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Titre: Special Newsletter April 24th 2016
Auteur: Artur Galstyan

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Special Newsletter April 24th 2016


5th Edition/Monthly/Bilingual

One million reasons to believe in Armenia!

The Art of Music 23
Producing Center

From the renewed Nagorno Karabagh Tragedy to
the 101th Commemoration of the Armenian
Genocide, together we stand taller than ever!

National Anthem of the Republic of

Dear All,


Torchlight Procession

Մեր Հայրենիք
Մեր Հայրենիք, ազատ անկախ,
Որ ապրել է դարէ դար
Յուր որդիքը արդ կանչում են
Ազատ, անկախ Հայաստան։
First, we should like to address our
heartfelt condolences to the families for
their tragic loss of our most precious

On the eve of April 23rd, our team joined

soldiers during the renewed unrest in

the traditional torchlight procession to

Nagorno Karabagh beginning of April!


We stand united with our people and

Tsitsernakaberd. This was for me a first

country and we pray for uneventful peace

as I joined my people in the solemn

in the region! Never will we forget the

atmosphere mingled with grief and

courage and sacrifice of each Armenian

strength. I realized I was to be part of this

soldier lost and we salute their heroic

sacred march until my very last breath!

spirit that protects our country and our

We were thousands marching with

children, always!

torches, candles, Armenian flags and




flours, remembering and honoring the
Our 6th Journey to Armenia!

1.5 million victims of one of the world’s




Ահա եղբայր քեզ մի դրոշ,
Որ իմ ձեռքով գործեցի
Գիշերները ես քուն չեղա,
Արտասուքով լվացի։
Նայիր նրան՝ երեք գույնով,
Նվիրական մեր նշան
Թող փողփողի թշնամու դեմ
Թող միշտ պանծա Հայաստան։
Ամենայն տեղ մահը մի է
Մարդ մի անգամ պիտ մեռնի,
Բայց երանի՝ որ յուր ազգի
Ազատության կզոհվի։


perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire, the

CD of AfterApril24th2015 almost ready!

first Genocide of the 20th Century still

We were so happy to greet in our music

denied by Turkey! As I watched my

studio in Yerevan, Esq. Vardan Khechyan

people march in silence, I was so


relieved to discover a wonderful and

encouragement, for your protection, for

united Armenian Youth, to discover all

caring so much for our movement dear

these families with their youngest,

Vardan! I am so glad you loved our new

Armenian women holding hands with

songs, I loved the unforgettable moment

Armenian men, the Memorial and its

of us dancing on "The Magic Duduk!"

April 2016 was a month full of unexpected

sacred fire, overwhelmed by love,


experiences for our movement. From fear

respect and hope! As I was walking back

to grief, we had to consolidate the rich

home to the Center of Yerevan, I knew, I

mixture of an emotional state of mind with

just had a life changing experience!





We are the Voice of Change!

our 6th Journey at the heart of Hayastan, a
journey totally dedicated to the 101st





Special Newsletter Edition n°5 - AfterApril24th2015, altruistic movement,
Written and edited by Marie Dalia van Marcke-Iskenderian. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Armenia. All rights reserved © 2016


Charity begins at home!

so that together we can join our forces for

Then the incredible Geghard Monastry and

the sake of our Homeland!

the intrigue of how men built a church in
the Armenian rocks.

Lucky Armenia!

… and not just yearly on April 24th,





Genocide, but each and every day, if you
believe you can make the change for your
people as a savior! Today, our country has
the ability to offer 1’000’000 USD to
Luxembourg, one of the world’s richest
country, to enable three of their charity
funds to go on with their beautiful charity
actions throughout the world! How proud
we are that Armenia and its great people
are able to help the world. But, this being
said, our precious country still has so
much to cope with: Many of our children

However, my team would not let me go
home to Luxembourg without showing
me some of Armenia’s historical jewels
and most wonderful places! From a very
cozy restaurant

cannot go to school for lack of shoes, they
are hungry, our soldiers are dying, their
widows forgotten, corruption is at its





Armenians are fleeing the country for
want of jobs, we are at war, the roads to
historical and touristic sites are a disaster,






restaurants and hotels owners, service is a

to golden Lake Sevan,

shambles, parents have no hope for their
children and yet, Armenia has everything
to make the change. It has the intelligence,
the power, the strength, the will, the
means and the beauty! All Armenia needs is
leaders and people who think right and who
put first things first!
Therefore, I was wondering how to create
a Fund to help Armenia raise salaries to at
least 500 USD monthly and pay the
difference to each worker who just earns
80 USD. How to create a charity bond so
appealing that each Armenian family in
diaspora gets to sponsor monthly a poor
Armenian family in the homeland via the
Fund. Imagine the power Armenia would
get if on the next April


2017, each

Armenian sends 1 USD on a blocked
account in Luxembourg or Switzerland, a
fund overseen by European Inspectors, so
to create the first International Armenian
Pension Fund to sponsor job creation in
the homeland? Oh, my dear friends,
throughout my journeys in magical
Armenia, I can think of 1’000’000 things
Armenians in Armenia need right now to
go on with their lives in dignity, peace and
security! Please, if you feel appealed by

we visited the Temple of Garni. The beauty
of the Kotayk Province with the wonder of





Therefore, I flew back home knowing that
Armenia has the Power to bring out the
very best in us! God bless our Homeland,
now and forever… Hima yev Mishd!
Give and Receive Language Coaching
Program for all Armenians! Join our free
and online Skype language coaching. For
inscriptions and further information, please
contact me:
See you in Magic Armenia…

my writings, do not hesitate to contact me,

Special Newsletter Edition n°5 - AfterApril24th2015, altruistic movement,
Written and edited by Marie Dalia van Marcke-Iskenderian. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Armenia. All rights reserved © 2016

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