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Thursday Februray 27, 2014

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research-Tunisia

08h00: Reception and registration
09h00: Opening session
Speech of the Institute Director
Speech of the head of Languages Department
Speech of the conference coordinator
9h20: Keynote speaker: Prof. Donna Kesselman, University Paris East Creteil.
09h45: Coffee break

1st Panel: National Culture, politics and the stakes of Standards
Chair: Prof Lamia Ben Youssef,
University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

The Higher Institute of Applied Languages and Computer Sciences
organizes the 1st International Humanities Conference on

10h00: Ali M Amri, (University of Sfax) The Silenced Shoot back: Towards a Critical Film Genre Theory
(The American Combat Genre as a Case Study).
10h20: Henda Bahlous, (ISLAI Beja) Conformity in Post War America.
10h40: Hamda Tebra, ( University Paris Est Creteil / ISLAIBeja) From US War on Communism to War on
Terrorism: The Standards of US Foreign Policies.
12h00: Hanna Trubeka,( University Paris Est Créteil) Du public au privé, quelle ‘norme’ pour les services
de télécommunications ? Le cas d'Orange en USA
12h20: Discussion
12h35: Lunch

2nd Panel: Standards in Culture
Chair: Prof. Donna Kesselman
University Paris Est Créteil, France


14h00: Lamia Ben Youssef, (University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA) Arab Americans and Alabama
HB 56: Reconfiguring the Norms and Standards of Free Speech and Civil Rights Activism in the 21 Century
14h20: Fathi Bourmeche, ( University of Gabes) Eastern European Immigration in British Press: A
Violation of Cultural Norms in Britain.
14h40: Abdelhak Méjri, ( ISL Tunis) Cultural Hegemony and Cultural Standards in the British Experience:
an Educational, Protectionist Process or an Economic, Profitable Operation?
15h00: Imen Gannouni Khemiri, (ISLAI Beja) Standards in Media Representation of Gender: How the
Press Covered the Death of Margaret Thatcher
15h20: Discussion
15h35: coffee break

3rd Panel: Native-non native speaker norms in cross-cultural pragmatics
Chair: Dr. Faiza Derbel
University La Manouba, Tunisia

Date: 27-28 February- 1 March, 2014
Venue: The Higher Institute of Applied Languages and Computer Sciences Beja

15h50: Imen Aribi Ben Amor (FLSH Sfax) Politeness Norms in E-mail Communication.
16h10: Marwa Kacem, (FLSH Sousse) A Cross-cultural Study of the Speech Act of Greeting in English
among Tunisian and British Employees: The Case of the TUI UK and Ireland Company.
16h30: Asma Moalla, (FLSH Sfax) What’s Funny About It? Failed Humor in Intercultural Communication.
16h50: Ikram Rouissi Abdesslam, Requests as Impositions: negative face among Saudi learners of English
17h10: Discussion

Saturday March 1, 2014

Friday February 28, 2014

8th Panel: Literary standards

4th Panel: ELT Teaching and Testing

Chair: Dr. Nourchen Sadkaoui
University of Jendouba, Tunisia

Chair: Rim Ktari
University of Jendouba, Tunisia

09h00: Laila Najeh, ( FLSH Sfax) The Implications of Language Teaching Theories in Language Teaching
09h20: Asma Maaoui, ( ISEAH Tunis) Language Assessment Policy and Implementation in Tunisia: whose
09h40: Sihem Drissi,( ISL Gabes) Citizenship Education Reconsidered in the Era of Democratic Transition:
Establishing Norms of Participation through Higher Education Curriculum.
10h00: Discussion
10h15: Coffee break

5 Panel: Translation, language and Social Norms
Chair: Dr. Sami Chatti
University La Manouba, Tunisia
10h30: Aida Bousrih, (FLSH Sousse) On Operational Norms in Translation: Probing into the Main Translation
Approaches and Methods.
10h50: Dhouha Arfaoui,(ISEAH Tunis) Children’s Literature: Literary Standards and Social Norms.
11h10: Yosra Ouertani, (ISLAI Nabeul )Understanding Verbal Irony by Tunisian Autistic Children with
Asperger Syndrome.
11h30: Najla Fki, (FLSH Sfax) An Investigation of non-finite Clauses in Standardized Research Articles:
Medical and Social Psychology Papers as a Case Study.
11h50: Discussion
12h05: Lunch

6th Panel: Political Discourse: Standards and Norms

09h00: Imen Mzoughi, (ISLAI Beja) The New Discourse on Standards and Norms in Paul Bowles’s The
Spiders’s House.
09h20: Mariem Khémiri, (ISL Gabes) The hegemony of the West in Edward Said' Orientalism and the
problem of creativity.
09h40: Karima Méjri, (ISLAI Beja )Black Woman Writing: Standards of Marginalization and Standards
of Disruption.
10h00: Hajer Ayadi, (FLSH Sfax) Maghrabian Women's Tales-Telling: A Tactic to Transgress the
Patriarchal Norms.
10h20: Rachid Neji, (Univesity of Gabes) Postmodern Standards in Thomas Pynchon’s Chon’s the
Crying of Lot49.
10h40: Discussion
10h55: Coffee break

9th Panel: Social and Historical Standards and Norms in Literature
Chair: Imen Mzoughi
University of Jendouba, Tunisia
11h10: Bootheina Majoul Aouadi, (Ecole Nationale des Ingénieurs de Tunis) Doris Lessing’s The Wind
Blows Away Our Words: Beyond history norms and standards.
11h30: Houda Kefi, Subverting Social Norms in Shavian drama.
11h50: Nourchen Sadkaoui, (ISLAI Beja )Redefining physical societal and artistic gendered spaces in
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and The Awakening.
12h10: Discussion

Chair: Dr. Bachar Aloui
University of Montréal, Canada
14h00: Rym Boubaker, ( ISL Tunis) A Comparative Genre Analysis of Medical Research Article Introductions
Written in English: The Case of La Tunisie Médicale and the Journal of the American Medical Association.
14h20: Farah Tekaya, (University of Sfax) From Iraq to Syria: The American Standard of Military
Interventions in Presidential Speeches.
14h40: Hiba Garsalli, Application vs. Transgression of Norms in Political Discourse.
15h00: Discussion
15h15: Coffee break

7th Panel: Computer-mediated Communication: Emerging Norms
Chair: Asma Maaoui
University of Tunis , Tunisia
15h30: Faiza Derbel, (FLSH Manouba) Language Produced in CMC: What standards, what norms?
15h50: Ines Khalssi, (ISEH Tunis) Males and Females' Linguistic Norms in Computer-Mediated
Communication: Flaming Phenomenon.
16h10: Sabrin Chbichib,( IFLSHS )The Normative and The Violent Communicative Behaviours (Facebook IM
As A Case Study)
16h30: Discussion

Scientific Committee
Prof. Donna Kesselman, University Paris EST-Cétail, France
Prof. Tahar Labassi, University of Tunis
Dr. Mohamed Salah Harzallah, University of Monastir
Dr. Faiza Derbel, University La Manouba
Dr. Sami Chatti, University La Manouba
Dr. Bachar Aloui, University of Montréal, Canada
Dr. Nourchen Sadkaoui, University of Jendouba

Conference organizers
Mr. Hamda Tebra
Mrs. Rim Ktari.
Mr. Romdhane El Ouri
Mr. Foued El Abdi
Mrs Asma Maaoui Gaaloul

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Aperçu du document final Programme standards and Norms conference _3_.pdf - page 2/2

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