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24th Edition/Monthly/Bilingual



absent mother leaving her family for no

Let’s make your Women’s Day a

doubt “I will be often reminded of how hard

The Magic Armenians!

happy one…

it must be for my four children to be without

AM Music Productions
Artur Galstyan +374 91 476 632
Marie Van Marcke +352 621 16 38 11

good reason. Eyebrows will rise and no

their mommy”. Really?
In my four years of intensive traveling and
studying our Armenian culture in the
homeland, I have noticed how hard it is for

Remembering my father and his

most women in a poor economic state to

unconditional love for my

gain financial independence. Many are left

mother. To honor their eternal

alone with their children. Their salary rarely

love I wrote a song called TITER,

exceeds 50 Euros per month! This has to

arranged by Artur Galstyan,

change! This has to STOP! And so, we

which I dedicate to this most

created a new project called Ladies’ First,

beautiful and inspiring Armenian

March usually is a very important month to

empowering Armenian women and girls in

couple who started their Love

us women. On March 8th, Women’s Day


Story in Japan… Here is a demo

celebrates, rejoices and honors worldwide

backgrounds to achieve their educational

version, the original track will

all women who live their womanly lives

and professional goals.

follow soon…

Dear all!





with beauty, elegance, courage and strength.

Rest in Peace Papa…

Still, women are bound with so many

And so each year we will choose four ladies

inequalities. Politics, economics, leading

of different ages. We will sponsor their

posts underlie male power. Women still face

education or business up to 150’000 dram



each. What do we want in return? Surely no

professionally as our society still does not

payback! But the solemn promise that once

come to grips with maternity.

their dream realized, they will help another




woman in need by teaching her what they
Being a woman is still synonym to making

have learnt! Train The Trainer!

sacrifices in the name of a harmonious
family. Women with

power are still

Սիրելի Կանայք Եվ Աղջիկներ! Ուրախ ենք

considered as “steel women” although

Ձեզ տեղեկացնելու, որ Մարտի 31-ին , ժամը

strength is definitely one of the most natural

3-ին , Հրազդան քաղաքի Zodiak pro

potential of a woman. Sexual harassment is


still an unpunished crime. Most women live

FIRST" Նախագծի Շնորհանդեսը! Սիրով

in total loneliness. Our male partners know

սպասում ենք Ձեզ! Նախագծի Հովանավոր'

they could and should show far more

After April 24th 2015

solidarity towards our silent sufferance. But

The first presentation was a total success.

the strong sex takes over and we women

We received up to 10 candidates who

struggle forever more to be the masters of

applied for the

our own faith!







Armenia, I, myself, have to struggle every


day with the choice of putting either my


family or my ambitions as a career woman

are so happy and

first. Being a good wife and mother is a must

so proud!

absolute logical absence.

But a woman

program. Enjoy the discovering
of our roots and mission…


for our society whereas being a successful

for his business is regarded by society as an

interview on the Meronq



a must. A father who is absent from home

present to you our latest


As a founder of an altruistic movement for

career woman is regarded as a plus but not

We are so happy and proud to

With love, Marie

And we say goodbye to our
favorite genius Stephen
Hawking, renowned scientist
who died age 76. Rest in peace

travelling for her mission is seen as an
Newsletter Edition n° 24 - AfterApril24th2015, altruistic movement,
Written and edited by Dr.Ed. Marie Dalia Van Marcke-Iskenderian. Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Armenia. All rights reserved © 2018
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