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Procter & Gamble is the world's largest group producer of consumer goods. Four billion times a day, P&G brands are used by
consumers worldwide. P&G has a portfolio of more than 300 quality brands, leaders in their field like Pampers®, Ariel®,
Gillette®, Duracell®, Always®, Swiffer® or Head & Shoulders®.
The purpose of Communications organization is to be the communication front line protecting and building the reputation of
P&G and our brands in order to grow our business.
The work of the Communications function is focused on mastery in three areas:
Masters of Communication, who develop and deliver superior messages, stories, and public relations programs
about our brands and P&G that are so compelling people can’t help but talk about them and share them with
Masters of Connections, who have superior understanding of influential relationships and who make connections
and build relationships with people and organizations that shape opinion.
Masters of Crisis Prevention and Management, who have superior capability to identify and proactively prevent
issues from damaging our brands and P&G, where possible, and who step in to successfully mitigate any crisis that
occurs, where needed.
As an intern in the Brand communications team, you will receive challenging projects, which may involve leading Public
Relations, social engagement or professional marketing activities, ensuring excellence in execution and thus contributing to the
success of our brands.
Some examples of what you could do:

Develop and deliver Public Relations and Social Engagement programs about P&G brands. Develop
Professional Marketing programs, i.e. communications programs towards health professionals (pediatricians,

Develop and deliver superior messages, stories that drive media coverage

Achieve superior quantitative / qualitative media coverage on the respective brands

Deliver excellent execution of events / tools that are the base for coverage

Build relationships and manage direct contacts with influencers, journalists, bloggers on brand specific topic

Effectively collaborate with Public Relations, Social or Professional Marketing agencies to ensure they deliver
innovative ideas and timely, accurate, strategic plans, within budget.

Needed skills
- evidence of passion and achievements in academic or non academic activities
- leadership, collaboration skills, creativity and strategic analysis
- good market and working knowledge

Master level ex. Business school/ Universities/ Communication with business background coupled with Public Relations / social
networks interest/passion
A good command of the English and French languages and of the pack office.
Type of contract
Internship 6 months (1225e/month) or 1year (1600e/month) for gap year
Reimbursement of 50% for Navigo Pass
Paris - France

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