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A conference in Lusaka, 27-28 October 2020
The French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC), with the support of the Ministry of Energy and the French
Embassy in Zambia, is organizing a two-day conference on renewable energies on 27th and 28th October, 2020.
The diversificaFon into the energy sector has become a major economic and environmental stake for the country.
No such conference has taken place since 2016.

Assess the potenFal of the renewable energy sector in Zambia and its prospects.


Highlight the know-how of French companies involved in local renewable energy projects.


Give visibility to the companies sponsoring the event through media coverage and social media.


Allow the private sector and public stakeholders to meet, exchange views and debate on themaFc subjects.


Promote interacFons between the French businesses and their Zambian counterparts.


Hold exhibiFon stands to show case the work of French and Zambian companies involved in the energy

Venue: Mulungushi InternaUonal Conference Centre (to be confirmed)
Programme (dra/):
Tuesday 27 Oct.
9h00- 9h45: Opening speeches by Hon. Minister of Energy and officials (French & EU Ambassadors, FZCC Director)
9h45-10h30: Press conference with Minister of Energy, officials and gold sponsors (Press & TV)
10h30- 11h30: Visit of the sponsors’ exhibiFon stands by Hon. Minister of Energy and officials (Press & TV)
11h30- 12h45: Conference documentary followed by presentaFons by all the company sponsors
12h45- 14h00: Lunch
14h00- 15h00: PresentaFons by InsFtuFons (IFE, AFD, ADB, World Bank, EU)
15h00- 18h00: ThemaFc workshops (Solar, Hydro, Bioenergy, Wind, RegulaFon, Financing)

Wednesday 28 Oct.
9h00- 11h30: ThemaFc workshops
11h30- 12h45: PreparaFon of themaFc summaries
13h00-14h15: Lunch
14h15-16h30: PresentaFons of the workshops’ conclusions (with Q & A sessions)
16h45-18h30: Closing speeches & B2B cocktail

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