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Consumer & Market Knowledge
Consumer Insights
Procter & Gamble is the world's largest group producer of consumer goods. Four billion times a day, P&G brands are used by
consumers worldwide. P & G has a portfolio of more than 300 quality brands, leaders in their field like Pampers®, Ariel®,
Gillette®, Duracell®, Always®, Swiffer® or Head & Shoulders®.
Consumer and Market Knowledge
« Consumer is Boss »
Putting the consumer at the center of our decision making is our mission…
Getting the right data is good.
Turning data into knowledge is better.
Turning knowledge into ACTION is the Best!
Within the Consumer & Market Knowledge department and marketing, trade-marketing and sales teams, your mission is to
recommend specific actions to develop our brands and P&G business leveraging our expertise in market research, our market
knowledge and our consumer/shopper understanding.
-Raise multi-functional teams’ expertise with regards to consumer and market knowledge, so that teams build consumer
centric business plans.
-Maximize impact of the French and European consumer researches by getting our conclusions act upon, and our
recommendations adopted.
-Decide the relevant learning plan to be set-up to address the key business questions and the business objectives. Lead the
completion of such learning projects, and analyze results to guide actions (for instance most appropriate assortment,
promotional strategies, media/ trade investments…)
- Set the right processes and capabilities to enable knowledge to be captured and re-applied.
The intern will interact with local and regional management and work with autonomy on specific projects under the
supervision of a CMK manager.
Needed skills
- evidence of passion and achievements in academic or non academic activities
- autonomy, pro-activity, initiative taking, analytics and synthesis, rigor, collaboration, influence with a bias towards action.
Master level ex. Management school/ Universities in Marketing
A good command of the English and French language and of the pack office.
Type of contract
Internship 6 months (1225€/month) or 1year (1600€/month) for gap year
Reimbursement of 50% for Navigo Pass
Paris - France

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