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2015 : International Year of Co-parenting

2015 : International Year of Co-parenting
After the International Year of the Family in 1994 to remind us that the family is the basic unit of
society and therefore deserves special attention,
Following the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly entitled "A world fit for children" (S27/2, 6 May 2002) which recognizes the shared responsibility of parents in the education and
upbringing of their children, and the importance of making every effort to ensure that fathers have
the opportunity to participate in the lives of their children,
In noting a transformation of family patterns in recent decades characterized among other things by
an increase in the number of separated families and therefore the risk of disengagement of a parent,
we ask for :
An international year to increase the awareness of the general public and all the elected officials in
every nation on the equal importance of the roles of both parents – be they together, separated or
divorced – in the upbringing of their child(ren).
A year to create opportunities and find solutions to promote and above all value the commitment of
each parent to their child(ren); a year to focus on action and results, by the exchange of good
A year to rethink greater equity (particularly in parenting time) between the two parents in case of
separation / divorce in the best interest of the child.
A year to recognize the prime role of each parent and celebrate the commitment of both parents
towards their (s) child (ren).
A year to remember that each child has two unique parents - father and mother – with the same
rights and responsibilities to provide the best possible living conditions, to give him/her affection,
assistance and protection, education, to encourage the development of his/her personality, to
transmit values.
In this perspective, regardless of political allegiances, social or religious beliefs, father, mother,
grandmother or grandfather, or just a citizen committed to human rights, we ask the General
Assembly of the United Nations to declare 2015 : International Year of co-parenting.
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