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Finance & Accounting

Procter & Gamble is the world's largest group producer of consumer goods. Four billion times a day, P&G brands are used by
consumers worldwide. P & G has a portfolio of more than 300 quality brands, leaders in their field like Pampers®, Ariel®,
Gillette®, Duracell®, Always®, Swiffer® or Head & Shoulders®.
Finance & Accounting
“Leading strategy development and execution for sustainable growth”
The F&A department is about leading the strategy development process for the Company and support the businesses with
leading edge thinking, and quality implementation. We use our skills and the breadth of our experience to provide guidance to
key business decisions. We are at the forefront of looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce losses, to meet or
exceed the expectations of our consumers. F&A leads in the development and maintenance of the Company’s external
compliance and internal controls. All the function do is with transparency and integrity.
An internship at a P&G site in Europe offers you the opportunity to test your finance knowledge and management abilities in
real-life situations and obtain insights into the world of Finance in a fast moving consumer goods company. During your
internship you will assume responsibility for your project(s), working closely with colleagues from finance and other functions
(e.g. Marketing, Sales, and Engineering). At the end of the internship, you will be given the opportunity to present the results
to senior management.
Typical projects would be:
- Analyzing major competitors to refine business strategies for P&G products
- Exploring alternative manufacturing opportunities
- Assessing the financial impact of a new product initiative.
Needed skills
- strong academic results,
- strong numerical and analytical skills,
- ability to show effective leadership, to solve problems and to set priorities,
- excellent collaboration skills and the ability to work within diverse organizations and teams,

Master level ex. Management school/ Universities in Finance
A good command of the English and French language and of the pack office.
Type of contract
Internship 6 months (1225e/month) or 1year (1600e/month) for gap year
Reimbursement of 50% for Navigo Pass
Paris - France

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