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Article 1 – organizING company
Cornélie Mode, Catherine Parra is a private limited company (S.L – sociedad limitad), it has been
entered in the Spanish commercial register (El Registro de Empresas) under the following CIF
number: B63854749. The head office is located in pasaje Maluquer, 18, 08022, Barcelona,
This private limited company, acting for and on behalf of Cornélie Mode, is organizing a photo
contest entitled « Photo contest CATHERINE PARRA, SUMMER 2016 ».
This competition will take place from May 10 through 21, 2016 (date to date, until midnight).

Article 2 – who can play?  
The participation to this contest is free and without purchase obligations for the Catherine
Parra’s customer.
This photo contest is open to all natural persons, over the age of 18, resident of the world,
customer of Catherine Parra from the Facebook page:
Also, the participant has to have a Catherine Parra’s product.
However, Cornélie Mode’s employees, who had collaborated to the realization of the photo
contest, can’t participate to this one.

The photo contest will take place from the 10th of May 21016 through Saturday the 21th of May
2016 (until midnight). To play, you have to connect to the on the Catherine Parra Facebook page
:, and sign up as a Facebook member, or
sign in as a Facebook member and upload a photography.
The gain allocated is describing in the article 4 of this regulation.



The game is available on the Facebook page:
To play, participant must : log in to the Facebook page :
Then they have to read and follow all the instructions and send the picture (1 by person) to this
To make sure the picture be accepted, the player has to put in the mail the following information:
-   The last name, first name, country, city
-   A title if the participant wants to.
-   The picture has to be upload in the attachment.
-   The following sentence « I, (first name, last name) read and approved the regulation of
the photo contest Catherine Parra summer 2016 »
-   The following sentences:
« (last name, name) is aware that the game is available on Facebook Platform,, and in any case Facebook shall be liable for any disputes related
to the game. Facebook is not an organizer or sponsor of this operation. Personal data
collected during the game are for the organizing company”
Participants can attend 24/7, through connecting on the site via a standard web browser.
Participants undertake to fulfil in proper form all the fields mentioned in the registration by
providing accurate information.
At any time, the participant is responsible for the accuracy of the information he provided. As a
result, he is responsible for the change of email address.
The responsibility of the organizer will in no circumstances be held liable for any malfunction of
the mode of participation in this contest. Even related to the characteristics of the Internet, in
these cases, participants can not clam any compensation of any kind.

In the contest of the play « Photo contest Catherine Parra summer 2016 », participants have to
post photography involving:
-   Necessarily a Catherine Parra’s product
-   A summer atmosphere which made us think to a warmer weather,
or with a product remaining summer.
Participants have to be creative.
Only the photographs meeting these criteria and thematic will be accepted by the organizer and
will be able to compete.



All the photographs must be in .jpg format and have a maximum weight of 2MB.
The photographs posted must be free of copyright.
As a result, participants must ensure by sending their photography that the following conditions
are met:
-   The photography has been taken by the participant and be is his original work.
-   The photography does not contain or mention any trademark, logo or any other distinctive
sign (worn on clothing, accessories and decoration).
-   If the photography shows other person (adults or children), the participant need to
obtained permission of that person or the child’s parents to allow to the organizers of this
contest to use this photography.
-   The photography can not contain elements which violates or infringes any legal rights.
Including without limitation, copyright, patent or trademark or other intellectual property
right, the right of publicity and the right to protection of privacy of any person in any way.
-   Any photography posting on the Catherine Parra’s Facebook page for the purpose of
participating to the contest will not affect, in any way, to any person and does not
constitute an obscenity, incitement to realization certain crimes or offenses, to any
provocation or discrimination, hatred or violence.
-   Similarly, photographs of naked people or partially stripped are not allowed.
Photographs will be subject to moderation and will be checked a posteriori by the organizer.
By entering the contest, the participant agrees that his photography can be disseminated and
exploited on the Facebook page throughout the duration of the game :

Throughout the games, players can invite their friends to participate in the competition, but also
to vote for their pictures. Votes are open throughout the duration of the game, from the Monday
the 10th of May 2016 to Saturday the 21th of May 2016 until midnight.
The votes will be limited to one vote, by photography, by day, by Facebook account.
At the end of the competition, the jury will deliberate on the best photography, which will
determine the winner of the following lot:
-   1 lot: CAMELIA RED BAG: 413 € TTC
The prize is not transferable and can not be exchanged in the form of cash compensation. They
must be accepted as awarded. Winner will be notified individually, by any means available to the
organization company. Winner will receive his allocation by mail.
The result will be posted on Facebook page, no later than the 05/26/16 on the Facebook page:
The winner who could not be contacted or who was not demonstrated in the 5 days following
the day he was contacted and informed him being the winner, will not be allowed to claim the
gain. In this case the prize will not be awarded.




The winner pledge to release from any liability Cornélie Mode – Catherine Parra for any damages
he can suffers due to the acceptation of the prize awarded.
So, the winner declares being informed and expressly accept that Cornélie Mode – Catherine
Parra can not be responsible from any prejudice from any nature (personal, physical, material,
financial or other), of any incident that may happen cause to the participation at the present
game-contest and after it. Cornélie Mode – Catherine Parra declines its responsibilities in case
of any damage that may happen to the winner due to the utilization of the prize.
Cornélie Mode – Catherine Parra can under no circumstances be held responsible of an eventual
data loss or deterioration of these data. Cornélie Mode – Catherine Parra can not be held
responsible if the data of a participant of the contest are not received for any reason, or arrive
unreadable or not possible to treat.
Cornélie Mode – Catherine Parra can not be held responsible in the case of eventual strike, late
due to the service of the shipping of the prize which may prevent the winner to fully enjoy it.
Cornélie Mode – Catherine Parra accepts no responsibility regarding the delivery and/or in case
of steal of the prizes sent by postal way.
Cornélie Mode – Catherine Parra reserves itself the opportunity to invalidate the participation of
any participant who didn't respect these rules at any time and without prior notice.

The game is available on Facebook Platform,, in any case Facebook
shall be liable for any disputes related to the game. Facebook is not an organizer or
sponsor of this operation. Personal data collected during the game are for the organizing
In accordance with the provisions of the Spanish Data Protection (la Agencia Española de
Protección de datos) which regulates the information collected through the participation to this
contest, the information collected are exclusively for the organizing company, and its partners,
as well as all company and/or people involved in the framework of this contest.
The data collected for this purpose are required to participate in the competition.
Therefore, people who wish to delete the data before the end of the contest can no participate
in the selection of the winner.
The winner expressly authorizes Cornélie Mode - Catherine Parra and its partners to reproduce
and publish gracefully on the information documents relating to this contest the identity of the
winners, which means the initial of his name, first name and his place residential (commune of
This authorization is valid for 6 months from the announcement of the winner. It does not allow
any right or financial contribution to the winner other than the delivery of his prize.



Any participant in the competition also has a right to access, correct and delete data concerning
him, upon a written request to the following address: Cornélie Mode - Catherine Parra - Gameassistance - Maluquer Pasaje, 18, 08022 BARCELONA, España.
Participants have the opportunity to object, on request from Cornélie Mode - Catherine Parra and
without charge, that the data concerning them from being used for purposes including marketing
by Cornélie Mode - Catherine Parra.

Article 8 – acceptance of the present regulation
The participation to the photo contest involve the total acceptation of this regulation, it is available
on the Facebook page
Please note that no information will be given over the phone.
Any failure to provide information or a false declaration of identity or address will automatically
eliminate the participant to this game. Cornélie Mode – Catherine Parra reserves her right to check
the accuracy of information supplied by the participants.

Article 9 - RESERVES
Cornélie Mode – Catherine Parra shall not be held responsible if, for any reasons beyond her
control, this game has to be modified, reported or cancelled, partially or entirely.
Therefore, all cases not covered by this regulation shall be decided by Cornélie Mode – Catherine
Parra; her liability may not be involved, and no claim for compensation could be ask to her.
Catherine Parra reserving to herself the possibility to invalidate, in any time and without notice
the participation of any participant who would not have respected this regulation.

This contest regulation is free and without purchase obligations, the participant can, on upon
written request to: Cornélie Mode – Catherine Parra - Jeu-concours/ Game assistance – Pasaje
Maluquer, 18, 08022 BARCELONA, España, requests a refund by bank transfer (in this case,
please must enclosed a RIB / RIP / RICE) corresponding to the connection costs related to his/her
participation. These costs corresponding to the necessary time to read this regulation, calculated
on the base of 3 minutes (0,10€).
The request must include proof of pricing of the telephone company or Internet service with the
date, the time and duration of the call.



It is clear that it will have no refund in the case where the participation is made in the context of a
“unlimited” contract (cable, ADSL connexion or other…).
Moreover, the postal costs paid by the participant for this request are also refundable, on the
base of a 2nd class stamp (20g), upon written request on free paper send before October the 31th
2016 (postmarked by the deadline date) to the following address : Cornélie Mode – Catherine
Parra - Jeu-concours / Game assistance – Pasaje Maluquer, 18, 08022 BARCELONA, España.
The participant in the competition will necessarily specify and attach to his claim, a complete
contact information (name, e-mail address, postal code, city). Any illegible application, crossed
out, incomplete or sent after the deadline will be considered as void.`

Article 11 – REGULATION
This regulation can also be consulted on the Facebook page:
The complete rules shall also be sent by post free of charge to any person who requests them
from Cornélie Mode Catherine Parra - Jeu-concours – Pasaje Maluquer, 18, 08022 BARCELONA,
Postage costs at the current rate will be reimbursed to any person requesting it (upon written

Article 12 – FRAUD
Any fraud or attempted fraud, manifested by a beginning of the execution and committed to unduly
collect a lot, will be subject to disciplinary procedures in accordance with the provisions of the
Spanish Penal Code.

Article 13 - APPLICABLe LAW
This regulation is subjects to the Spanish law. Any difficulty related to the interpretation, the
execution of this regulation will be resolved informally between the parties.
If the dispute cannot be settled amicably within the period of one month, it shall be subject to the
competent courts designated according to the code civil procedure.



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