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Directorate C - Land
C.3 - Single European Rail Area

11th SERAC WG on Rail Freight Corridors
Brussels - Conference Centre Albert Borschette
(Meeting room AB-1C)
17 May 2017, 09:30 - 18:00
1) Adoption of the agenda
2) Adoption of the minutes of the 10th meeting
3) Introduction by Mr Vinck: the RFCs as a fast track to interoperability
4) Commission approach for the RFCs and rail freight: presentation by DG MOVE
5) Network of Executive Boards: feedback by the co-chairs of the meeting of 16 May
Sector Statement implementation
6) Implementation of the Sector Statement: general introduction (tbd)
7) Report on the implementation of the 10 priority projects1 by the RFCs and sector representative(s) (tbd)

Priority 1: Following the timetable review project (TTR) implementation

Priority 2: Improving the capacity offer given by the corridor

Priority 3: Improving coordination on TCR

Priority 4: Enhance use of path coordination system (PCS)

Priority 5: Improving harmonization of processes at the borders

Priority 6: Following Estimated Time Arrival implementation for all stakeholders

Priority 7: Monitoring and supporting rollout of the TEN-T minimum requirements

Priority 8: ETCS implementation

Priority 9: Monitoring the quality of freight services with implemented and shared Key
Performance Indicators

Priority 10: Harmonising the Corridor Information Document

8) Conclusions: discussion on the general organisation of the Sector Statement implementation
9) Feedback on the RFC Strategy meeting (21 February), by RFC representative
Information points by DG MOVE
10) Information on the Programme Support Action for the RFCs
11) Implementing Act on access to service facilities, update by DG MOVE
12) AOB


A state of play concerning the Annex VII implementing act will be presented by DG MOVE under priority n°3.
A feedback (including next steps) on the workshop interoperability on RFCs with ERA and TSI OPE WP organised on 16
March will be given by DG MOVE under the priority n°5.

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