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Titre: FZCC Strategy support Zambian Economy - Phase 3

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Third phase of the French Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC) & French Embassy
Campaign to support Zambian Economy and Popula>on during the COVID 19 crisis

• The first phase targeted French Companies in Zambia, the second phase focused on all members of FZCC, this third phase
aims to reach out companies, entrepreneurs, organiza;ons and individuals located in France and Europe, interested in
suppor;ng the Zambian economy and popula;on as part of the post COVID-19 strategy.

• Contrary to the situation in Europe or Asia, Africa is now in the midst of the Covid 19 crisis. Unfortunately there is
no emergency plan. In Zambia the peak might be reached by September. All of the actors of the donation
campaign have to continue their efforts, and more globally all of the population to fight the COVID 19.
It means keep social distancing and respect sanitary measures !

Strategy objectives
• The objec;ves of this campaign are to :
▪ Highlight the ini;a;ves and contribu;ons by FZCC members to the Zambian popula;on;
▪ Contribute to Zambians conserving jobs during the crisis through support to communi;es;
▪ Encourage all companies to be proac;ve while respec;ng the safety guidelines from the French and Zambian

• During this period, our commitment as a Chamber of Commerce is also to accompany our members by
providing information through our social media.

• The FZCC and the Zambian Embassy in Paris will use this campaign to mobilize French and Zambian
companies, entrepreneurs, individuals, European ins;tu;ons, NGO’s … to support the Covid 19 crisis in Zambia.

• Through this campaign, the FZCC wishes to identify and mobilize community based youth organizations
and women entrepreneurs to be part of the campaign and ensure its sustainability.

• Joint letter signed by FZCC, French Embassy in Lusaka and Zambian Embassy in Paris to local City Councils (Mairies)
• Interviews for print media : Zambian Ambassador to France, French Ambassador to Zambia and FZCC Executive Director.
• Podcast with Zambian and French Ambassadors and FZCC Executive Director.
• Video appeal message from both Ambassadors
• Communication flyer about the donation campaign
• Social media campaign : Facebook, Twitter, Website …

Resource mobilization
• Crowdfunding
- In order to collect money from the Zambian French Friendship Association in Paris
- Zambian Individuals living in France and Europe


Donation in kind


Business sector

Technical support is encouraged in kind such as face masks, sewing machines, hand-sanitizers, medicine …
Skilled medical support, online training
All PPEs and goods would be collected by the Zambian Embassy in Paris and shipped to Zambia by FZCC corporate members

To contact City Council (Mairies) and associations in France
French companies based in Zambia
French/European businesses willing to invest in Zambia

• Institutions
- Zambian Embassy to identity suitable projects that could support Zambian economy

• Zambian Embassy in Paris will contact French companies in France who have masks to donate for
local communities in need across Zambia. FZCC corporate members such as CMA-CGM, AGS
could help us to transport masks from France to Zambia.

• Companies who are planning to start a business in Zambia will be also contacted to join this
phase of the donation

• Individuals willing to help Zambian communities and to support Zambian economy and population
• The FZCC in partnership with the French Embassy in Zambia will create a crowd-founding to rise
and facilitate donation for Zambian communities.

• The Zambian Embassy in France will also contact the Zambian French Friendship Association .
• More generally, every association, organization, NGO ready to help and support Africa can join this
phase of the donation campaign.

FZCC supports actions from its members to combat COVID 19
The first action of the campaign was a press conference at the French Residence on May 12th 2020 to present the joint
donation made by the French corporates to Zambian communities located within and outside Lusaka :
The FZCC and the French Embassy mobilized a joint donation worth of 48, 820 USD in masks, hand sanitizers and
medical supplies, from French Companies operating in Zambia : CFAO, NEOEN, ENGIE Power Corner, CMA CGM,

H.E. Sylvain Berger, French Ambassador to Zambia

Mr Alexandre Degré, FZCC Executive Director

FZCC supports actions from its members to combat COVID 19, first joint donation, May 12th 2020

Mr Alex Ehui, Country Chief Executive
Bureau Veritas

Ms Inès Duclairoir, Business Development Manager

Mrs Mukabanji Mutanuka, Country Manager, ENGIE POWER CORNER,
Mr Augustine Chileshe, Chipangali Clinical Care Officer

FZCC supports actions from its members to combat COVID 19, first joint donation, May 12th 2020

Mrs Judith Phiri, Families are Nations,
Mapepe Communities

Mr Betraben Mwandila & Mr Jus;n Silubilo,

(LAFARGE beneficiary)

Kabwata Cultural Village (CMA-CGM beneficiary)

Mr Chaka Buhendwa, Country Manager
Dr Wilson Mbewe, Kanyama Hospital superintendent

FZCC supports actions from its members to combat COVID 19, second joint donation, June 9th 2020

Mr Alex Ehui, Country Chief Executive
Bureau Veritas

Jean-François Cateaux, Swan Insurance Chief
Execu;ve Officer,
Ms Smita Jugurnauth Actuarial Manager, Swan
Mr Oliver Chellen, Swan Insurance Senior Manager
Ms Jere Chimwemwe, Swan Insurance Marke;ng

Mr Calvin Salah, Marketing Manager
Saro Agro Industrial

FZCC supports actions from its members to combat COVID 19, second joint donation, June 9th 2020

Mr Olivier Terra, Managing Director
Bolloré Transport & Logistics Zambia

Mr Alexandre Degré,
Mr Sydney Chibbabuka, Commisionner
Customs (ZRA)
Mr Mukuli Chikuba, Permanent Secretary
(Ministry of Finance),
Mr Olivier Terra and H.E Mr Sylvain Berger

Collaborating partners
• The French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC) is an association which promotes the business interests of both French and Zambian companies by
facilitating cooperation between the two countries, and developing the capacity of its members.

• Strategy is to collaborate with professional pharmacy that will provide masks and artisanat company that will provide reusable masks.
• The campaign will work with expert in certification and norms of reusable masks.
• Zambian Embassy in Paris
• Zambian French Friendship Association
• NGO’s
Lightfoot Zambia will supply with :

• beautiful African cloth, sewn together in our little workshop. Block printed 100% cotton fabric, and lined with 100% white cotton, fastening with elastic.
• Our Team at Lightfoot where we are show casing fun designs. We also make plain colours for corporations and hospitals.
• We are part of a bigger initiative in Lusaka where we help to fund and make more masks for hospital and front line health workers.
Companies supplying masks, hand-sanitizers, medicine …

Lightfoot Zambia workshop

Lightfoot Zambia team
Nelson Chola
35 years old
8 years in service
Stays in Bauleni

Febby Shonga
20 years old
2 years in service
Stays in Leopard Hill Road

Patrick Kanyeka
32 years old
4 months in service
Stays in Bauleni

Lightfoot Zambia team

Luca Sinyaka
35 years old
6 years in service
Stays in Leopard Hill Road

Patrick Sichilima
28 years old
9 years in service
Stays along Chifwema Road

Nedson Mwale
53 years old
30 years in service
Stays in Leopard Hill Road

Sustainability of FZCC and French Embassy Support to Zambia
In order to make sure that both the French and Zambian business communities support to Zambia is sustainable, the partners
intend to help Lightfoot Zambia put in place other long term activities such as :

• setting up several small groups of tailors expanding the capacity of masks for domestic consumption, corporate and export

• training more tailors in different localities of Lusaka.
• buying 30 machines which will eventually belong to the benefiting communities.
• the trained tailors will be linked to local NGOs to help them be able to eventually pay off their machines by making masks, and
then be self sufficient to open their own small tailoring business.

• the donators are not obliged to donate money, they can also give their time and skills to train local people to make masks and
different products. Then, they can also donate sewing material : machine …

Implantation plan
FZCC has over 40 corporate members, ins;tu;onal, SME and individual, working in different economic sectors in Zambia, who will be invited
to donate and distribute mask to the communi;es where those companies are established. FZCC members are covering the following sectors :
- Energy
- Construc>on materials
- Transport and logis>c
- Shipping
- Construc>on and manufacturing
- Banking
- Insurance and services
- Quality control and cer>fica>on
- Communica>on and digital marke>ng
- Tourism and wildlife

Support to Lightfoot Zambia to export their masks
FZCC has contacted Bureau Veritas to help the cer;fica;on and help with the exports norms :

• Bureau Veritas Zambia Limited is part of the Bureau Veritas Group, a world leader in Testing, Inspections and Certifications (TIC). In 2015,
Bureau Veritas decided to consolidates its business in Zambia by getting incorporated as a limited company by the Patents and Companies
Registrations Authority (PACRA). Prior to 2015, Bureau Veritas conducted inspection services using subcontracted inspection companies.
Bureau veritas has built its successful global business based on its long-standing reputation of technical expertise, high quality and integrity.
This reputations is one of its mosts valuable assets and is a competitive advantage for the Group worldwide.

FZCC has also contacted Mission Pharma, which is part of CFAO Group to supply medical masks :

• MissionPharma is a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry within provision of complex logistics solutions. Missionpharma is expert at
delivering the right product to the right place at the right time. No matter how complex or logistically challenging a task is, our focus is
always the same: We do what we say, and we say what we do.

Support to Lightfoot Zambia to export their masks

The two past dona;ons were focused on different communi;es within and outside Lusaka. FZZC members were encouraged to
contribute to communi;es where their companies are located :

Shatumbu communi;es
Beit Cure Hospital
Chilanga community
Chitandika village
Kabwata cultural village
Siavonga community
Kanyama Hospital
Zambia Revenue Authority (customs)
Maloni, Lusaka West
Fountain of Hope, Kamwala
Isoka Boys Secondary School
FNB communies across the country
University of Zambia (UNZA)
Ministry of Health
Copperbelt communi;es
Lumwana Health Center
Red cross

For the third phase of the FZCC and French Embassy campaign to support Zambian Economy, the
dona;on will focus on specific beneficiaries :

- Woman and youth entrepreneurs and organiza;ons

- Schools, to help them for the next re-opening period

- SME’s

FZCC Conference on Zambian Women in Business
The FZCC is going to use this opportunity to iden;fy women associa;ons and NGOs ac;ve in the fight against COVID 19 to be part of
the beneficiaries. These associa;ons will help FZCC and Ligheoot Zambia to train the tailors and develop their business model.

FZCC and the French Embassy would like all ac;ons undertaken during the COVID 19 crisis to be sustainable so that beneficiaries of
these ac;ons con;nue to be part of the Chamber’s conferences, advocacy and yearly business ac;vi;es.

FZCC is planning to hold a conference an Zambian Women in Business in 2021, the French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce
acknowledges the contribu;ons of many such women and intends to host a conference which will gather excep;onal women from
different spheres. The objec;ve of this conference is to place focus on the contribu;on of female Zambian professionals and
entrepreneurs to the Zambian economy, and also to present the various ini;a;ves and products in place by corporate bodies to
promote and elevate them. The conference will also serve as a plaeorm for these women to build professional networks among each
other to further their professional and business efforts with like-minded individuals.

Excepted results
For the third phase, the campaign will contribute :
- To help beneficiaries keep their business running
- To communi;es set up workshops, conserve and create jobs
- Zambian popula;on to be sensi;zed about Covid 19
- To create a business link between companies in France and Europe willing to support ac;vi;es
in Zambia during the post Covid 19 crisis
- To set up joint projects between FZCC and Zambian Embassy in Paris which can benefit Zambian
businesses and popula;on
- To draw up lessons learnt from the impact of Covid 19 on businesses in Zambia

FZCC & French Embassy campaign to support Zambian economy and population

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