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recette Grand cru 2007 (Anglais) .pdf

Nom original: recette Grand cru 2007 (Anglais).pdf
Titre: Microsoft Word - recette Grand cru 2007 (Anglais).doc

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Aperçu du document

Rouget au colombo vanille et lait de coco

Ingrédients :

For the fish :
• · 6 red mullet filets
• · 1 coffee spoon of
spices Colombo
• · 1 soup spoon of olive
• · Salt
For the side dish :
• 2 carrots
• Cristophines 2
• 1 avocado
• 8 tails of raw shrimps
For the sauce :
• 150 g of butter
• 2 eggs
• Juice of half green lime
• 10 cl of coconut milk
• 1 vanilla pod

Etapes :

Clean vegetables then take balls
with a spoon.
Add lemon to the avocado to avoid
that it darkens, reserved.
Cook the cristophine and the
carrot in some salt water during 8
min so that they remain crisp è
Clarify the butter in a pan on a very
soft fire.
Clarify eggs.
Put the yellow in a pan, add the
salt, the inside of the vanilla pod
and 2 soup spoons of water.
Whip by maintaining on slow fire.
Take away from fire the obtaining
emulsion, if the cream is thick add
a little water.
Skim the butter, then pour it, off
the heat and slowly, while
whipping, on egg yolks.
Add the lemon juice, the coconut
milk and the salt if needed.
In a plate, Arrange red mullets 3 by
3, season them of spices Colombo
and of salt.
In a frying pan, make warm the
olive oil then gild the fish on skin
side during 2-3 minutes.
As soon as it is gilded, return it and
remove immediately.
By means of a kitchen roll, wipe
the frying pan who was use to cook
the fish and pour the hollandaise
sauce perfumed with vanilla and
coconut milk.
In small shivers, incorporate
As soon as they take a pink color,
add vegetables then count 2
In a plate, draw up a little sauce,
then the red mullet as well as the
vegetables and the shrimps.

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