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Gege Blog English – 23.1 – R.S. BRAKING SYSTEM


Système de freinage


Sunday April 03, 2016
There were a series of bizarre linkages in the parts crates, not listed in the C3 parts catalog. We wondered what it was for.

In addition, the three brake pedals in boxes A, B and F are different, why?

But ... André had a great "revelation" the other night! He remembered a page in the book "Citroen 5HP" Bernard Lawrent
about braking material in period accessories

. ( click image to enlarge )
And there, everything became much clearer ...
1) The pedal in box F is strictly original, it has no holes or pins. It is only used to apply the transmission brake.
2) The pedal of gearbox B is most likely from a "Union” braking device (coupling of the brake on transmission and on rear
wheels), as on the car of Denis L. that André had photographed in 2011


3) And the pedal of the A box, original of the car, as well as all the bizarre linkage which intrigued us so much, comes from the
system "RS" which also makes it possible to couple the braking on transmission and on rear wheels by pedal to the foot. A very
ingenious system, where the "hand" brake lever only serves as a ... parking brake!
This is also why the rear brake rod on André's chassis is on the left and not on the right:

André therefore tested this assembly on the housing of the F box which is at home, and it is extremely interesting:


Bravo André!
Really, restoring a very old car bought in spare parts is like having to make a puzzle whose image we do not know to
reconstruct ...

Monday April 04, 2016
André found on the Internet other photos of the "RS" assembly:

A first: To change gear more easily?

And a second:

This seems to be a stop switch ..


Tuesday November 1, 2016
André has stripped,de- rusted, primed and repainted the "RS" braking system and the handbrake lever ...


It looks nice ! but there seems to be too much play here ... . This play will be "absorbed" (with mass blows!) when
reassembling on the box


See here the reassembly of the system on the box ...


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