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5.1 - CLEANING ENGINE A – Nettoyage moteur A
Monday, April 30, 2012
André took some parts home for cleaning: the casing and its sieve:

The cap appeared to have a strainer, of which only sharp debris remain:


Cleaning with the high-pressure hose (karcher).


The water manifold that still refuses to come apart:



..and beautifully punched marks everywhere:




….a wheel:

… not the engine, but it has to be cleaned too: the horn:

This thing will have to be brazed with tin



Tests on a piece of woodwork:


The speedometer cable is damaged


Wednesday 09 05 2012
Cleaning of the piston ring grooves. They are in good condition, but the rings are badly worn towards the inside, with
a double "sharp" edge. We think that the pistons are perfectly recoverable ...

Cleaning a valve, this looks good too, but the guides are dead and will have to be changed.

Test in the cylinders, the play is minimal

We're still cleaning...


While waiting for a honing tool of the right diameter, cleaning the cylinders, the wear is low :


Presentation of the pistons in the cylinders, that's all good.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cleaning of valve spring assemblies etc. Some are perfect, some are not ... We were hoping we could get them all
back, I'm not sure. It is more and more likely that the engine has been "partially" rebuilt ... with a certain laxity!

I discuss one hour with Michel on Skype, we think about the valve clearance adjustment, I go back down to the
garage to take some pictures:

The excessive valve play in their valve guide doesn't seem to worry Michel too much, it's true that the oil will have
more difficulty to come up than in an overhead valve engine. If anyone knows the valve stem tolerance on a C3, we'd
be interested!

Tuesday 15th May 2012

Jose Franssen still has parts for C3, so we're off to Plombières. We'd have hoped for more, but...
So, a packet of gaskets:

carefully stored in the back seat of his... Dacia

, and above all a perfectly new crankshaft and camshaft, with the original grease and the original label

Not backing away from any sacrifice, André also "offers" himself a cylinder head and a gearbox with the pedals and
the linkage, you never know, it can always be useful ...

We pass through Fourons again, but the restaurant where I went with Nils is closed. Next to it, a surrealist restaurant
like you can only find in Belgium, in an old farm, with wrecks of agricultural machines ... Amazing!


The weather becoming "unstable", we eat a little bit inside by candlelight ...

We take some pictures of the collection

I heard it's a chicken, there are some strange animals around here!



The automatic closing system of the toilet doors!

We go through Aubel. I know this garage, I went there during my first breakdown (burst hose) in the Traction Avant,
too long ago to dare to admit the date! Some cars that André is very interested in are in the shop window.

Thursday 17 May 2012

It is the week end of the ascent (I suppose that we celebrate with a little advance that of Hillary on Everest on May
29, 1953, about JC and his companions I know nothing about it...), therefore afternoon of work !
Cleaning of the new crankshaft. It has been protected by (period) grease, but shows some tiny traces of oxidation. I
clean it in my basin, with a clever (and very smelly) mixture of old petrol, oil and old oil. Copper brush and emery
paper 1000:


and it comes out brand new (in front : the old one, behind the new one)

Taking measurements: ... We're going to make one hell of an engine !!!

I start by putting the bearings for verification, it's perfect, there is no play at the back of the engine.

nor at the front.


So little play that it almost worries me, since there is no pressure lubrication!

Full of courage, I start disassembling, cleaning and checking the connecting rod bearings.

And then I'm furious about the 1924 Citroën engineers. The bearings, as I already mentioned, are only held in
rotation by the studs. But the studs and the bearings wear out, and this ends up rotating, closing the lubrication
holes, which further accelerates the wear (this is called a vicious circle). All it would take is a small retaining screw (as
on the crankshaft bearings, by the way) to prevent this! I think they were not yet applying the programmed
obsolescence, but many Citroënists must have run rod bearings because of this design ... stupid design! All the
bearings have such regular grooves that one wonders if they were not machined originally...

I cleaned up first no 1.

The studs are so worn that the bearings in the connecting rod head can rotate by more than 5° (at least)!!!! .

View of the grooves

No 4 has lost its spoon.

No 2 also turns,.

Well visible n the two following pictures

No 3 is perfect

I put all this mess on the new crankshaft and it all makes sense. On the no. 1, the spoon is almost loose, the bearings
rotate in the connecting rod head, not good. On 2, the spoon is loose, lack of lubrication and excessive play. The No 3
still has its spoon well crimped, no play, it's perfect. The No 4 is an horror, no spoon and an excessive play.

Christoph the sculptor would certainly appreciate this sculpture ...

Other pictures of the rotating play of the bearings of no 1


No 2 is approx. Ok...


No 3 is very tight

No 4 is very bad.

At Michel's request, to whom we're going to send a good part of the engine, I measure the valves:


For André and Michel, I also measured the width of the ring grooves (depth about 2.50 mm):





segment 1 (fire)





segment 2 (sealing))





segment 3 (scraper)





and bearings

and the block

Now it's time to take a shower, I'm told I smell... mechanical. Then I'll clean the camera and the keyboard full of
grease !!!


Saturday 19 May 2012

After 3 hours of conversations last night on Skype, where Michel, André and I worked out the "philosophy" for the
next renovation of this engine, I'm doing a little work. No need to send the pistons to Michel, so I'm going to
dismantle them from the connecting rods.

Easy, the gudgeon pins are fixed by a screw with a stopper on the connecting rod, and are "free" in the pistons. Not
very free, and the play seems to be very low, so much so that some pistons show grip marks on the pins. I place the
connecting rods in the vice, and I remove ... Folding down the stoppers lock washers ...

It's a screw, with a hexagon head. With a screwdriver it doesn't come out ...

So I take out an 8 mm socket before damaging something, and there no problem!


Now you have to drive out the pins. They are blocked in the connecting rod small end , but the excessive tightening
of the pistons doesn't allow to remove them "with a finger". I use a 9 mm bush, outside 14 mm to remove them
smoothly ...

Then, cleaning session,

there is quite a lot of scale on all that

I also punch a mark on each piston to identify them...

And I go on, line work...

Here you can see the aluminium is torn off, the pin is tightened on the piston...


I brush the piston bores with emery cloth 1000, oil, petrol and oil, so that the pin slides "greasy" and I continue ...

The last one

I measure the pins, they're all between 14.94 and 14.96 mm.


Sunday 20 May 2012

No mechanic today, we are invited to André and Jacqueline's house. A very pleasant day, the sun was there!

The traditional barbecue, delicious


Bottles line up

Dessert : strawberries with vanilla ice cream with Crème fraiche !


We will start the diet tomorrow. Delicious crème fraiche !


The post-coffee , although we haven't had any coffee! A delicious pear alcohol

We had intended to come in the Traction Avant , the weather forecast dissuaded us, the afternoon ends under the
rumbling thunderstorms and rain, and we go back inside to finish the bottles ...



Thanks again to Jacqueline and André for this very pleasant day !


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