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Titre: The Magic Armenians! Newsletters
Auteur: Marie Dalia Van Marcke - Iskenderian Alex

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The Magic Armenians! Newsletters

Triple Victory Day!
We celebrate with our Nation!
Dear all,
On May 3rd I flew back to
Armenia to celebrate with our
Nation the Triple Victory Day
on May 9th. Just before the
celebration, Artur and I made
an amazing visit.
Yergrabah in Yerevan, May
We are deeply proud and eternally thankful to
have encountered our beloved and great
Armenian Heroes who fought to protect the
Nagorno Karabagh.
From left to right: Colonel Artur Aleksanyan,
Colonel Misha Andreasyan, General Apres.
We love you. We admire you.

It was a very emotional and solemn celebration
for us all. Our family and movement bow to our
Armenian Heroes!
But for us, European Armenians, we had a
fourth celebration on that May 9th. It was also
Europe’s Day. And so, from the heart we
wished our Magic Europe a long and peaceful
History! Brexit makes our lives so difficult for
too long. So we can only hope and pray our
deliverance will come soon before even bigger
damaged is done to our Europe!
Back to Luxembourg, I attended an interesting

36st Edition/Monthly/Bilingual

The Magic Armenians!
AM Music Productions
Artur Galstyan +374 91 476 632
Marie Van Marcke +352 621 16 38 11

#ՀրաշքՀայեր #HrashqHayer
“Water World" Yerevan
super promotion video, where
our Band was happy to

Networking Breakfast with the team of the
European Mentoring & Coaching Council
Luxembourg... Thank you from the heart to
Dana, Catherine and Nadège.
I was happy to return to my coaching practice
in Grevenmacher with my new Certificate of
Continuing Professional Development.
But the month of May was also a very sad day

Then on May 9th, Armenia celebrated her triple

*The victory of the Great Patriotic War.

**The Liberation of Shushi.

for our beloved Luxembourg. The family of our
Grand Duc Henry and his beloved people had
to say goodbye to the Grand-father of the
nation. And so…
Äddi Grand-Duc Jean
Adieu Grand-Duc Jean
Աստված Լուսավորի Մեծն Դուքս Ժանի

***The anniversary of the Artsakh Defense
Army's establishment.

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Tube Page and share our
videos. Thank You!
See you all in June…

Newsletter Edition n° 36 - AfterApril24th2015, altruistic movement,
Written and edited by Dr. Marie Dalia Van Marcke-Iskenderian. Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Armenia. All rights reserved © 2019
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