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Supply Network Operations
Procter & Gamble is the world's largest group producer of consumer goods. Four billion times a day, P&G brands are used by
consumers worldwide. P & G has a portfolio of more than 300 quality brands, leaders in their field like Pampers®, Ariel®,
Gillette®, Duracell®, Always®, Swiffer® or Head & Shoulders®.
Supply Network Operations
“The engine that accelerates value creation”
Getting thousands of different products onto the shelves in our customer’s stores in the right quantities, at the right time and
with perfect quality really does present a new challenge every day! P&G’s Supply Network Operations (SNO) organization is
there to meet this challenge: forecasting customer demand, managing the information flows from orders, shipments and
invoices and owning the physical distribution process from Distribution Centre to the customer’s shelf. All these missions
require a strong multifunctional work, interacting with other functions both internally and externally.
We offer exciting, challenging internships to outstanding students. You will be a member of the Supply Network Operations
organization, working on one or several operational missions or/and projects in the area of supply chain management. On
these projects, you will be fully autonomous and will need to prove your leadership and your innovating spirit.
As a new intern within the Supply Network Operations organization, you will have a real job, with real responsibility from dayone, together with the training and development you need to be successful.
Typical missions are: Contributing to the management of our logistical relations with a customer, Work on the sales
estimations for our products, coupled with exciting projects such as designing the supply chain setups for new products…
The extras
You will have the chance to benefit from our specific internship structure; the Internship program (trainings, after works,
snacks), SNO Sponsoring (dedicated godparents to help you understand better and faster P&G values and expectations),
Interns’ contests (“J’aime la mer” by the P&G foundation). As a member of the organization, you’ll take part in all our Diversity
and Well-being activities (SNO Diversity, Solidarity Days…).

Needed skills
- Evidence of passion and achievements in academic or non academic activities
- Skills you have developed in leading and working with others, problem solving and decision making.
Master level ex. Engineering school/ Universities / Business Schools
Fluent in French and a good command of English. Expertise in Pack office.
Type of contract
Internship: 1225€ (4-6 months), or gap year (“césure”) : 1300€ (7-9 months), 1600€ (> 9 months)
Reimbursement of 50% for Navigo Pass
Paris - F

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