and not the atmosphere, the majority of
energy thermal of the atmosphere comes from these sources, it is the soil and the
bodies of water that heat the Earth's atmosphere and not the solar radiation that
crosses it because the atmospheric absorption is low and only for some peaks.
narrow, the proof is that the highest temperature is always close to the ground
except in conditions In particular, the atmosphere is always heated from below, it
is the phenomenon of conviction that always removes the heat towards the upper
layers, the infrared radiation radiated by the ground and the expanses of water is

also very weakly absorbed, it is the soil-atmosphere and water-atmosphere contact
that is responsible for the majority of heat transfer to the atmosphere.
There is a great source of underground energy, the temperatures inside the
globe reach high values, this heat is certainly due to the radioactivity of the
elements that make up the underground, this source of energy is of low power but
because of the poor conductivity of the rocks that this heat finds difficult to
evacuate to the outside and consequently the temperature inside has increased
in a spectacular way. Volcanism is the most efficient way for the earth to evacuate
its internal heat.
Volcanic activity produces huge amounts of carbon dioxide as well as other gases
such as SO2, H2S, N2 and water vapor. Water is rapidly transformed into liquid
while other gases are decomposed into simple molecules, the emission of carbon
dioxide is not only made by volcanoes but also countless points of the globe are the
seat of strong releases of this gas . If we analyze the geological maps, we can see
that in several places where there was a lot of volcanic activity there are deposits
of coals. Also the presence of sulfur in coal in high proportions proves its volcanic
origin. Carbon dioxide can not last long in the atmosphere; it will always end up
being broken down by solar radiation into carbon and oxygen.
The emission of carbon dioxide from human activities is surely lower than the
geological release, and in any case measurements of CO2 levels in the atmosphere
show that It is still in a very narrow range, if this rate is now 0.035% it should
double or triple to talk about an increase of this gas in the atmosphere, indeed the
rate of 0.035% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is abnormally very low, we can
even say that it is absent despite the numerous sources of this gas, the only
explanation for the absence of this gas in the Earth's atmosphere is its
decomposition by solar radiation that is to say that this gas can not survive in the

2 The September 11th
The September 11 attack is full of mystery, as two airliners hit the two towers of
the World Trade Center without powerful anti-espionage and espionage
organizations having failed to counter the attack. But what interests us in this case
is the abnormal collapse of these two towers. What is interesting in this case is that
this collapse was filmed live and by various journalists and witnesses, the American
government from the beginning imposed the idea that this collapse is the normal
result of the impact of these big planes on the towers that weakened it by the
shock and also by the fire that broke out later.
American and even international public opinion quickly accepted the official
version which states that the collapse of these two towers is the inevitable result of
the collision of these big planes against these two towers, it is only after several
days and even several months that voices were raised affirming the impossibility of
this collapse, the problem and much more serious, because it is not the collapse of
these two towers which poses a problem but especially the way these two tower
this are collapsed.
When we follow the course of the collapse we find the following facts:
1) The collapse is abnormally fast, some even think it is faster than the free fall
of a body!
2) The collapse is from top to bottom, while the bottom of the towers remains
intact, we note that disintegration continues from high to bottom until the
complete disintegration of the towers.
3) The final result of this collapse is a cluster of small debris and huge
quantities of dust, this kind of collapse is never seen except for old unarmed
buildings, as if these two towers are built by dry clay in the manner of primitive
Many pro-government sources have rushed to explain this abnormal collapse by
relying on various theories most adopted is:
The area struck by the aircraft was strongly weakened and the upper part
crushed the lower part which destroyed the whole into small fragments.
In fact, this is exactly what happens at the beginning of the collapse, we see that
the upper part suddenly descends by crushing the lower part but it even
disintegrates, and the demolition continues from top to bottom which is contrary
to all logic!
Some have proposed as an explanation the controlled demolition that is to say
the use of explosives to collapse these two towers. Indeed explosives are

commonly used for the demolition of buildings and in mining works, however this
theory comes up against a lot of inconsistencies:
1) Controlled demolition requires a lot of time for the installation of the
explosives, and it is always preceded by a weakening of the building
before exploding it, and the explosives must be installed with care to
destroy the pillars, but it is impossible to do this long work is accurate to
the shelter of the glances especially that these works are essentially
drilling holes etc.
2) Either use huge amounts of explosives distributed on each floor, but the
demolition will simply be in the form of huge explosions and the
formation of huge amounts of smoke and flames.
Looking at different video recordings of controlled demolitions, we can see that the
collapse of these two towers does not correspond to a controlled demolition.
The collapse of these two towers combines two forces:
A strong force at a distance from top to bottom on both towers, followed by another
force that disintegrates the towers from top to bottom, and the result is on the complete
disintegration of these two towers so that nothing remains.
The September 11 attack was probably unexpected by the Americans, because the way
of attack there is no doubt that it is an attack Alien, because it is they who possess the
technology to do such a feat, one has known for a long time that they master the
manipulation of gravity, they also have a laser-like weapon but that exerts a force that
disintegrates the material, this weapon works like ultrasounds of high energy. We do not
know the nature and energy of this weapon is it an electromagnetic wave or any other
form of unknown energy?
The American authorities quickly picked up all the debris, most of which are small in size,
with the two buildings having enormous steel structures, beams and metal planks of
several meters, everything was reduced to small crumbs. Never seen in the most powerful
earthquakes or in the most intense bombardments, the Americans quickly shipped this
scrap abroad to be melted without allowing the experts to study and scrutinize these

It is clear in the photos above that the tower is fixed and solid and at the same time its
destruction continues from top to bottom. It can also be seen that debris from decay tends
to drop rapidly towards the bottom, confirming that this disintegration is not due to the
use of explosives.
Comparing this collapse with many cases of earthquake collapse we are certain that the
collapse of the Trade Center towers has nothing to do with a normal collapse, it is a forced

We see in the picture above that although these buildings have collapsed following the
earthquake they have kept some of their forms.

Even the most rudimentary constructions when they collapse keep some of their shape.

3 . The Globe Form
The Earth Globe has a spherical shape, the discussions and debates on this subject
enter into the politics of misinformation, it is a counter-attack against the conspiracy and
all those who dispute certain affirmations, such as Space missions to the moon, or the
existence of the atomic bomb, insinuating that there are people who dispute even the
most obvious notions.
Indeed the sphericity of the earth has been known for several centuries may be even
before our era, The signs of the sphericity of the globe is clearly visible to the naked eye
and we do not even need to go to space or to 'send artificial satellites to strengthen it,
but this concept of sphericity has been rejected by many peoples throughout history
because of lack of understanding of the concept of gravity , people find it impossible that
the earth a sphere and at the same time the objects stand on it.

But the true causes of this debate comes in particular from the maps of globes put
into circulation, in principle it is impossible to reproduce a map of a significant part of
the globe on a map, when the mapped part is a few hundred kilometers in size. It can be
reproduced approximately on a plan, but when the mapped area is several thousand
kilometers in size, it results in major distortions, the representation of the terrestrial
globe as well as the continents and their distribution on the globe has many differences
per source. which aggravates this problem is the lack of credible photographs of the
globe from space, as it turned out that many of these pictures put into circulation
are simply drawings, some NASA pictures alleged from the earth from space turned
out just mountings even maps and GPS data slightly different from the usual maps and
reality, this situation can not be explained by the non-sphericity of the earth, but may be
to hide certain areas of the globes or unfolds strange activities or hide the existence of
islands or land not shown in the maps.
Making maps is a very complex and expensive operation and requires months and
years of measurements on the ground by mobilizing dozens or hundreds of technicians,
and even this kind of maps will contain many errors, everything that can be determined
astronomical observations are the latitudes, whereas from space all the continents will
be visible with their true dimensions as well as the islands and their real positions in the
sea. Perhaps the world map presented is actually only part of the real map of this world.

4 . The Space Conquest
Space conquest is a reality, it has now entered the field of private companies, even
amateurs are already doing small feats with their craft rockets that reach higher altitudes.
The space age began since the 16th century with scientific and astronomical discoveries
as the universal attraction, the laws of celestial mechanics. The pioneers of the space
conquest were Newton, Galileo, Kepler and a long list of physicists and mathematicians
and astronomers.
The first one who dreamed of going into space or more precisely going to the moon
was Jule Verne, his idea is to send men to the moon with the help of a big gun, this idea
unfortunately is not feasible and suffers from a lot of problems. To send an object to the
moon it takes a very large gun and he can send this object with a high speed that is around
10 km / s, which is impossible to achieve with conventional explosives. On the other hand
no living being can support the acceleration out of this launch.
It was only after the end of the Second World War that space acquired a very important
interest for the great powers, they knew that it could be used as a platform of espionage,
the one that managed to putting orbiting artificial satellites around the earth will have a
continuous look at everything that is happening on the surface of the globe. But since that
time until now the only tool that humans have to regain space is the rockets, their uses
and their operating principle was known for a long time, their great advantage is that they
work at high altitude altitudes or planes can not reach them because of lack of oxygen and
even it can operate in space. The Nazi Germans are the first to develop rocket technology
to use as a weapon of war, although the rocket appears simple in principle its
development is a highly complex area that integrates all scientific and technical fields that
it is the chemistry, metallurgy, mechanics, kinematics, astronomy, electronics etc. Etc. It is
certain that the Germans have managed to make reliable rockets capable of reaching
targets hundreds of miles away impossible to reach with the heaviest artillery and guns.
The Americans as well as the Russians have put their hands on this new technology to use
it either for the development of missiles or in the space field.
Rocket technology certainly has limitations, if it can go out of the Earth's atmosphere
and put artificial satellites into orbit, it does not allow humans to travel easily in space
as NASA claims.
Indeed the rockets usually only allow one way without return, to send a payload in the
space of a few hundred kilograms it was necessary to use a large rocket of several floors
and several tons of cabin plus several tons of fuel and oxidizer to be able to give this
payload the necessary speed that it allows him to orbit around the globe.

For many years, many researchers have doubted the Apollo program and other space
missions, because they thought they were so complex and full of technological challenges
insurmountable given the technological means of the time and even today.
According to NASA the Apollo mission to be feasible it must be done in several steps:
1) leave the terrestrial atmosphere with a sufficient speed, this stage is carried out by
two stages which represent the majority of the weight of the whole rocket.
2) Make corrections for orbiting circular orbit around the earth.
3) launch towards the moon starting from a precise point of the orbit and in a
precise direction, it is with the help of third stage that this stage is carried out, the
duration of the impulse is of a few tens minutes, so even minor errors will create
big problems in the next steps.
4) When the modulus enters the lunar gravitational field that is to say within 35
thousand kilometers it must make the motors work to become orbitalized around
the moon and before making a half turn on it it has to make operate engines to
orbit themselves in a circular orbit.
5) After the module has orbited around the moon in a circular orbit or almost, the
Lem will be able to detach itself from module and undertake a descent on the
Moon. The landing of the Lem on the moon is a dangerous operation because it is
calculated by the amount of fuel available. If he finishes his fuel before touching
the ground he will crash on the moon, if he arrives to ground with a not
insignificant speed he will be unable to brake and will crash on the ground unless
the engine of Lem has a wide range of adjustable push.
6) The same problem arises when the Lem leaves the lunar ground, this stage is
so complex because on the moon there is no guidance network as on the earth, the
Lem must be orbitalzed exactly or at maximum some hundreds of meters on
the same orbit of control module which is almost impossible in a vast space of
thousands of kilometers without a reliable positioning technique. The astronauts
had to install a network of two or three drumsticks on the moon several kilometers
away to provide guidance. It is impossible to perform this task from the earth
because of the distance, so it is impossible to achieve it based on the inertia data
and gyroscopes due to accumulation of errors.
On land even the most seasoned pilots find it difficult to find their way without radar
and navigation techniques, and landing aircraft in poor visibility is always surrounded by
danger. The miracle is that the Apollo astronauts managed the moon landing and a perfect
takeoff by performing them for the first time!
The Apollo mission is very complex and the margin of error and almost zero, in addition
that a small errors even minimal will lead the whole mission to the disaster, because the

technology of the rockets offer very limited possibilities, all the space conquest is based on
the laws of ballistics.
For the lunar module to reach the moon, it must be launched at a speed greater than
10 Km / s, the closer the module approaches the moon, the lower its speed, it will enter
the gravitational zone of the moon with a low speed to be able to orbit around the moon
with less energy. Leaving the lunar orbit the modulus velocity will reach at the arrival on
earth a velocity close to 10 km / s, which is the same speed from the earth; either the
module must decrease its speed to an acceptable level, or enter directly into the Earth's
atmosphere with this high speed and the risk of disintegration into the atmosphere is
inevitable, leaving the moon to earth the lunar module will perform a elliptical orbit that
must be calculated accurately from the start so that the perigee is exactly in the upper
layers of the atmosphere in a specific area, talk about the angle of entry has no physical
Indeed, this atmospheric reentry is in fact only the prolongation of a highly elliptical
orbit whose perigee is in the earth's atmosphere, this re-entry this characterizes by a
speed which increases continuously, any braking will lead the capsule sank moreover in
addition in the lower layers which are denser and increase more braking, it is done with
more than 10 km / s that is to say in 20 seconds the capsule will cross a path of more than
200 km.
The maximum acceleration that can support a man is of the order of 3g, admittedly it
can be supported more but it is very dangerous for only a few seconds. to cancel the speed
of 10 Km / s or reduce it to a few tens of meters per second with a negative acceleration of
6g which is twice that tolerable the calculation shows that it takes more than 160 seconds:
10 000 m/s = a . t

a = 6 . g = 60 m /S²

t = 10 000 / 60 = 160 seconds.
The distance traveled is calculated by the formula:
z = ½ . a . t² = ½ . 60 . 160² = 768 000 m = 768 Km
The distance traveled is nearly 800 km, but the atmospheric layer is no more than 50 km
thick because already 20 km altitude the atmosphere is very rarefied, in fact the return
must be done horizontally gradually sinking into the lower layer of the atmosphere, but
according to NASA this return is uncontrollable and it is done in a natural way under the
effect of the laws of gravity and friction.
We can clearly see the great difficulty of reducing this high speed, which poses two
essential problems:

1) the reduction of the speed of the capsule by more than 10 Km / s considering the low
thickness of the atmosphere if it is used alone. On the other hand the density of the
atmosphere increases exponentially with the decrease in altitude.
2) the strong negative accelerations that must be used to reduce the speed of the
capsule represents a real danger for the astronauts as well as the capsule itself.
In addition an atmospheric input with a high speed has the effect of excessive heating
which is very dangerous.
It seems that the Americans have never solved the problem of atmospheric reentry in a
satisfactory way, the only returns made are those of the space shuttle which evolves in a
low circular orbit and probably this re-entry was always preceded by a braking by rockets,
despite all precautions a Spaceship is disintegrated during the atmospheric reentry. As a
result the United States has suspended all the flights of these Spaceship.
Many people wonder why NASA, a large state agency, has been lying about imaginary
exploits that will sooner or later come to light, the answer lies in a rotten political elite
who wanted to impress public opinion with lies, On the other hand, the Americans, in
alliance with extraterrestrial entities, believed that these entities will provide them with
space technology.
The missions of Apollo have been analyzed well especially the images and the videos
which included several incoherence’s, all suggests that these missions were realized simply
in a movie studio. The takeoff of Apollo 11a was quite long due to engine problems, many
researchers who analyzed the video of this takeoff think it will be unable even to orbit low
Another important fact that few people have paid attention to is the space suits and
the ease with which astronauts move on the moon, indeed this combination as described
by NASA is made of several layers of various fabrics and materials to protect the
astronauts of various radiation and in addition it is pressurized, in the emptiness it reigns
inside the combination a pressure of 1 bar.

As a result it is impossible for astronauts to move, the suit being inflated it is similar to
a truck tire, NASA claims that the space suit is inflated only to 0.3 bar to facilitate the
movements of astronauts, indeed even at this pressure it will greatly hinder their
movements. On the other hand, a pressure of 0.3 bar corresponds to more than 8000
meters of altitude which exceeds widely the reasonable pressure especially in a closed
suit, it is known that for the man to support a low pressure it must be done gradually on
many days and even weeks, so the astronauts must have evolved in a low-pressure
environment on Earth and regain the capsule before launch and remain under this
pressure during all stages of the mission until their return.
Lunar missions are only spectacle to impress people because the use of low pressure for
astronauts is dangerous and will greatly harm their health and especially their mental
abilities, and therefore put the whole mission in danger, breathing at low pressure is very
difficult not only because of the lack of oxygen as some claim but because of the decrease
in its solubility in the blood plasma, on the other hand the low pressure has the effect of
increased vaporization of the water in the lungs which will greatly affect respiration.
The same thing concerning different space missions, for example the Viking1 mission
which photographed the satellite Phobos of Mars, this picture shows how ignorant are
those who drew it , they show a small pebble with a huge crater . This single photo shows
NASA's high degree of lies and, as a result, that it is only a large state agency whose only
role is to impress people with lies.

Indeed this hole has the consequence of exploding this satellite in several pieces, on
the other hand the trajectory of Phobos is circular like most of the celestial bodies of solar
system, if Phobos had really received this impressive blow which printed this great crater
on its floor it should definitely left its orbit and is lost in space or at least its trajectory will
be strongly modified in elliptical orbit which is not the case. On the other hand according
to NASA, he claims that the lander sent a photo of the Martian soil to the earth just after a
few tens of seconds of his landing, already the minimum distance separating the earth of
March is more than 80 million of kilometers and that it is necessary to transmit rigorously
towards the earth with a sufficient power to be captured, the emission can not be done
immediately by means of the orbiter because it is in rotation around March and during the

descent l The orbiter will be far removed from the lander gear coverage area, and there
are many problems to be solved for the orbiter to constantly direct its antenna to the

5 . Atomic Bomb & Aliens
The history of the atomic bomb began with the discovery of NEUTRON by the
physicist Chadwick in 1932, it was inspired by the work done in 1930 by the physicists
Walther W.Bothe and H.Becker, bombarding the beryllium with particles alpha they
produced a very penetrating neutral radiation, the same experiments were taken by the
Joliot-Curie physicists without being able to determine the real nature of this radiation, it
is Chadwick who was able to discover that this radiation is in fact a neutral particle of a
mass close to that of the proton, it was called the Neutron.
Experiments continued to be carried out during the following years, especially the
bombardment of various elements by neutrons which led to the discovery for the first
time of the transmutation of the elements, this period is known by the explosion of
physical knowledge especially in regarding the structure of the atom and the phenomena
related to radioactivity.
Without going into the physical details that physicists have found that the neutron
can be absorbed by a nucleus of an atom, however its probability is so low, we seek the
best conditions for a neutron to be absorbed they found that the Absorption increases
noticeably when an obstacle is interposed between the neutron source and the target
which is against the expectation of physicists, this absorption differs according to the
interposed obstacle, it takes considerable values using paraffin.
The same experiments were carried out on various elements among them Uranium, it
is only in 1938 that it is realized the first fission of a uranium atom U235 by neutrons. The
fission of Uranium releases a large amount of energy and at the same time frees in the
average two neutrons which can in turn fission other nuclei, this is where the evil spirits
think they can exploit this phenomenon in the construction of a kind of bomb.
But things are not so simple, the neutron is a very penetrating particle that is to say
that it interacts weakly with the matter, the faster neutrons are they are penetrating, they
cross several centimeters of matter without entering in collision with an atom, on the
other hand, the slower the neutron, the more it interacts with matter. Thus the chain
reaction in the manner of a chemical reaction is totally excluded since the neutron is still
able to cross a certain distance without interacting, this is called the Neutron's free course
which depends on its speed and the material crossed. To increase the chance of interaction
of neutrons with matter and especially with the other U235 uranium atoms, they must
necessarily be slowed by appropriate materials.
So the fission of uranium can only be done with slow neutrons because it is in this case
that they have an acceptable probability of causing other fissions, unfortunately this
fission produce in the average two extremely fast neutrons that cross the material
without being able to fission other uranium nuclei unless they have to be slowed by a

moderator, that's exactly what it does in a nuclear reactor, it is always necessary a
moderator if not the nuclear reaction simply stops, indeed the moderator is it that allows
the nuclear reaction to continue and not as some think that the moderator prevents the
reactor from racing.
In fact the expression of chain reaction is erroneous, it is actually a sustained reaction,
the same thing for the expression of controlled reaction which can be understood that the
nuclear reactions are uncontrollable and that it is several factors are required to be
controlled, the opposite is true, the fission reactions are very difficult and it takes several
factors to maintain this reaction, it to gather all the possible conditions for this reaction is
maintained and that the maximum of the neutrons resulting from fissions in turn fission
uranium atoms.

The first nuclear reaction was carried out on December 2, 1942; it must be emphasized
and remembers the date of December 2, 1942. This reaction took place in the first nuclear
reactor experimental called at the time atomic pile is the physicist fermi with his team that
manufactured this loot using the bricks of uranium using graphite bricks as moderator,
although this pile has several tons of materials, it had a very low power of a few tens of
Watts maximum, some even say that its power was less than 1 Watt.

At the time, nuclear power was a new and unknown domain, few physicists have access
to new discoveries, most of them were in the big Western countries that is to say
Germany, France , England, Italy and the United States, most of the scientific knowledge in
the nuclear field was still in the framework of studies and experiments, despite all this the
US president launches a gigantic project called Manhattan for the construction of an
atomic bomb, which is strange in this case is that politicians seem he knew much more
about nuclear physics and energy than any physicist of the world. At the time, the
Americans had put enormous resources at the disposal of this project by relying on a letter
from physicist Albert Einstein and information from the intelligence services on the
feasibility of the bomb. Indeed, many physicists at the time doubted the possibility of
triggering a rapid chain reaction in uranium, because without moderator nuclear reactions
are less likely and impossible to maintain.
In reality, the Manhattan project was a Pharaonic project not for the manufacture of
the atomic bomb, but to produce the different isotopes of plutonium and other important
isotopes, it was simply an ALIEN project aimed at supplying nuclear fuel to the
extraterrestrial entities installed on earth to face the attacks of the Venusians, the most
likely is that the project itself became operational only in 1944, it is impossible during two
and a half years for the Americans to have been able to obtain sufficient quantities of
uranium ore, and to process and build the factories and machines that must be built for
the first time. Plutonium can only be produced in operating nuclear reactors after several
months of operation and it is unlikely that in a short time the Americans were able to
produce the necessary amount of plutonium to build two bombs one experimental and
the other dropped on Nagasaki Add to that the amount of Uranium235 needed to make
the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The Americans claim that the atomic bomb with
plutonium is more complex than that of uranium and therefore they have to test the
simplest bomb before going to the most complex. It seems that these tests and all
subsequent tests on alleged nuclear explosions are intended to simply hide the diversion
of nuclear fuel that is apparently going to be delivered to the entities installed on Earth.
Most of the nuclear fuel processing and enrichment plants and buildings were probably
not operational until the summer of 1944 or even 1945, a few months before the first
nuclear test!

Obtaining plutonium 239 at Oak Ridge and Hanford
The acquisition of plutonium first involved the design and construction of nuclear
reactors and secondly the possibility of separating 239Pu from other by-products of
irradiation. Two types of reactors were studied in parallel: U natural and heavy water in
Columbia and U enriched / graphite and air or gas. On December 2, 1942, a team led by
Enrico Fermi unleashed the first artificial nuclear chain reaction under the bleachers of the
University of Chicago football stadium. At the Oak Ridge site in late 1942, Du Pont began the
construction of pilot plants: an air-cooled natural U-reactor / graphite (code X-10) built in 11

months, a 239Pu chemical separation plant, and the necessary support facilities. By the end
of November 1943, 500 mg of plutonium had been produced, but not yet separated from
other "waste". On the Hanford site, the construction of the first of the 6 planned reactors
began in February 1944. The first irradiated elements were extracted from the heart on
November 24, 1944 and the plutonium separated in January 1945. The first 720 g arrived on
February 2 in Los Alamos.
Indeed, it is well known today that the enrichment of Uranium is a very slow and
delicate operation, at the time we had no idea of the most efficient method, and in any
case the uranium U235 rate does not represent more than 0.7% of the natural uranium,
the diffusion methods or the use of the centrifuges indeed makes it possible to enrich
Uranium but it requires enormous quantities of Uranium because the more one progresses
in the enrichment the more the enriched quantity becomes smaller and smaller with other
quantities of uranium at various enrichment rates, the only method that allows the direct
separation of isotopes is mass spectroscopy, and large spectrometers with giant
electromagnets must be built, and the production will not exceed a few grams per day,
today the most method is the use of centrifuges and even this technique was not at the
time mastered nor used by the Americans.
In fact, the Manhattan project had the sole purpose of producing and supplying nuclear
fuel to the entities located on earth while the manufacture of atomic bombs was only a
façade and a pretext to legitimize its existence, the feasibility of an atomic bomb is even
today disputed, many researchers doubt about the real existence of this weapon, and all
the photos and videos of the alleged nuclear explosions are montages of the classic
explosions, many documents on the internet treat this side in detail, Similarly, the photos
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki show only intense bombardment similar to that seen on other
cities bombed during the Second World War, there is absolutely no trace of a giant crater
that can testify to a supernatural explosion.
In theory we know that the fission that it is a nucleus of uranium U235 or plutonium
Pu239 will generate fast neutrons which are very penetrating impossible that they will
trigger a reaction in chain or more exactly to maintain the nuclear reaction, the notion of
criticality depends basically the moderators used, the atomic bomb in this case will be
similar to a nuclear reactor no more, the notion of reaching the critical mass assembling
fissile fuel is not based on anything concrete, a neutron has a free course according to its
energy and the material it passes through, the more it crosses the material the more it is
likely to fission another nucleus, in a spherical mass of fissile fuel, the surface area will be
more reactive than the deep zones because it is in this the area where the neutrons have
gone through more matter, and in this zone the neutrons are ready to leave the fuel.
The most intriguing in the Manhattan project is its greed for Plutonium, because
according to the Americans the atomic bomb can be made by any fissile element be it

U235 or P239, but the plutonium can only be made in a nuclear reactor in operation for
several months, in addition the amount of plutonium produced will always be lower than
the amount of fissile uranium U235 used for its generation. That is to say, we consume
more uranium that can be used to make a bomb to produce plutonium monk to make the
same bomb, which makes no sense.
It was on August 15, 1947 that the Manhattan project was stopped, and it is not
coincidentally that this year has seen a surge of UFO phenomena and flying saucer crash in
the United States, it is clear that the US were forced to stop this dubious project, probably
they were seriously threatened by the Venusians to stop the project, those who worked in
this project had no idea of these real goals, everything was planned by Aliens who
collaborate with a rotten political elite, physicists were called to give the project a human
aspect and use the atomic bomb as a pretext to ensure the supremacy of America but the
reality is that the Manhattan Project was founded to serve the interests of the entities
installed on earth, indeed, already Edward Ruppelt had pointed out in his book that
some physicists did not believe in the feasibility of the atomic bomb, he also pointed out
that there was a link between radioactivity and some UFOs.
Historians rely on a letter sent by Albert Einstein to President American claiming the
possibility of the construction of a bomb of atomic of phenomenal power, which pushed
the Americans to run to its construction, indeed Einstein was a scammer and that all
these works had stolen from other physicists, he was rewarded for his attitude by an
unprecedented media coverage in his favor as the great scientist of all times. Einstein
claims in his letter sent to the President that he was aware of all the scientific advances in
the nuclear field which is totally against the scientific traditions, because everyone ensures
that these works are in a very private setting until they are officially presented for reasons
of intellectual property, more Einstein was not involved in any nuclear research activity,
the strangest is that Einstein informs the US President of the presence of a uranium
deposit the most rich on the planet that comes out totally of the qualities of a theoretical

6 . The Planet Venus
The planet Venus is known for a long time, it is visible from the earth, it is an inner
planet that is closer to the sun than the earth, so it is always close to the sun, we can not
observe that for a very short time after sunset or before sunrise, however its observation
has always show a uniform white planet, it is only in recent centuries that astronomers
have been able to reveal that this planet has a atmosphere and that it is covered with a
probably thick cloud layer that constantly hides its surface, afterwards we observe Venus
by powerful telescopes astronomers were able to observe the existence of spots or bands
on this cloud layer, indeed Venus has a strong albedo that is to say more than 70% of solar
radiation is reflected by the clouds, so even if there are areas of the surface not covered by
clouds it is impossible to see out anything because of the dazzling light reflected by the

685 BC J.-C - Identity explicitly recognized in Babylon of Venus, evening star,
and Venus, morning star.
1610 - Discovery of the phases of Venus, by Galileo.
1639 - First documented observation of a transit of Venus
in front of the Sun.
1666 - Cassini estimates at around 24 hours the rotation of Venus.
1726-27 - Venusian Planisphere of Bianchini.
1761, 1769, 1874, 1882 – Large expeditions through theworld to observe
the following passages in order to measure the parallax of the Sun. Studies
of the Venusian atmosphere, during the last two of these transits.
1890 - Schiaparelli and others opt for a rotation of 225 days approximately.
1962 - First flyby of the planet, by the probe Mariner 2.
1975 - First images of the Venusian soil by the probe Venera 9.

The planet Venus has always been a subject of controversy about what happens
beneath these clouds and also on their nature, it is Cassini who is the first to try to
determine the rotation of Venus by proposing 24 hours, this measure was rejected from
the beginning, another astronomer suggested that it turns slowly during a Venusian year,

other have proposed that it presents the same face to the sun, but nothing has been
As far as the nature of the Venusian atmosphere is concerned, the first suggestions
thought that it had almost the same density as the earth's atmosphere. But everyone
agreed that Venus has an atmosphere and that it is covered with a thick layer of clouds,
which says clouds called water droplets, unless we see is dust or all other matter, the first
spectral analyzes revealed nothing, the light reflected by the clouds is simply that of the
((In the fifties and sixties, Venus was still Surrounded by a halo
of mystery and poetry ... before the progress of astronomy and
observation satellites do not demystify The Star of the Shepherd.
It is therefore not surprising that some authors suggest the
existence of a civilization Extraterrestrial.))

It was not until 1960 that the scientists looked that came is a dead planet with
extremely high temperatures on the ground, despite that there were many doubts about
these suggestions that will be analyzed in detail, as well as the physical methods by which
they were determined.
With the arrival of the space age the Americans launched several probes towards Venus
which confirmed these suppositions and at the same time put an end to all the suggestions
and the oppositions, because the Americans and especially the Russians claim that they
launched probes to Venus and that some of these probes were able to land on the surface
of this planet and that they have measured the temperature on the ground as well as the
pressure, and consequently they confirmed that this planet is arid or reigns an infernal
temperature moreover 400 ° C.
What is curious is that no one is able to explain scientifically and clearly why Venus has
this temperature on the ground, scientists respond with a vague expression is meaningless
it is the greenhouse effect that to cause this disproportionate increase in temperature
because its atmosphere is composed mainly of CO2. We understand later the reasons for
this noise caused by some on the role of CO2 on the temperature that is on earth.
In addition they declare that the cloudy layer of the atmosphere of Venus is composed
almost exclusively of droplets of sulfuric acid and some proportions of hydrochloric acid.
All these data have no foundation, it's simply a lie because neither CO2 nor H2SO4 nor HCl
can survive in an atmosphere that experiences intense sunshine, as these compounds
easily decompose under the solar radiation rich in ultra violet, the atmosphere of Venus
should be of the same nature as the earth's atmosphere, only distant planets their
atmosphere can contain complex compounds such as methane, ammonia etc. Almost all
terrestrial oxygen comes from the decomposition of water and carbon dioxide from

volcanic activity. Scientists claim that the only source of oxygen in the earth's atmosphere
is photosynthesis, which binds carbon of carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, but plant
activity will never be able to reduce carbon dioxide levels to almost zero, all other
heterogeneous molecules are absent in the atmosphere such as SO2, CH4. If the
atmosphere of Venus contains SO2 it will be the same for the Earth's atmosphere because
SO2 sources also exist on Earth. The only explanation for the absence of these
heterogeneous molecules is that they can not exist because of solar radiation and it
will be the same for the planet Venus.
At first the earth had no atmosphere; it was only after the internal warming of the
globe and the onset of volcanic activity that its formation began. The totality of the earth's
atmosphere is derived from volcanic gases , the same seas and oceans are derived from
volcanic gases that contains more than 80% of water vapor.

There are also other gases but with minimal proportions such as SO2, H2S, CO etc.
Nitrogen is an inert gas with little chemical reactivity, it accumulates in the
atmosphere, CO2 and H2O decompose and release oxygen, however the quantity of water
released by volcanoes is enormous it condenses in liquid water while that the CO2
remaining in the atmosphere can only undergo ultraviolet photolysis. Liquid water is more
stable to ultraviolet action than when it is in the gaseous state.
The table below shows that the gases from volcanoes have almost the same composition
of gases from a meteorite (chondrite) when heated.

The CO2 level in volcanic gases is not as important, it is the same as nitrogen while
NASA claims that its rate in the atmosphere of Venus does not exceed 3.5% which is
against the table above which indicates that the figures put forward by this organization
do not agree with the scientific realities. It is well known that CO2 decomposes under the
action of the ultraviolet itself, even though this reality is rarely reported in scientific
literature, it also tends to polymerize by releasing oxygen. A large part of oxygen released
by the decomposition of H2O and CO2 oxide FeO to Fe2O3, indeed the large expanses of
red earth of the planet are the result of the oxidation of FeO by atmospheric oxygen in
Fe2O3 red color, volcanic magma is actually reductive.

The problem is that the data presented by NASA are against all the previous
observations of this planet, they do not speak anymore of the presence of poles strongly
brilliant and well delimited, they affirm that the temperature is the same on all the planet
indifferently attitudes and that it is in the illuminated face or the face in the shadow which
is insane. These statements are simply unfounded to hide the reality of this planet,
especially when we know that the rotation of the cloud layer of Venus was unknown
or ignored for a long time until 1957 when Charles Boyer amateur astronomer
discovered it by observing Venus in ultraviolet, this cloud layer turns in four days, this
rotation was well confirmed by him in 1964, although this observation was made with
simple instruments the scientific community rejected it outright, it is only in 1974 that
the Mariner10 probe has confirmed this discovery, Indeed the observation of the rotation
of the cloud layer of Venus is accessible to amateurs and does no require the sending
of a probe that costs several million dollars, and how this observation was unnoticed
by hundreds of professional astronomers who have telescopes of several meters in
diameter and various materials?
The temperature of 400 ° C on the ground of Venus is impossible is inconceivable
because there must be an intense source of heat on the ground to justify this temperature,
moreover for every planet there are two sources of energy, one internal it is very weak
because the soil is insulating, the energy of the sub soil is derived from the radioactivity of
the radioactive elements, it is of low power, it is the thermal insulation of the soil over
millions of years that has allowed the interior to reach high temperatures. The second
source is the sun, but a large part of solar radiation is reflected by the cloud layer of Venus,
moreover this layer prevents much of the radiation from reaching the Venusian soil. The
greenhouse effect of which many scientists speak makes sense only for a small and
isolated space which receives heat and at the same time finds difficulty in evacuating it,

there can never be a greenhouse effect in a large-scale atmosphere open to space as there
will always be currents of convictions that will evacuate heat to the outside.
The presence of this permanent cloud layer in the atmosphere of Venus does not imply
the impossibility of the existence of liquid phase on the ground, on the earth more than
60% of the glob e is covered with clouds . Thus more than 80% of the seas and oceans are
under clouds. On the other hand, the observation of the planet of Venus for a long time
after the use of large telescopes had always revealed the existence of spots on its
The presence of this cloud layer that covers the planet of Venus will result in a stable
and constant ground temperature or with slight fluctuations, it will prevent the soil from
losing energy by radiation but it will never be able to thermally isolate it a complete way,
in a fluid that it is liquid or gaseous there is always currents of conviction.
NASA had previously stated that it was able to determine the rotation of Venus by
radar from the ground which is highly unlikely given the distance that separates Venus
from the earth and the cloud layer of its atmosphere, it is necessary to have high powers
to achieve this task. The power of military radar is of the order of several megawatts
carrying their range is a few hundred kilometers only.
The Russian Venera missions have no credibility, it certainly comes within the
framework of the lies of the space conquest, the Americans and the Russians share among
themselves the lies of the space exploits. The Russians themselves claimed that their
probes transmit the data just after their landings and that they stop later because of the
high temperature on the ground, they give no explanation on how these data have come
from Venus to earth without problems because of the distance between the two planets
and the impossibility of the probe that is on the ground of Venus to communicate with the
earth, it does not have a parabola, while the orbiter turns into orbit on Venus and after the
descent of the lander he will be on the other side of the planet. Communications on land
are very problematic, even if it were only tens or hundreds of kilometers, to communicate
tens of millions of kilometers you need heavy equipment and use high power.

7. The UFOs
1. The Beginning
UFOs were still a subject of controversy, dozens or even hundreds of books were
published in all languages without being able to uncover the mystery of this phenomenon,
some of these books are intended simply to discredit the subject, others ridicule all those
who are interested, others were content to report dozens of testimonials that bring
nothing if not increase confusion. However an interesting book that had treated this
phenomenon at the time with great objectivity is (the report on unidentified flying objects )
from Edward Ruppelt.

It is not by chance that it is the most important book for more than 60 years so far,
because the author of this book was a captain in the army who directed himself the
PROJECT BLEU BOOK an organization American official destined to study the
The book itself seemed commonplace as the rest of the books dealing with the subject
of UFOs, but by reading it carefully we discover that it contains a lot of key information on
this subject, he says that the authorities were from the beginning annoyed by the presence
of UFOs and that they thought that this case is temporary and that soon no one will hear
more of it, the authorities from the beginning was against UFOs and he had no desire that
these devices are real, to this time the flying saucers did not stop to fly over American
airspace all the time especially the military bases and the industrial zones, the fighter
planes did not stop pursuing them every time they were reported, the American fighters
were qualified by Ruppelt in front of the flying saucers like wooden horses, they never
managed to reach them, the flying saucers are moving at high speeds and with great
acceleration, and the fighter planes are still running out of fuel even before launching a
chase while these saucers fly over several areas hundreds of kilometers away and

relentlessly . Ruppelt was astonished at the attitude of the authorities to this situation of
such magnitude.
The history of UFOs began in 1947 in the United States after Arnold observed disks
flying over a mountain range, indeed the observations were well before him either by the
population or the authorities, but as long as he was pilot, This observation deserved a lot
of attention by the media and especially that the observations of these disks continued
throughout the following months and years. The reality is that these observations were
so frequent that it is useless to remain silent, the American authorities have always chosen
to take the stick in the middle, they try to minimize and discredit the observations or to
discredit them without ever denying their existence.
It is certain that from the beginning the Americans and probably other governments
knew all the details about this history, they knew the origin of the visitors, their nature,
where they come from, and that it was their goal.
These vehicles or flying saucers actually exist, there is no doubt, and they are military in
the broad sense of the term without being aggressive; but where do they come from? And
what is their purpose? These vehicles are not of human construction, they possess a very
advanced technology, on the other hand the whole earth is colonized by humans, so the
existence of an advanced civilization somewhere on earth is excluded except its hidden
for one reason or another, so these vehicles probably come from outside the earth.
Although there is no doubt about the existence of these flying vehicles, this phenomenon
is highly resistant to study and observation, the phenomenon is complex and has several
components, some of which only deceive, play the diversion and add confusion.
Since the beginning of persistent rumors speak that some of these flying saucers came
from the planet Venus, but at the time this astronomical information have no impact on
the majority of people, for some they are vehicles that came from space and whether it's
Venus or Mars or another planet makes no difference, and that's when the Americans did
everything to hide the truth. long ago is known that the only planet that can shelter a life
was Venus, the earth and Venus are almost the same size, all the other planets are by far
unable to fulfill the necessary conditions of life as we know it, Mercury is a small star too
close to the sun without atmosphere, Mars is also a small planet far away from the sun or
reigns intense cold, the other planets are excluded from any discussion, however Venus
was a long time controversial, being more sun loan could make it uninhabitable.
The flying saucers that swarm in our atmosphere are engines of a technology that
exceed our knowledge, the Americans never deny their existence, but at the same time
they did everything to discredit the observations, they did everything to ensure that there
is a climate of confusion to hide their true nature and sow doubt about their existence,

because they thought from the beginning that this business will die sooner and later and
that these machines will desert our atmosphere.
The same attitude was taken by all the governments of the world, the countries of the
east they categorically denied their existence.
Although the phenomenon was known by the authorities several years or decades
before 1947 they chose to remain silent and firmly oppose all who put his nose in this
subject, many researchers and Ufologists have focused on this subject and many studies
have been done and many books on this subject have been published without being able
to draw any useful information, all go around in circles, most of the publications treat the
subject without even confirming its reality, others try timidly to prove the existence of
flying saucers by various stories and testimonies. The more we plunge into stories and
testimonies, the more we lose ourselves.
At the beginning there were certainly misunderstandings in the higher spheres of the
American state between those who want the truth to be declared and those who are
against. Those with the disclosure believe that the earth is being invaded by
extraterrestrials and that it is necessary to prepare for the event, but those who are
against knew very well that the problem is so complex and that exceeds humans who do
not represent anything in a conflict between Venusians and other extraterrestrial entities
on Earth. For the authorities this problem does not interest them since they are not with
or against the warring parties, but the reality and all the political structures on earth are
allied with the entities installed on earth. Authorities have chosen to remain silent until
humans and their facilities are attacked by Venusians.
The Americans each time were about to declare war against the Venusians, but they
knew they had no opportunity to face them if not to use the technology of the entities
installed on Earth, and we understand the series of lies about the space conquest, and
technological capability of Americans, indeed they expected that at least these entities will
provide them with spacecraft by claiming that these gears are the result of American
technology, but these demonic entities do not have never trusted American authorities,
they were content to use humans as mercenaries in their war.
Every time senior American officials insinuated that it is possible that the earth is the
subject of an extraterrestrial invasion and that it must be prepared. President Harry
Truman had given orders to shoot down the intruders, this policy was pursued under
Eisenhower despite the fact that visitor technology far exceeds the rudimentary
means of humans, the Americans were always hostile to UFOs' presence, it is a principle
for them, the American general MacArthur Douglas also made two public declaration
concerning the possibility of an extraterrestrial invasion and at the same time had incited
the nations of all the earth to unite their efforts against these intruders!! Similarly, there

were rumors that Kennedy's assassination was related to UFOs. President Reagan,
too, had told the United Nations that an alien attack would result in the unification of
the peoples of the earth, forgetting all their hostilities to themselves. The most serious of
which is President Trump's statement on the constitution of a force of space, the
Americans do not have the technological means to have a space force unless the entities
will provide them with space materials, and in this case the United States will be a
legitimate target by the Venusians who are at war against these entities. Indeed the
Venusians knew for a long time that there is a cooperation between the Americans and
the entities installed on earth but they will not close their eyes if the Americans will
become a complementary strength working in the pay of these entities.
Probably much of the Venusians war machine is automated and relies heavily on
artificial intelligence, but the land-based entities were content with their army of slave
soldiers made up of humans and mutants made from human genomes and other
terrestrial animals. It seems that they are unable to cope with the war machine of the

((Legends! let's move on to a more modern science: astronomer John
Krauss of the University of Ohio assured captured June 2, 1956 Signals
From Venus. This unverifiable fact remained unverified. But he was
considered, The time, as one more proof for the materialistic ufologists. ))

2. The Contacted
The CIA and the FBI did everything to hide this case, they used misinformation on a large
scale, they knew it could not prevent certain information from escaping, so the only
weapon for them is to discredit all that can filter out the secret mesh, the proper method
is to wrap the truth with a huge amount of lies and nonsense so that the whole will lose its
credibility. It was at this point that the alleged Contacted appeared, in fact they were
agents who worked at the CIA sales to discredit the rumors and information that filtered
from different organizations, the high profile that has accompanied these contacted and
the significant means available to them prove that they were from the beginning
supported by the authorities.

One of the pioneers contacted was George Adamski, he is the professor of the
contacted, he claims that he spent sleepless nights at Mount Palomar for months with
cameras to look for UFOs, he also sought them with a telescope, it is only at the beginning
of the fifties that the salvation is in the end come, he will manage to take some pictures
unfortunately all of bad qualities and wear characters of fake, he claims he was able to
telepathically contact the Venusians, whom he subsequently met them before five
witnesses, whom he himself had chosen; until now nothing serious, but later was only
delusions and hallucinations, he claims that there are gardens on the moon, and he met
residents of Mars and those of Jupiter and of Saturn and that he walks with the
extraterrestrials aboard their spaceships.

There is also Howard Menger who claimed to be contacted by a Venusian woman and it
was followed and observed by the Venusians for a long time. As Adamski Menger did not
stop there, he also claimed that he had gone on board their spaceships meeting Jupiterian
Martians of the people of the planet Saturn, he claims to have visited the moon he has
found verdant and he even brought back from the moon potatoes, he also had as proof
some photographs all of bad qualities.
It is quite clear that all this circus was organized by the US secret service to discredit all
those who speak about UFOs and especially against those who hold certain information on
this subject and at the same time present the ufologist as a mere charlatan who tells that
A notorious and well-known case of research on modern UFOs. Indeed, it has had a great
repercussion worldwide. The case was an event supposedly characterized by direct contact
and interaction between extraterrestrial beings and a large group of human beings. I am
talking about the so-called "Dolores Barrios affair".
The event I am talking about is a UFO meeting, actually a conference, which took place on
August 7 and 8, 1954 at the summit of Mount Palomar, California, at an altitude above 6,000
feet, in front of the Skyline. Lodge. This congress was promoted by George Adamski,
Truman Bethurum and Daniel Fry, supposed contacts and well known to the UFO
community. More than a thousand people attended, American journalists, FBI agents, saucer
witnesses and just curious people.
This congress or conference is further evidence that everything has been organized by
the authorities to simply tell nonsense.
At the end of the first day, there was some excitement when the audience noticed the
presence of two men and a woman of exotic and very particular appearance. The rumor
began that they were Venusian humanoids disguised. The ones Adamski had talked about a
few hours ago.

One of the men was using glasses. All three had white skin and the woman had long blond
hair. So far, not serious. They might be just strange looking for ordinary people. Then one of
the participants asked them, without much embarrassment:
"Are you or are you not Venusians?"
The woman, smiling, answered calmly. " No " . The following dialogue:
- Why are you here?
- Because we are interested in this subject.
- Do you believe in flying saucers?
- Yes.
"Is it true that, as Mr. Adamski says, they come from Venus?
- Yes, they come from Venus.

Dolores Barrios
Indeed, this woman and her friends were probably mere curious or private
investigators working for certain groups, and probably were not welcomed in this
circus especially when the woman said that the flying saucers did come from
Venus, and more than noticing that there was nothing concrete they preferred to
go away precipitately, or perhaps have been intimidated by secret agents a
common way against anyone who puts his nose in this case.
Most importantly, no one has ever heard of this woman or companions, showing
the ability of the authorities to silence anyone with information about the subject.
Yesterday it was the contacted who told nonsense to discredit the real information,
today it is the conspiracy followers of the craziest theories like the flat earth, the
reptilians, the illuminati, etc. It is always the same technique to wrap the truth by the
improbable so that everything loses its credibility.
It is very possible that the planet Venus is alive against all that NASA tells that is
recognized today as a great body of lies. Venus is probably inhabited by an indigenous
biological race who have total control over their planet, and have been observing the
earth for a long time. The earth is inhabited by humans is a host of various animal breeds.
On the other hand, earth is controlled by unknown entities that have been on earth for a

long time. These entities possess advanced technologies and a demonic spirit, they engage
in large-scale genetic manipulation, and at the same time practice slavery. A multitude of
mutants of all kinds have been created by these entities to work for them, and there are
certainly humans among them.
It seems that the Venusians are totally against these practices, and they strongly
condemn them, they consider these entities as invaders from outside the solar system
and who love evil and have fun creating suffering beings, they love wars and sacrifices and
violence, and they are very aggressive, the Venusians also think that these entities
represent a great danger to them, and that from the ground they are preparing an invasion
against their planet, these entities are very they control the land and exert a great
influence on human societies that they consider as livestock and a reservoir of genetic
material. Americans have been working with these entities for a long time, they strongly
believe in them.
The Americans and many other governments have known for a long time and that some
UFOs that furrow the earth come from the planet Venus and that these Venusians are
against the invaders settled on earth, but they chose to remain silent because they
thought about the UFOs are a temporary affair and the invaders settled on earth will hunt
them quickly but none of this happened, the Venusians are very intelligent and able to
quickly mount advanced technologies, the Venusians attack the bases of Invaders and
their armies of slaves and mutants made by them, many bases are destroyed, a large part
of the invaders have to leave their bases by abandoning their equipment and their gear.

So-called extraterrestrial abduction is the work of the installed on earth entities, they
engage in genetic manipulation to create war soldiers, the Americans have always been
aware of their practices and maybe even Helped them in their dirty work.

3. The Abducted
The phenomenon of human abduction has increased in recent years or more precisely
since the 1960s, which indicates that these entities find it difficult to face the Venusians
and that they are looking for other genetic qualities and that they are creating another
generation of better performing slave soldiers.
Many Ufologists think that there are several races of extraterrestrials who visit the
earth, all that is only illusions, what witnesses see is simply mutants of any kind created
by genetic manipulations. All of these creatures be it little gray, big gray, reptilian, hairy
creatures and other flying creatures are created by these entities from the human
genome and other animals, some of these creatures do not have sex organs and as a
result they lack sexual instinct, they were cloned in laboratories of entities settled on
earth. Often the mercenaries of these demonic entities use different masks to soak the
Abducted, It seems that they will have a lot of trouble controlling the land without their
army of slaves.

Extraterrestrial races have largely been described from stories of abductions , a problem
that has long been a headache for ufologists and researchers, and at the beginning they
believed that alien races are discovering humanity for first time and it is normal that they
take some specimens to study them, but by carefully analyzing these stories that are
numerous, we note that these abductions look more like demonic rituals and have nothing
to do with Scientific Research , the experiences experienced by the Abductés are almost
similar and they are highly traumatic, the alleged medical examinations are strange and
painful as if these extraterrestrials ignore the basic principles medicine, neither local nor
general anesthesia, they treat humans generally with brutality, in reality these presumed

medical examinations are rather psychomotor tests, it can not be realized that on perfectly
conscious people, their goal is the research and the selection of individuals with high
psychomotor skills to use their genetic heritage for the creation of their future army.
Entities that abduct off humans to endure cruel experiences are careful to introduce into
these tests other acts often of a religious nature or spiritual messages to diversions on the
true goals of these experiences, sometimes they report that they come from another planet
outside the solar system.
A notorious case of extraterrestrial abduction is that of Betty and Barney Hill; in Betty's
The extraterrestrial then let him know that he wanted to perform some simple tests. The first
was to provide them with information about the nervous system. For this test, Betty had to
remove her dress and lay flat on a table. The doctor then approached her with what appeared
to be a bundle of needles and touched her with the tips of these needles at different places on
the body, on the spine, behind the ears, on the head, on the arms and legs. At the end of each
needle was a thread and a kind of gadget that reminded Betty of a big-screen TV. On this
screen appeared different kinds of lines. The examination was completely painless. For the
last test, the examiner had grabbed a very long 10 or 15 cm needle and pushed it into Betty's
belly. He had not left her long, but the pain had been so intense that Betty, who had felt like
stabbing in the stomach, had been moaning in pain. Surprised, the alien had turned his head
to look at her but the leader had then leaned over her and, waving a hand in front of Betty's
eyes, he had instantly removed all traces of pain. Hypnosis revealed that she had remained
traumatized by this experience.
We can clearly see that they are simply psychomotor tests and nothing more, and what will
be said is the most important of all:
He asked her if she knew the universe and she said no, that she only knew what she had
learned at school. The leader had then crossed the room, he had drawn a card from a slot in
the wall and, spreading it on a table, he had asked her if she had already seen something
similar before. Betty had leaned over the table, looking at the points of varying sizes, some of
which were connected to each other by curved or straight lines. Asked about these lines, the
chief had explained to him that some were commercial lines, and others were expeditions.
Indeed this last scene is only the spectacle, the presentation of this card before the eyes
of Betty is in fact only the test suite, the card described by Betty is a kind of representation
of points are circles and lines, certainly when Betty was looking at her, her brain activity was
tracked to measure her ability to react or detect tiny variations on her field of vision, these
visual skills are paramount when flying spaceships during combat .

Betty's map is actually nothing, a lot of ufologists took
it seriously hoping to determine the origin of the kidnappers.

Some even claim that they were able to discover the group of stars represented by the
map seen by Betty Hill, they say it's zeta reticuli. Indeed, these invaders are so cunning that
they will always succeed in diverting people's attention from the real clues to point them to
nothingness, they always do the same thing whether it be by the crops circle or by the crash
of Roswell; they have among humans a powerful media machine that aims to install a
climate of confusion.
There are quite cases in which the abductees is confronted by screens or windows
where light phenomena occur, which confirms that the abductees are subject to visual
tests to determine their ability to detect and react according to the events taking place
unfold in their fields of vision.
Another case of a woman kidnapped in Brittany (France), she says that it was abducted
by aliens insectoid; they showed it a screen or a slideshow or scroll images of the earth
and pollution Bla Bla Bla etc. These insectoids look like a praying mantis so they are very
religious as a result humans too must attach to their religions, we can see how these
entities are misleading.
All these abductions are aimed at the search for specific psychomotor qualities for the
creation of the generations of their future soldiers and their future slaves.
Many researchers are now convinced that these kidnappings have a genetic character,
some think that these entities practice the hybridization of humans with other
extraterrestrial races which is totally absurd and against the basic bases of genetics.
Hybridization can only be done on plants or on the same species very close genetically.
Indeed, the genome of a living being is like a computer program, even small changes in this
program makes it unusable because all parts of the program are linked. So all these
genetic manipulations are exclusively on humans and terrestrial animals. Indeed, these
genetic manipulations concern particularly certain genes or groups of genes or some DNA
sequences that are replaced by others taken from other humans or other animals and the
result is often disappointing. As a result of the countless mutants made by these methods

must be killed or sacrificed until the completion of a specimen that will have the desired

4. The Crops circles
One of their methods of deluding societies is the Crops
circles, these large-scale geometric figures drawn on cultures,
their sole purpose and divert the attention of humans from
real realities and plunge them into delusions; people from all
over struggled to break through their mysteries and decipher
the messages hidden in these geometric figures. In fact, the
father of the crop circles was indeed Professor Adamski, he
was the first to bring back to humans the drawing of
footprints of his friend the Venusian claiming that this
drawing is full of universal knowledge.
It is not excluded that some of these Crops circles were made with great precision and
with unknown means for the man but that does not mean that they must necessarily be
useful messages for the humanity if not this is an instrument to increase doubt and

Chibolton's drawing was discovered in a field of culture, this
message is the answer of the Arecibo radio telescope message, it tells that their authors
inhabit the earth and Mars and a satellite of Jupiter and that they are small sizes with big
heads and that their chemistry is based on silicon etc. Etc. Indeed neither the message of
Arecibo, nor that of chibolton have any credibility and both tell anything!
The following is Crabwood drawing, finally a drawing with a clear message at least
compared to the dozens of crop circles around the world.

It is in the form of a typical alien showing a disk
similar to a CD-ROM where a text in binary computer code has been engraved; the
message is as follows::

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.Much PAIN
but still time.EELIJ?E.There is GOOD out there.We OPpose

This message looks very threatening, The executioner's threat to his victim stating that
she has no way out or escape. The face of crabwood gathers in some way the little gray
described by the UFO literature but in reality it has a strange appearance, its more like an
owl or an eagle although these animals have a popularity in demonic circles.

5. The Economics of Extraterrestrials
These demonic entities have settled on earth for probably several thousand years, and
they are responsible for intense climate of violence that prevails on earth, and it is they
who incite the bloodiest wars, they have fun to see the Murder, the victims, the blood, the
corpses, the suffering, they have manipulated humans for many centuries and certainly
have altered their genetic heritage throughout history.
The Venusians do not recognize the terrestrial governments since they consider them all
slaves of these entities installed on earth, however, they did not decide to directly attack
humans without this act being totally excluded. The governments were always terrorized
that Venusians attack strategic military bases and industrial sites; on the other hand the
Venusians may have come into contact with some humans while divulging some secrets of
what is happening on earth, the Americans are involved with these extraterrestrial entities
installed on earth in crimes against humans and in dubious affairs.
These demonic entities have prudently allowed some states to acquire increasingly
sophisticated weapons in exchange for their loyalties and to deal with them against the
Venusians, these entities have no confidence in humans despite the fact that political elite
governing the world is installed by them; the reality is that it is they who actually govern

the land and the world economy is in the service of these entities and their innumerable
It is likely that these entities are not biological, maybe they have another form of life
unknown to us and that they strive to hide it for reasons of their security, they
undoubtedly have advanced knowledge in science and in technology but they use slave
soldiers who created it by genetic manipulation from humans and different animals like
monkeys, dogs, rats, birds, reptiles and so on.
These entities can not show themselves or their armies that are hidden in large
subterranean bases under the ground for fear of being destroyed by the Venusians, indeed
it is these entities that have allowed humans to develop and to establish a developed
economy and industry; the economic calculations show that to satisfy and meet all the
needs of humanity with excess, not more than 20% of active population of 30 to 50 years
are required who must work part-time 3 hours a day, 5 days a week and ten months a year
in teaching, health, industry, agriculture, administration, social services, hobbies, etc. Etc.
Bearing the reality is that those who work are as poor as those who are unemployed,
much of the world economy is at the service of these entities settled on earth and to fuel
their war effort.
The clearest example is the use of nuclear power plants to produce electricity, since
since the end of World War II their numbers have been growing steadily. The reality is that
these plants are so expensive whether it was construction or in operations and uranium
ore processing and nuclear fuel fabrication, because their construction requires expertise
and the use of special materials. Indeed, these plants are much more expensive than
thermal power plants easy to build with standard materials and use a natural fuel, nuclear
power can not in any case compete with fossil fuel plants, the reality is that these nuclear
power plants were built to produce plutonium as well as these isotopes and other isotopes
that are very important for these entities.

This graph shows that more than 70% of electrical energy in France is of nuclear
origin, the following graph shows its use according to the sectors:

We can see at first glance that this last graph is far from being true to reality, indeed the
biggest consumer of electricity are households whereas in the graph they represent only
33%, ie:
33% x 474 TWh = 156.42 TWh per year = 156.42 x
Wh / year, it is the electric energy
consumed by the French households that is to say residential.
However, there are fewer than 30 million households in France that consume a
maximum of 6,000 Wh or 6 KWh per day, or 6000 Wh x 365 days = 2.19 x
Wh per year
per household. Multiplying by 30 million households we find: 2.19 x
x 30 x
65.7 x

Wh per year, which is half of what EDF claims.

EDF inflates electricity consumption figures in France to legitimize the authorities' use
of nuclear energy to cope with the energy shortage, France even states that electricity
accounts for more than 40% of the energy consumed.
It was just after the end of the Second World War that the Atomic Energy Commission
(CEA) was created, which immediately began the construction of a number of nuclear
reactors,. Their numbers are constantly increasing despite the availability of 'a
cheaper energy that is oil and natural gas, indeed the big consumer of oil is transport and
especially the automotive sector, so nuclear energy has no influence on this sector,
despite this the world governments have found the oil shock of the 1970s a great
pretext to further increase the number of nuclear power plants without affecting fuel
prices; indeed the fuels of explosion engines can easily be produced from different
types of plants. Nuclear electrical energy represents only a small fraction of other
forms of energy such as hydro and thermal power plants, and all of them less than the
total energy consumed, of which transportation accounts for most of the energy. It is
clear that the proliferation of atomic power plants that are so expensive has and will
have no impact on the availability of energy.

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