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Auteur: Marie Dalia Van Marcke - Iskenderian Alex

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17th Edition/Monthly/Bilingual

The Magic Armenians soon to return on blessed soil!
Entering a summer filled with magic and free educational projects for Armenia!
Dear all

of our saint victims and the children of the

We could not have imagined a more

world! And so, thank you dear world for

fulfilling and diligent way to finish this

taking the time and writing back to us. So

school year. Slowly but surely we enter in

far, here some of the replies we received:

the atmosphere of what will definitely be for

26-04-2017: 10 Downing Street on behalf of

our altruistic movement a Magic Summer

Prime Minister Teresa May


28-04-2017: The Vatican on behalf of His

Celebrating my Birthday in our

Holiness Pope Francis

magic Music Studio in Yerevan

First, it is confirmed that our movement and

16-05-2017: Grand Duc Jean de Luxembourg

with the precious friend who

family will spend their 3rd summer in a row

29-05-2017: Ministry of Culture of the

became my family!

in Hayastan. Our four Magic Armenians will

Republic of Armenia

Thank you Artur for making all

have all the time to learn Armenian, get even

02-06-2017: United Nations on behalf of the

this possible!

closer to their Armenian roots and continue


The Art Of Music 23!
Producing Center

their discovery of an ancient land built by
great Armenian Kings and Queens.

And last but not least, in a weeks’ time in
Yerevan, I was interviewed twice! One to be

Then, we are so honored to announce you

aired on TV, the other on radio. Amazing

the launching of our SUMMER 2017

right? And so, on June 3rd, I was invited by


Journalist Lilly Yeritzyan at TV H1 Meronq

education & counselling for all. It is with


obvious joy and pride that I will be offering

these classes and life coaching sessions with

to tell them all about my Armenian roots,

my team and family. The program is for all

and my journey from Japan to Hayastan.

ages in constructive and highly motivating

On June 8th, I was interviewed for the 2nd

classes of German, French or English, but

time by journalist Gohar Sharoyan for the

also workshops on our 7 Enchanting

radio show Bistro - radio ARA Luxembourg

Activities. Coaching and counselling will be

available in individual but also team based


sessions. The projects’ detailed information


will be published in July on all our social


networks starting with our Homepage of

where we


about our movement’s super SUMMER
PROJECT 2017 for Armenia! Again, both
interviews will be published on our various
social networks as soon as we receive them!
And as always, on June 23rd

Also, during this fabulous month, how

we say Happy Birthday to

amazed were we not as we received another


magic letter in our mail box! Alongside our


various activities, we also devote our


strength and energy on the recognition of

Bonne fête Nationale!

the Armenian Genocide. In that regard, on

And this brings us to wish

April 24th 2017, we had written to world

you all a Magic Summer 2017 where ever

leaders to remind them of our grief, to

you are! We will meet again with our

motivate them to work continuously on the

September 2017 Newsletter! Loads of love





from Marie
recognition of our open wound for the sake
Newsletter Edition n° 17 - AfterApril24th2015, altruistic movement,
Written and edited by D.Ed. Marie Dalia Van Marcke-Iskenderian. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Armenia. All rights reserved © 2017
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